1. More of developing powers that go past Voldemort's defeat. Most seem to have Harry train for the final battle then nothing. What else does he do with his powers

  2. ok gotcha. i really appreciate your comment and i’m not trying to be antagonistic, but (at least in the state i live in) those protections don’t really apply to servers anyway. as a regular employee i’ve never gotten breaks, sick days, or benefits, and here the restaurants pay servers ~$2/hour & the rest is through tips.

  3. Just a warning, they can "fine" you or dock your pay. They also "fine" you and make you pay out of tips too.

  4. For context: Caesar is Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. I understand some bartenders may be annoyed at having to make one at a semi-busy place on a Friday night, but this seems cruel? And very unusual? I asked another bartender to make me a proper one and she did, so it’s not that they were out of Clamato juice.

  5. I assume it was an honest mistake. I have no idea about the rim being cinnamon.

  6. Lolol, it's just so funny to me. Like I say "it used to be offices" and they go "oooh, ok ok, are you sure it wasn't an Asian BBQ place?" "Maybe before? I honestly don't know."

  7. I did that at one of my jobs. Made up what it used to be. It was a fun game

  8. I don't remember Crystal being the fan favorite. Not saying she wasn't but Jaida seemed like the clear winner to me

  9. Jaida seemed kinda muted during the first half of the season. Maybe due to the controversy with Shrry Pe. Gigi seemed kinda helped by production then she seemed to not care about Covid or BLM. Crystal was endearing during the show

  10. I'd say do it to every table that qualifies. That way, nobody can get mad because they have a grat and another table doesn't and accuse you of being racist/ageist/sexist/whateverist

  11. It also avoids the "well last time they didn't do it". Apply it every time evenly and that discussion won't happen.

  12. Move Jan, Marcia Marcia Marcia is the new safe queen.

  13. Voldemort gets the stone. Quirrel makes the Elixir of Life. Voldemort calls his Death Eaters. Snape tells Dumbledore.

  14. Still not realistic. The people still need transportation outside of work.

  15. I'm not saying it would be easy, but I've known people who made it work if they didn't have a car/license, even in towns with barely any public transport

  16. It is definitely possible. I think it would be easier for younger people. I think it's almost unrealistic for the average person.

  17. It had so many call backs without forcing them. I loved it.

  18. I don't like the makeup on the face but none on the body. Miss Tammie Brown would like a word

  19. I work for an owner who hasn't worked in a restaurant. He doesn't do anything with service. He just has suggestions about decorations, events, etc. He cares about equipment cost reduction but not about labor cost. He owns multiple restaurants and has an idea of when not to get involved.

  20. The owner yells at the manager instead of the server. It keeps the line of command. Don't fret about it.

  21. Try a bathhouse or ones advertised. Random people inviting you to such parties are on drugs.

  22. Also the emotional and psychological preparation. It's a show still and you need to be prepared for that. That's why I think having a drag family that was in the show helps.

  23. It's a system of the more work I do, the more I make. Slow days I can lounge and talk to my tables. Busy days/nights mean I run around like crazy but make so much more. Retail had me running like crazy and cleaning no matter how much I made.

  24. Maybe. But Blackjack? Herminone would be nearly win all the time due to her counting cards.

  25. My company, which only has office jobs, had a 3 days paid maternity leave when I was hired. We fought to get it increased to 5 weeks, and then were absorbed by a different company.

  26. Reminds me of when they fought for a union and better rights. They got it then absorbed by Zephra.

  27. He said big black cock. And i honestly dont care about size but there is a time when it's too big.

  28. Also I have been told that saying or asking for a BBC can be racist. Dude also gave no indication of being black himself or any other information.

  29. The things that happen in this story are deeply disturbing in basically every way you can think of. Want body horror? Comes in every flavor- horrifying transformations, enslavement by alien brain parasites, grievous bodily harm and violent death, you name it. How about some psychological trauma? Existential horror, Cthulhu knows you and hates you intimately, passionately.

  30. Reading them gave me some existential crisis as well. What is morality? How far should they go?

  31. Applegate is really good at taking mature adult scenes or themes, and writing them in a way that's approachable and appropriate for children. Because of her writing, the worst moments of animorphs still felt like an exciting adventure to me as a kid, and it was only revisiting it as an adult that I really grasped how dire a lot of these moments are

  32. The ant scene horrified me as an adult. Also Cassie's moral problems seem much more realistic as an adult. Marco and his mom feel quite different now.

  33. Dede would also survive longer than the first season. Come on she's a hippie, she would know what to do when infrastructure crumbles

  34. I think she would be one the group runs into in the woods. She stays separate and doesn't bother the zombies. The group runs into later and is surprised she isn't dead.

  35. Haha cool! I agree on most, however I don't see Phil lasting 4 seasons. Dude is gonna try to hug the zombies and die in 5 minutes

  36. I could see Phil being the main character and surviving on plot armor.

  37. Fanfictions without magic. Whether it be Harry spending the summer in the muggle world completely or an AU where Harry and Hermione meet in grade school.

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