1. All the great ones leave their calling card

  2. Is that his phone he’s holding or some kind of super leak detection device?

  3. It’s his phone. He was taking video to show his boss that he finished!

  4. Is this that I Think You Should Leave sketch?

  5. Trump had a big hand in it, but don’t forget to add that repealing Roe v Wade right before midterms was also a terrible idea.

  6. Best way to get Americans to learn where someplace is, is to declare war on it.

  7. In Canada, it just doesn't affect us that we still have a King, as the monarch is almost never here, has no real political power, and is just a sort of politically passive figure who is on the $20 bill. We're a completely independent country, and our system of government works rather well, so there's little sense in promoting a dramatic overhaul in order to remove a pure figurehead.

  8. That is a fantastic answer. Wow. Thank you for that!

  9. The Browns and losing 4 quarter leads

  10. God. Immediate flashback to Shazier. That is forever burned into my brain.

  11. (It’s an Always Sunny reference, don’t be sad!)

  12. Oh sorry I don't know that show

  13. I like to think it’s “Mermaidur” by Dethklok

  14. im sorry but “aegean sea” as the location is killing me

  15. It’s why I took the screenshot. I thought it was hilarious

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