1. I am a massage therapist that also does reflexology. I was taught from a massage perspective that it’s tiny adhesions in the fascia. Stretching and massage can help get rid of it over time but you need to be consistent.

  2. Hmm, I looked up fascia adhesions and they can happen from repetitive moments that over work one part of the body.

  3. Do they bite humans at all? Regardless of if it's harmless or not. I love to garden and would love if they stayed in the garden lol.

  4. Wow, thank you. I looked those up and it really does look like a click beetle. It also makes more sense than a cockroach, as the place is empty - no food, trash, not even in the kitchen yet.

  5. You can't exactly ask for an ID with such a bad photo of it. It appears to be a beetle but I'd suggest posting more images

  6. omg the little paw pads!!! i cannot

  7. My girl was super chill at that age. So much so that her vet was concerned for more worms. She had none! She was just calm and quiet. Now she chases birds in flight and is never still πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚

  8. Hi OP. My family has 9 aussies it’s great to see you asking before adopting. They can be great family members!

  9. My girl doesn't bark a lot. If there is an external excitement (puppies in general or people at our property line) she goes nuts. But generally, she is very quiet in her personality. She is the first dog who doesn't bark at the door, but in the (almost) year we've had her, we've only had 1 visitor who came over & was forced to knock (no text/phone call beforehand)

  10. And just like that, she is a year old ❀️

  11. If it was something like "take many pictures and look forward to pretty orange colours" it might have been me, though 😁

  12. I just browsed your profile and your danger stick is very adorable and that's a lot how Clementine looked when I first got her! Excited for her to continue growing with me (and my child)

  13. He's a cutie, pretty, and with a fun personality (tho, my other wildtype is also great, just another expression, which isn't important but I feel bad when I only praise one).

  14. I feel clementine is growing slowly, but according to length and weight charts she's right around the size of a 6month old corn snake. She was very tiny when I got her. She was also being fed the smallest mice, which I bumped up to fuzzies because the pinkies were only maintenance feeding according to observation, size, and advice I've gotten from here. She's now the same thickness as a fuzzy at her widest point, so I think I'll ask for a bit bigger of a fuzzy next time, or the smallest hoppers they have, as the general rule is 1.5x their widest point.

  15. I use plastics in my enclosure. I don't care for a natural looking setup. So the shape of the plastics is to serve the same structural needs as plants.

  16. Thats a good point. I have a mix of both live and fake ones and the fake ones she climbed into right away. I was glad to see they held her weight.

  17. Live plants all the way! why? Because I love plants and my snakes in their bioactive enclosures seem to enjoy them too. πŸ˜„

  18. I have a mix of both, she loves the live plants as do I, but she loves to uproot them so I use a mix of both!

  19. i thought SVU was only renewed through season 24. i assumed she would last through 25 but i was surprised to see multiple suggestions of retirement this year on the show (the biggest one being her doctor after the car accident). in any case i am thinking it’ll be #1. but i don’t think OC will last very long unfortunately

  20. I saw it when her higher up got replaced and she wasn't picked for the job. Like medical things you can get past. But those things, you kind of can't after dedicating your life to a job.

  21. Pretty satisfying seeing updates on my namesake 😏 or my namesnake if you will. Clementine is probably my favorite snake (other than my own)

  22. Yes, your namesnake. Perfection! I'll keep posting updates. She's onto fuzzies now and getting big quick just like at

  23. Mine won't be orange like yours, so the name doesn't quite fit as well, but I've always thought it was such a pretty name so I had to use it! Here's my girl:

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