1. I too remember watching it way back ... back into time

  2. I cannot stress enough how much I love the words "vanishing point".

  3. They are just like two testicles in a ballsack 😌

  4. Guy with the go pro gets lifted by the arms by the other two guys as they growl "ahhhgh", and my brain goes: "PARKOUR".

  5. Can't help saying "sonido" in my head with Zomari's voice

  6. it's literally said in the manga chapter and episode only the Quincy can escape the Jail...I swear so many people on this subreddit just refuse to retain information.

  7. This kinda looks like the first opening, which is cool af imo

  8. It's hard to imagine the girl at the very top left corner can be called "ruthless thug or criminal". Also, OML Mommyhanaaaaaa

  9. Bald glasses guy has no lips wtf.

  10. I like to watch FMA 2003 til Ed and Al get to Lab 5 and then pick up FMAB from there.

  11. Tbn iba a decir Naylamp. Creo q hay una teoria q dice q vino de Asia, el continente.

  12. How could she be a sniper without being able to hide her reiatsu?

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