1. I stopped playing when the game came out due to a lot of it the main issue was take downs and Boyd punches being the same buttons… like what the same actual buttons who thought that was a good idea. And it’s just not a good game, so many other issues.

  2. Can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the classic Hollywood move of sacrificing one actor to the entertainment press to smokescreen a “more profitable” actor’s indiscretions…

  3. How do you mean? They sacrificing majors for who?

  4. I think they should retcon high evolutionary into being a Kang variant. What he does in the film sorta fits Nathaniel Richards anyway.

  5. Honestly that’s the only thing I can see me still enjoying. But for me honestly I remember faces and it will really bug me not seeing jonathon majors. I just feel after amber heard got to keep her role in aqua man 2 and Ezra miller kept his role in the flash. They need to at least wait until the trials done and then even a re trial.

  6. Game where choices actually matter different endings etc. not even sure if this game did but it really wasn’t worth playing the game twice to find out. The open world was boring. Never explored any of it except flying my broom to go from quest to quest. Npc interactions are non existent. A better storyline, to me it was just quite bland. The villain was really bad with the worst boss fight I’ve played in years.

  7. Oh lol yeh Godrick, would you say radahns is better than morgotts?

  8. I'd say so, yes. The 15% increase to 3 stats is better than the 25% increase to HP, imo.

  9. Yeh I guess so 45% increase across 3 stats is pretty heavy…

  10. I didn’t, I had to sell my Playstation a while back to pay for college fees and I bought an Xbox recently.

  11. Oh nice fair enough, but yeh I stopped playing after a while and started playing again it’s just as fun after a nice break.

  12. I had an account with hsbc and they were fine never had an issue but switched to NatWest for free money but can no longer buy crypto. So avoid NatWest not sure if hsbc is still good but maybe worth a chance…

  13. Yes. As long as you invade the world successfully you can use the finger severer and it will still count. You do not have to fight the host or anything, successful invasion is what matters. Alternatively you can kill an npc found at Altus plateau.

  14. There's an NPC you can invade now that'll count for the quest if you didn't want to invade actual players- but you can just Finger Sever out of a host world and it'll still count towards the quest.

  15. How do you get the finger severer? Don’t think I’ve seen that before or would I have?

  16. Claymore for those interchangeable ashes of war. You can do anything with a claymore and it’s beautiful moveset. The moonveil is only ever gonna do one thing and that’s spam it’s Ash of war. If it didn’t have that ash, then it would be nothing special at all.

  17. What ash if wars could carry me through out the game I want to do a deathless run but have no idea what’s good anymore…

  18. Depends on the enemies you’re facing. But a few good ones are lions claw, quick step, bloodhound step, piercing fang, gravitas, giant hunt, the list goes on. Plus you can always infuse a claymore with different damage types to counter the enemies you’re facing, fighting skeletons? Holy infusion. Ect.

  19. Would you say claymores the weapon to chose then any others that would be better?

  20. Could make epic Lightchaser and keep Kunai pieces for legendary eventually

  21. Is it worth using the light chaser over voidpower

  22. If you started a new game you can get it from war masters shack east of stormveil south of the colessuem. I forget the name of it but I think it was 1800 gold have to double check

  23. Oh right I just know he sells different ones in the manor. That’s nice cheers! Any weapon?

  24. It’s called storm blade and I use it on the antspur rapier for the scarlet rot build up. I killed malenia and elden beast on NG+ with this build in 2 tries after I created it. It somehow is a really good poise disabling attack so even malenia will stagger to it and with your mimic tear also spamming it she just constantly is staggered 😂. The sword is quite short so I also keep my equip load light and use pearls take talisman 2, great jars arsenal, and erdtrees favor +2 for all around good stats and increase carry capacity. I’ll also use aspect of the crucible in pvp. Idk for some reason people don’t know how to dodge that spell

  25. Cheers mate I’ll look into it!

  26. Saw this in New Zealand, it's really not great. The story is very vanilla just plays out very simply and gets resolved simply no real twists or surprises. The humor is very forced , most new characters have no real back story and look like rejects from Star Wars cantina. Kang is good but never seems unstoppable. Cgi not great and Modok face looks really bad but seems intentional to look that bad ( I really hope so). Film just lacks charm really. Feel free to ask any questions. It's definitely a film with a few "holes". The trailer really is what you get.

  27. That’s exactly my issue with that last how ever many mcu movies the trailers are exactly what you get! Like even chronically it’s basically the trailer is just a shortened version of the film. I felt there was nothing new coming.

  28. Am I being dumb or is the delux €30 and the standard is €80? Am I missing something?

  29. The deluxe upgrade is additional to the base price Edit: or can be purchased alongside playing the base version "free" with gamepass

  30. Oh damn is it anything special?

  31. Honestly there’s hardly any games on Xbox. Like literally it’s so hard to find a single game to buy. The only games worth playing are the ones that come onto game pass once in a while. Other than that I cannot find a single new game.

  32. you should decompose your metal neckguard, you get 2 epic “jokers” to put in your eternal necklace

  33. How do you decompose stuff, I tried to do it in mine. The button what unlevels everything and gives your gold back. I have no option to decompose…

  34. Click your weapon, hit the red recycle button. That gives you everything back. If you have it leveled up to 1 or 2, hit the red recycle button again and you'll get "wild" parts that can be used to upgrade

  35. Oh you mean downgrade button where it leaves the necklace and the belt material thing

  36. What does growth hormone have to do with all this…

  37. So your suggesting take growth hormones?

  38. I can’t see the text part crates yet where is it

  39. Thought you replied to my post my bad lol

  40. It’s not for people it’s for troubleshooting I asked the creator

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