1. the wwe games come to mind here, though i think the ones from around the ps3/xbox 360 era would be a lot better than more recent efforts

  2. they haven't done anything about l!dimitri and his hand phasing through areadbhar either

  3. am i missing something obvious with regards to solo-ing a8s? no matter what i do, the four cyclones towards the end of the fight hit me through both invulnerability and shields

  4. it has a spiritual sequel in yakuza 7 with the ichiban confections minigame, but other than that, no, the real estate minigame is 0 only

  5. given that the audition application site claims that it'll be live-action and not a facescan, it's more than likely not going to be the cabaret club manager from y0 & kiwami 2

  6. didn't kronii have cat ears at one point too? i could've sworn she had them while playing stray

  7. It’s probably because you are using class specific poses I assume

  8. no, it'll do this regardless of pose/emote, it's definitely bugged

  9. explains why it shows up as a title for the little profile cards in fire emblem heroes then

  10. Well I googled it, there's a song literally called "Blood of Emeralds" by Gary Moore.

  11. gary moore is a pretty famous & influential guitarist, most notable for playing with 70s rock group thin lizzy. you'll've probably heard their version of "whisky in the jar", also covered by metallica

  12. second one is about LINE stickers, which is a social media and messaging app popular in japan & south korea

  13. only ones that make sense to me are ephraim or seliph

  14. So are we supposed to have Gabe Newell and Yagoo fight in a ring where the loser has to release Half Life 3/HoloEN Gen 3? What's your end game here?

  15. it's most likely an april fool's joke -- "a normal weekend" being a bit of a wink-wink nudge-nudge there

  16. That one Japanese strategy game . Looks anime uhhh Valkyrie profiles 4?

  17. mist dragon in the burn still seems to be a sore point for a lot of people ime

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