1. Swap OL for a DL. After that you should be fine.

  2. Is the rb part true? I always thought max speed dbs were fastest and therefore best kr

  3. To move them: get a pallet jack and rent a van with a power lift gate thing on the back. Idk where you get a pallet jack but you can probably rent one somewhere

  4. Bro y’all tweaking off the weed rn bro pigs can’t talk bro 😭

  5. Notere dame has to be up there too

  6. Imma be honest, I always liked that line of Wayne's. Maybe it's copium cause I like the rest of the song.

  7. That one is an odd one to pick I feel like Wayne has a bunch of corny poop lines

  8. At least Greene made a cool catch

  9. No. Kanye da realest. No room for Ye haters here, back to Sketes sub.

  10. U can say a lot about ye but he not fake. Keeps it a little too real sometimes

  11. Only 2 a week. Now ask any other athlete how many it is for their career. The answer is 1-3.

  12. Bro was out here only averaging 2.0 apw (accusations per week) and thought he could get more than a 6 game suspension 🤣. If he really wanted that games suspended title he should’ve averaged at least 4.5, if not 5.0 🤣😆

  13. What I’m saying is, it will either bring more people and therefore more growth, or it will lessen traffic, either of which is a plus in my mind

  14. I mean if you can’t smoke, can’t drink, u could try psychs

  15. See now for the truly hardcore… do it again but with successively more opponents. Start with 1 then 2 etc… I’m currently going against 11 but have already played more than a hundred as Hoodrick. Have to say though it is much much harder now that cloaks exist.

  16. Got some tips? I could only do it like kind of cheating against 1 bot. How do you possibly get 95% against more bots than that

  17. Damn Bottas killed the everyone to finish right at the end

  18. They had to to avoid a 3 stop. Just shit strategy to begin with

  19. Damn this specific topic really brings out a different type of

  20. Huh I always thought it was random, so y’all telling me it’s not random at all?

  21. I have; 8/8 forge is the real rarity

  22. This is old, before last postseason at least, I think from in the middle of the season

  23. It’s a circlejerk sub; he didn’t get wooshed he got nutted on

  24. Did you tell him he needs to pass the ball more?

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