1. Hoping to catch a Leeds game in a couple of months in England! Scheduled before Weston joined, so that’s like an extra-awesome little bonus.

  2. Same, had to get a hospitality ticket, but it should be fun

  3. Love it! I recently started learning needle felting with the express purpose of learning how to felt my rats. :)

  4. I used to work at a doggy daycare, and would always have a good chuckle at the lovely butterflies perched delicately on top of a steaming pile of dog doo.

  5. There was always that one dude who would drink the bong water… every single session 😂

  6. Had a buddy who tried making coffee with it. It did not spark joy.

  7. Misread that as “hamster pants” and started furiously swiping for additional pics.

  8. Christina Unkel, Ted Unkel's wife, is listed as their rules analyst hire. Yikes.

  9. Wait, is that Mitchell! in the second picture?

  10. I totally have this problem, but am happy to do full Renegade runs in ME. Brilliant writing.

  11. Thank goodness he got helped up- turtles get stuck on their backs!

  12. It's always weird to see it without all the cosplayers.

  13. I know this is probably sarcastic and also a rite of passage for a lot of teens to sneak out - but I also think it’s dangerous to give this type of advice to underage kiddos on the internet…

  14. My god, it’s like the ONLY PLACE that a teenager might have this suggested to them. /s

  15. Of course not - but as an online community I think we should be mindful of what we tell impressionable youth.

  16. They’re already listening to satanic music, it’s too late for them!

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