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  1. I remember people booing at Dax J last fall when he made a mistake lol

  2. Just cut the line and say i need to go number 2 pronto. they will let you through like an ambulance through traffic.

  3. Bin ich der Einzige, dem die Romane nicht so wirklich gefallen haben?

  4. Try reading it again, the writing is awful. Also the concepts aren’t actually very new… if you like them check out ‘the killing star’ - looks like T3P was ‘inspired’ by that

  5. hey, every good fiction novel has at least one of these:

  6. True love me some Larry Niven. But I wouldn’t call this book series great at all, the writing is simply awful, especially reading it a second time.

  7. Three dudes tried to start a fight with me last night in the queue. They were drinking in the queue for a few hours and were getting messier and messier. One of them eventually decided to push past me and eyeball me. 'Was machst du?' I asked (unwisely). For the remainder of the queuing they tried to intimidate me and insinuated that they were going to beat me up. Really bizarre and unpleasant. Never experienced anything like it at Berghain in the years I've been going. Yuppie bro types in expensive clothes, calling each other 'dude' (Digga).

  8. Ah the typical Sisyphos experience

  9. I agree that this sub quality could be improved significantly....but I am still curious why do you think llms are far away from AGI? it might be good to say also what do you consider "far away" first?

  10. You would need to define AGI first. Historically the definition and measurement of AGI has changed. Then you could ask yourself if language is all there is to intelligence. Do sensation and perception play a role? Does the substrate (simulation on von Neumann Architecture or neuromorphic hardware) matter? Does AGI need a body? There are many more philosophical questions, especially around consciousness.

  11. You bring up some good points. I think the reason people are so optimistic recently has a number of points to it;

  12. Yea thanks for the reply, that’s indeed an interesting question. With this approach it seem that intelligence is a moving target, maybe the next GPT could write something like a scientific article with actual results or prove a theorem. That would be extremely impressive but like you say it doesn’t make it AGI or get it closer to the singularity. With the current approach there is almost certainly no ‘ghost in shell’. It is uncertain if it could reason, experience qualia or be conscious of it’s own ‘thoughts’. So it could likely be self motivated, to some extend autonomous and have a degree of agency over its own thought processes all of which are true for life on earth at least. So maybe we are looking for something that we don’t prompt, but something that is ‘on’ and similar to a reinforcement learning agent.

  13. Natürlich deutsch... Weil wir ja nur Jagen können Aber weißt du was Fick dich, wir deutschen haben auch hilfreiche Dinge erfunden wie den Aderlass

  14. Well no one knows exactly what the brain is up to in there, but we don't see enough backwards connections or activation storage to make backprop plausible, so this is a way of learning without backwards connections, and that alone makes it more biologically plausible.

  15. Check out E-prop for recurrent spiking NN

  16. I thought the jouch was weird but this is just insane.

  17. Why can’t I pay with card though :>

  18. I have noticed this too, though I am not sure if it is worse than in other countries or cities (definitely worse than in Canada imo though). I notice it especially at dm-drogerie or at the supermarket.

  19. Bobby B say something before I piss myself

  20. Just started rewatching the show and I literally forgot he existed so I got to discover an amazing character all over again just to also watch him die again

  21. Haters gonna hate. If you don’t like them don’t listen. Why complain about it? No one is forcing you to do anything, live and let live man. Focus on yourself.

  22. You don’t got the bess brains, you do not maddur.

  23. This really is a weird sub its for a comedy podcast (lets just call it com-cast) you cone to a com-cast sub to say you hate com-casts? Who cares; stop listening, don’t give it another thought. This is like saying i hate poo but i still poo my pants every day so I remember my hate of poo, then i go to poo forums to talk about my shameful pooing and want people to agree with me.

  24. Hardly surprising, "Das Internet ist für uns alle Neuland"

  25. Sci fi is often driven by discovery or playing with ideas rather than plot or characters. Sometimes you (or the author) is finished playing with the ideas before the plot ends... but you weren't reading it for the plot anyway.

  26. Absolutely nothing wrong with deciding not to finish a novel… just as there’s nothing wrong with being intrigued enough to finish a book even if you feel you’re “forcing” yourself to do so.

  27. Wow exactly the same thing comes to mind! There is a passage where Niven describes the ‘impossible arch on the horizon’ or something like it and I dreamed about it

  28. Maybe I am irrationally fixated on this, but the fact that everyone assumed the aliens were sending "probes" to a planet they already had omniscient awareness of is beyond stupid. We'd assume they were bombs.

  29. Also the Sophons like they can affect your vision? Why not drive key scientists / world population insane with this ability. I think every scifi novel has holes, usually what makes it work and interesting are the human perspective… yea well after reading again I’m really only interested in the cultural revolution stuff at the beginning

  30. Three-body problem and Dark Forrest are for me Sci-Fi perfection and such a refreshing, original read. I can recommended it to any Sci-Fi fan.

  31. The dark forrest thing is not original though. I read somewhere that “The killing star” supposedly has a much better take on it and that was published years before.

  32. Maybe people in Brandenburg don't want people to come spraypaint "clit" on the side of their houses?

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