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  1. Cousin Dewey had one of these in the 70's, but his was a quad inverted pendulum or sumpin'

  2. Pay some respect to Haase man. Iirc he hit a HR on the opening day

  3. There's only a few good players on this team and he's one of them.

  4. And all of the boxes/hardware you have to rent each month.

  5. Counting down until RSNs and ESPN are available standalone, and cable replacement services are obsolete!

  6. I don't know if all Bally sports are available as a standalone, but Bally sports Detroit is standalone for $19.99/month and it's actually pretty good.

  7. PlutoTV is one of my favorite streaming services. I’d pay like 5 bucks a month for it to be honest. Great replacement for the background tv watchers.

  8. It's great if you don't mind watching the same 12 episodes of any given show for a few years. Also if you don't mind the same commercial played relentlessly back to back to back to back etc. and unexpected commercial breaks mid sentence or mid song. Oh yeah, whatever you're watching will skip back 10 minutes like a broken record, plus cutting off the end of the show.

  9. I also feel awkward when they’re like “do you want to donate a dollar to the starving children?” And I say no because I know the company misuses the funds, but I’m sure everyone else in line is like wow what a witch lmao

  10. I always reply by saying that I like to choose my own charities.

  11. I would have so much more respect for John Lennon if he hadn't abandoned his wife and child...

  12. Indiana sold Interstate 80 to the French around the same time.

  13. People won't pay much for content, but they'll pay to avoid commercials.

  14. You're right. Pluto is totally unwatchable by running the same freaking commercial back-to-back for days on end! Then all of a sudden it skips back 10 minutes and the guide is a colossal goat f--k. I'll gladly pay for commercial free tv.

  15. Sounds like you do not have VoLTE or Advanced Calling enabled. I would not know if it is enabled on the phone and SIM.

  16. I will try turning on advanced calling. Thank you.

  17. If you want to know, with CDMA shutdown, you must used VoLTE aka Advanced Calling. I know some people have disable VoLTE in the past because they do not like the sound of HD calling with another person with VoLTE and HD calling.

  18. I turned advanced calling on and it worked. Thanks again, you've been very helpful!

  19. And now, every commercial on tv begs you to gamble on sports. You can also throw a dead cat in any direction and hit a casino.

  20. Turn on the sound and you can hear a faint meow.

  21. Might just be my nostalgia for my childhood but that one episode of SpongeBob where Squidward directs the band at the Superbowl is probably SpongeBob's best episode. Band geeks or something?

  22. There's actually an episode where Sponge Bob commits suicide. It used to be on youtube.

  23. That, plus thieves want what's inside the trailer. I know a rock band that had awesome graphics put on their trailer and the first night in Florida, they were robbed.

  24. When are they going to sign good players that we've actually heard of?

  25. Fun fact about the theme song. The lyrics used in the movie intro were written by Mike Altman. He is the son of Robert Altman, who directed the movie MAS*H that the television show was based on. Robert made $70,000 for directing the film, while Mike made over a $1 million from the song. Best television show ever.

  26. The great Tommy Tedesco played the guitar part. RIP

  27. Everyone in that crowd paid Ticketmaster hundreds of dollars to witness a tone deaf weasel act like a moron.

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