1. Yea. I really get people getting tired of the banjo sound but I feel like that kept people from hearing Wilder Mind. What a fantastic album. I have a weird ritual where when I'm flying and it's dark outside I start on track one, push play and just relish in it. Snake eyes? Yes. Ditmas? Yes. Cold arms? Brutal. But also yes. Love this album.

  2. Wow. Thank you for this .. I just put on Snake Eyes for the first time after being a longtime fan of their early stuff. No idea they made it. It’s fantastic

  3. I thought holding was a 10 yard penalty but I looked up and it was 2nd and 5 … what did I miss?

  4. It was called on a receiver a little downfield. 10 yards from the spot of the hold

  5. Ahhhh thank you. I even pulled up the ESPN app to figure it out. I was scratching my head

  6. I just poured wine into a big bucket and I’m watching the Barbie movie so I’m doing okay.

  7. And hopefully youre doing it in your mojo dojo casa house

  8. I just poured wine into a big bucket and I’m watching the Barbie movie so I’m doing okay

  9. We’ve been here literally the entire time

  10. I gave him about a half hour of pets after this 😆

  11. It’s not, and stop acting like I’m not providing proof 😆

  12. Since people have been asking if it’s AI, I uploaded a video I took too. The dog was super cute

  13. “Ok on this next one, we’re gonna send Marv out, he’s gonna do some cool stuff with his feet, and then… just kinda throw it to him? Break.”

  14. Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra

  15. I bought a new Model S last September. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned by a mile, and it’s not even close.

  16. I swiped left on her anyway. Not my type

  17. Just doesn’t have Bi in her vocabulary!

  18. Did I hear “Friday I’m in Love” during the carousel scene?

  19. This Marvin Harrison Jr. fella may have a future at this kinda thing.

  20. He’s so good, his DAD could probably play!

  21. Defense and special teams no longer exist in College Football, it’s literally become a game of who can score the most. Zero strategy.

  22. In my experience, the team with more points usually wins

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