1. that is Odd, they Invaded to farm, if they paid taxes, does that mean Slavs are just Immigrants?

  2. It was the crazy period of V&VI centuries when the Empire was a mess. So they just crossed the border and stared farming and nobody stopped them. They went as far south as Thessaloniki at one point. I don’t think they paid taxes until the areas were later reconquered. Still, they permanently shifted the culture and language of the Balkans despite being a minority. I guess you needed Slavic if you wanted some wheats on the market.

  3. Asperger is a very specific term that avoids lots negative biases that come with the words autism

  4. I had a similar encounter two weeks ago. A dark gentleman asked me to use my phone and when I ignored him he punched me on the arm from behind and called me a disgrace. LOL It felt super random

  5. Im very sorry to hear that, hopefully you do end up getting your phone back or find out what happned to it.

  6. I'm yet to like one of our Puma kits. Adidas ones (generally) banged

  7. sold out since i dont know when, man i hope they restock this, i would be so pissed if not.

  8. I got it last Saturday on JD Sports, I know they’re out of them on the ACM website. I always prefer to buy directly from Milan

  9. Bigger question is do you take the spoon out after putting in the sugar

  10. Always hated the casual moral lesson we all got because 2-3 asses misbehaved

  11. Haven’t been to one in years. I did get a few toys there as a child so maybe there’s a little nostalgia

  12. “The economy” was used to justify slavery, child labour, workshops and every resistance to improvements in workers lives. And here we are the GDP’s still in tact. They don’t care for the economy, they just hate you!

  13. It does look familiar, but I can't place it. It looks like some kind of stone carved totem or something. Is there a reason you can't ask your professor? Seems like you've got an excellent resource for information on it there.

  14. Easier to sell but you're more likely to receive ridiculous offers for them

  15. No. Not at all. In fact fractional coins will be easier to sell as it is more affordable with more buyers. Lets say gold goes to 5,000 an ounce. How many people can afford that price? You will have no problem selling fractional coins like 1/10 and 1/4 or bars like 5g and 10g to your LCS but they may not have the funds to buy ten 1oz gold coins if a lot of people are selling at the same time

  16. I would he selling them back to bullion companies or local cash4gold places. They would have the cash

  17. Can I ask, what within your beliefs makes you an incel fascist and a commie snowflake? Those are two very opposing things.

  18. Basically people just strawman everything they hear. Either you’re 100% aligned with them or you’re [insert an insult]

  19. When I speak to left people I’m an incel fascist when I speak to right wing people I’m an snowflake commie. So my ideology is that people hate me and I’m starting to hate them back.

  20. Leao, Tonali, Rebic, Kalulu, Theo... here you have basically everyone bar Diaz and Giroud from last season.

  21. It still doesn’t change the fact that the new players brought absolutely nothing to the team

  22. Yes... because they are terribly handled, played out of position, given 15-20 or even 5-10 min cameos.

  23. De Keteleare can barely kick a ball it’s not a positioning issue. He had tons of opportunities to score this season. Origi should play Austrlian football with those miles wide shots. Dest can’t even run properly. Adli and Vranckx basically don’t exist. Thiaw has a benefit of the doubt from me.

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