1. Anyone who would even think of this, is telling on themselves. I never even thought of this nor do most people who aren’t obsessively racially conscious.

  2. I am neither extremely masculine nor feminine somewhere in the middle I guess and I would totally be attracted to you

  3. star's smear campaign against james charles in 2019 turned me off to him. like Trisha Paytas, anything he does/says is to get clicks/attention, nothing is sincere or genuine.

  4. James Charles is a predator and a sex pest who harasses underage boys. You shouldn’t defend him.

  5. This subreddit is the last bastion (rats nest, really) for bitter "gender critical" queens whose communities have been rightfully snuffed out by Reddit. For some reason AGB gets a pass for it.

  6. Don’t you think if the only way for your ideology to proliferate is by “snuffing out” alternative viewpoints, it is a sign your ideology doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and evidence? Doesn’t that ever occur to the gender crowd?

  7. EDIT: Changing my vote to YTA. You need to stop blaming an innocent child for the misdeeds of your ex husband.

  8. My issue with the "progress Pride flag" is that it now gives preferential treatment to specific groups of people. The rainbow flag represents everyone of every race, ethnicity, creed, and color. Now, by incorporating a brown and black stripe, it is specifically giving those groups preferential treatment, as if their racial identity is inherently tied to their being LGBTQ in a way that no one else's is. They were already included before these stripes were added, and they will still be included long after they are removed.

  9. I think the nation of Israel is equivalent to Manifest Destiny ( When the US believed it was their God-given right to displace Native Americans and take all the land). I appreciate that Israel is LGBTQ+ friendly, but that doesn’t make it right to forcibly and continually take Palestinian land.

  10. Israel is the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people. It says it in the Torah, Bible, and Quran, and is backed by linguistic, cultural, genetic, and archaeological evidence.

  11. What he means is that Arabs are the equivalent in the Middle East of what white people are in the West, and have a similar history of colonialism and genocide in the lands they now make up the majority in.

  12. Remind me which group of people are actively making or attempting to make laws that take away actual groups of peoples civil liberties?

  13. Abortion isn't solely a matter of "one's own body" but a separate body inside of the woman which has its own DNA. You can argue for abortion in a more accurate way, I am pro-choice, I agree with you on the issue but let's be honest here.

  14. She certainly looks passable as a cis woman but her speech cadence and voice is that of a feminine gay man. That’s not a bad thing, doesn’t make her less of a trans woman nor gives anyone the right to be disrespectful but you make it sound like she passes for everyone all around and that isn’t true

  15. And she was vilified for asking these questions. If she were LGBTQ, we would laud her as a hero.

  16. I ask these questions all the time and get called a hateful alt right bigot when I am none of these things.

  17. Me too. Although I support trans kids playing in sports as the gender they identify with, kids getting the gender affirming care they need, and oppose laws that prevent that or even discussing that with children, I do understand parents who want to be notified of this. Not all parents are bigots and keeping that hidden from them because they might be is wrong.

  18. I don’t support surgical and hormonal treatments on minors. I also believe that whether one should compete on a specific team is a case by case basis.

  19. There should be a complete moratorium on trans related topics on this subreddit. Bring it to a trans subreddit where it is relevant!

  20. Left wing is in power in the US right now so by default the right is the unpopular, counterculture side.

  21. My “lover” just ended things bc I was angry with her for making time for her friends when she barely attempted to hang out with me. She told me to “just let it go” and “walk away.” I genuinely loved this person and wanted a future with her. She told me that she didn’t have time for another person in her life. She wanted to remain friends though. I don’t understand that concept. I was held in high regard and now I’m basically trash. Hurt, confused, and keeping a big distance.

  22. I disagree with your second sentence. Most women just want to have a friend and not manipulate people.

  23. Few people are going to openly admit they’re manipulating someone else…

  24. There have been trans people around since the beginning of civilization. Just as others noted they haven’t exactly been welcomed by society in recent memory so it is understandable why that number has risen.

  25. To answer your last question not everyone who identifies as trans transitions. Many just change their pronouns and make no other physical modification, so many people aren’t readily identifiable as trans at all.

  26. That doesn't answer my question at all. I never said that all trans people do. But they should have the option if they want to.

  27. What I meant was not everyone who identifies as trans is visibly trans and some just change their pronouns, and doing so is reversible and isn’t really putting them at any risk of danger.

  28. Obviously, I'm not saying otherwise. Was simply wondering if you're still attracted. If so, then I encourage exploration, if you're not and aren't in the market for friends then politely express so and let them know you're not interested in pursuing further development of your acquaintance. I used to think certain kinks were gross or just not for me, met a guy who checked all the boxes and gave it a try and he's the love of my life now. YMMV.

  29. I wouldn’t be attracted to someone who doesn’t recognize themselves as a man.

  30. Perfectly reasonable to be into people who identify as male, this is a gay subreddit. I just didn't understand the purpose of your poll, I thought you were seeking opinions and/or advice. I now see that's not the case, my apologies.

  31. It's disgusting, honestly. Like I've said elsewhere, they're literally taking the community back decades with their pronoun rubbish. We're losing acceptance and support from the general public and they're wondering why all these laws are being instated. But no, it's those evil Republicans at it again.

  32. You've said it best in this comments section. 100% agree

  33. The second the next trend comes out this won’t even be a discussion. Everyone will look back on it with even more embarrassment than they do at the emo kids in the 2000s.

  34. I find it funny that the lgbtq community hates Christianity so much when there are religions and societies where it is far worse and more dangerous to be gay.

  35. The number of people saying “yes” shows the lack of education in this country…

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