1. What is Chris Minns stance on pokies reform? I haven’t quite followed their policy on that. I hope he isn’t a Club NSW crony.

  2. He cares about pokies as much as Liberals care about koalas. Both issues didn't sway voters

  3. Do you remember the last time they were in power? They were just as corrupt maybe more so.

  4. They're just shittier at covering their tracks and are better at recalling stuff when being investigated. Labor pollies go to jail, Liberal ones get promoted. Both are corrupt

  5. I didn't really get a sense of enthusiasm for Labor. I don't think they were voted in as much as the Liberals were voted out. It didn't help that Chris Minns showed he was in the pocket of Clubs NSW.

  6. A lot of the seats that swung were in the mortgage belt and worried about cost of living more than pokies reform

  7. Probably not much but just letting above poster know pokies reform means diddly squat for many people outside the Reddit and media bubbles (looking at smh specifically).

  8. Kinda like Taiwan don't want to be part of China

  9. It's faster if you do declaration vote (ie. vote of our of your district). You just walk through and go on a different, smaller queue.

  10. Declaration vote is NOT faster than a normal vote - waiting time might be less but actual time filling in the paperwork is longer

  11. my partner and i went to the same voting booth but we're registered in different areas. It took me 1h for me to finish from start, 20mins for her

  12. That’s great info. Fortunately, it’s all in one email chain, so it is clear that it is in response to offering counter/rejecting increase. But yes, I will move forward with Tribunal (someone has to fight this stuff).

  13. My concern is that your days might still be numbered. They might issue a no grounds eviction notice 3 or 6 months after the tribunal outcome and it'll be harder to say it's retaliatory

  14. To be fair all the central banks around the world had one job and are all struggling with it.

  15. Tolls aren't the issue, in reality they are a good thing as they disincentive the use of cars in a city. The issue is the lack of public transport alternatives.

  16. I don't mind tolls to disincentivise but I would prefer if on the chance I had to use it, my dollars aren't lining shareholder pockets and to a better cause instead. The asset recycling program has now created a huge focus on creating more tolls instead of better roads too. And in some cases, they've made roads worse (looking at Parra road M4 entrance)

  17. the old Ubank customers are the ones complaining. If you were an 86400 customer, nothing changed and the experience is still smooth as butter. If you are a new customer, no dramas either.

  18. If you can pass on the cost to renters then I'd hold. Property investment takes a while, and even though the value of the property might not be going up, your tenants are still slowly paying off the loan.

  19. The multiple offsets thing is overrated imo. The banks who have it flaunt it for some reason. I still throw it all to just 1 of the offset accounts and use a CC to spend. Budgeting is done via spreadsheet. Personally I'd stick to 1 so that if you ever refinance, your financial workflow stays the same

  20. Multiple offset is good if you have >250k?

  21. Is this regarding ADI? Pretty sure the guarantee is per institution not per account.

  22. You will pay higher interest unless you put the savings into an offset

  23. She works for a bank though so most likely will get a reduced rate.

  24. Sure but you can still put it into an offset with a reduced rate. After tax, offset interest savings should work better than putting into a generic hisa.

  25. The second part is probably true but they got a whole lot done.

  26. 12 years of economic growth, selling a whole bunch of assets and increasing our debt by a mega load should do it.

  27. So he's saying "I called Brad, instead of a doctor or 000, to talk about my wife's sickness, which somehow led to an ambulance arriving promptly" is not technically a special ambulance request. He's really trying hard to squirm out of this one

  28. I'm going to sound harsh but you won't be rich no matter how hard you save on a teacher's salary. You need to take more risks (but note you might end up worse) and do business, invest, go to another country, avoid taxes and do other morally questionable things (think like dodgy tradies who end up buying gucci bags) etc. You can also try getting into highly paid roles like doctor or work in high frequency trading without comprising morals but it's competitive and not easy.

  29. 5.24 with offset and latest rise.

  30. If you look at latest abs figures telecommunications is the only industry that went negative on inflation in the latest quarter. And only 1.3% over the year. It has the lowest inflationary growth

  31. Yes but this doesn't imply internet service is getting cheaper. It implies you can get more data for your money. As has been true since the internet became a thing.

  32. Yes but prices weren't going up either, until maybe now. I haven't heard of many people complaining about skyrocketing data prices tbh, many competitors still haven't increased costs in this inflationary world, and if you go mobile prepaid route, you can even make profit through cashback

  33. The speculation is annoying..I'm trying to book overseas stuff and AUD is falling cos of this news

  34. Meh the people who struggle with CC's and pay interest would still pay the bank even if there was no rewards system anyway. And if not CC's then BNPL.

  35. I recently got approved for a Westpac card a few days after being rejected from Virgin money with no explanation either. I guess these things are really hit or miss

  36. I'm still waiting for an email. I did close my account last year though so hopefully it's all deleted

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