1. In the same vein, keep a folder in your email archive so you can drag messages/docs that you want to bring up in your annual review or when interviewing for a promotion.

  2. I’m certain there are enough people in Fishtown with more dollars than sense who lapped that shit up.

  3. That there are and it's tough in the restaurant world. If MFs want to spend that kind of money we are glad to hook them up.

  4. Colloquially known as the Furness Library because the architect was Frank Furness and he was a beast.

  5. It may be best to get help with your anxiety/mental health diagnoses so you can function from a minimum baseline and get through your workdays. Do that long enough and your self worth and drive to improve your existence will likely improve dramatically.

  6. it is SO STUPID. i think hateful thoughts about this dumbass unsafe design every single time i drive that part of chestnut. what the fuck. it's so dangerous - when i follow the zig zag, cars honk and think i'm cutting them off. when i don't i wonder if i'm about to cut someone off or merge into them. thank you for giving me a place to rant at it!!!

  7. I just turn up to Market or Powelton to avoid the shit show on that stretch of Chestnut. Between the rampant double parking in front of all the new buildings east of 46th and the zig zags, it's not worth the stress.

  8. "Both the Tasker-Morris and Snyder Station on the Broad Street Line may be reached within a ten-minute walk to the northwest and the southwest, respectively."

  9. Philly Yimby is one of several pro RE development blogs (do people still use that word?) for cities across the US. IIRC the parent company for all these sites is owned by a real estate developer in CA. So it's a good chance whoever is writing these articles (if it's not AI) is not from here.

  10. Sure, but how long would it have taken someone to figure out that Tasker-Morris is not north (or northwest) of Broad and Washington, that it's actually south of Ellsworth-Federal, the real closest station, and that Snyder is EVEN FURTHER south than that? Or that the BSL runs north to south so being on Broad and walking west is not going to get you there?

  11. 100%. It's lazy and gives the impression that these articles are not aimed at residents of whatever city is being targeted, but investors/property flippers looking to cash in around development. And I'm totally for adding much needed housing to meet demand. A little transparency would be nice.

  12. I took a class at King Arthur's school in Vermont and the instructor suggested getting a deep aluminum roasting pan for under $5 if you don't have a dutch oven. Invert it over your loaf when you load it in the oven, and use a regular sheet pan (preheated) on the bottom.

  13. It's just cream cheese. As in silver box Philadelphia cream cheese. Failing that, neufchatel or marscapone are just variations on the same theme.

  14. My wife when out walking the dog or whatever likes to step out into the crosswalk and her reasoning is "they have to stop for pedestrians!!!" 95% of the time the drivers DON'T stop and she gets mad and sometimes yells something as well. I'm like, it's not worth it all around, one day someone is going to clip you because you stepped out into the street and they aren't paying attention or they are going to slam on their brakes and start shit with you because you yelled something as they passed.

  15. She may be right but chances are the driver won't stop if she gets hit so why tempt it

  16. green lights mean nothing anymore. i always hesitate a couple seconds and check both directions before proceeding if i am first at the intersection when the light changes.

  17. And 10 cars behind you lean on their horn because you weren't already rolling before it turned green

  18. Im very much looking forward to its triumphant return to the convention center. It's a great Philly tradition and worth visiting.

  19. Trader Joe's freezer section, if you have one nearby, has good choices for everything from whole frozen meals to pre-prepped items (eg fully cooked meatballs—just heat and eat) to frozen ingredients.

  20. Wish they made one to help decipher the insane landlord "repairs" you find in previously rented properties. Still finding stuff after 3 years but nothing tops the load bearing bouillon cube.

  21. I'm desperately saving for a down payment on my own place before our load bearing bouillon cube disintegrates lol

  22. I’ve bought probably 20-25 lbs. of dekopons in the past month from the Whole Foods at 10th and South. Dekopon is the real name of Sumos.

  23. Good intel re: dekopons, much appreciated and not pretentious at all. Going shopping today and am adding those mangoes and honeydew to the list too. Thanks!

  24. I hope that Dallas Goedert plays well this weekend.

  25. It's a great story. Very Philly. You should ask me to tell it.

  26. It's citrus season and this time last year I got some outstanding cara cara oranges from Aldi. Going tomorrow with the hopes of finding them again!

  27. Honestly Mariposa would be the last place in the city I'd expect to stop carrying it. There goes the neighborhood.

  28. Save save save for retirement. Every month. Rain or shine. Stock market up or stock market crashing. Systematically several hundred into an index fund of some sort. Don’t look. Don’t watch the market. Don’t turn on CNBC. Just do it.

  29. To add to this: automate your deposits into your retirement funds so you don't even have to think about it or ever be tempted to skip a month here and there.

  30. I mean at Vedge you'd have absolutely zero concerns at all, AND it's a fabulous meal regardless. 5-6 plates to share and a few drinks and you're set for a nice birthday dinner.

  31. I would hate to have to answer that question too.

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