AITA for not gifting my nephew as nice a gift as his cousins because his parents are poor?

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Disgusting money hungry person, you have 4 children. Gross. There’s no defending this in my opinion.

  2. She accused him of flirting with her.

  3. She knew what that accusation could do to him and that’s why she’s the problem too.

  4. Ajax is the only romantic interest who actually has a pulse and not in a way that Wednesday would like. Both of the people being thrown at Wednesday are just bland and 99% of their interactions are purely functional. It feels very much like 'Hey, I'm written to be into you because you're 'not like other girls' and so we're going to act like this is actually a thing.' Instead of, you know, trying. Even once I warmed up to the show (I've only seen four episodes now), both of her love interests are low points to things going on.

  5. I didn’t understand either love interest either she spent all that time blowing them off and being mean and they were obsessed with her. It’s 2022 we should stop showing this trope.

  6. That’s literally her personality in all of the movies, and in the old tv show. It’s true to character for her.

  7. Yes I’m aware. I’d prefer her single because of that. She doesn’t need a love interest. Wednesdays awesome on her own.

  8. Dude you’re whole post translates to “ This family is poor. I’m not getting anything in return therefore their kid only deserves a cheep gift unlike the other kids” can you really not get how mean and cruel that sounds?

  9. Honestly like OP sounds like an awful person. I know that’s a shitty thing to say based on little info but damn !

  10. I'm an athiest and my ex believed in god, idk what religion he even followed because it always caused arguments and I was young. He INSISTED we circumcise our son so he didn't look weird in locker rooms, and so it looks like his.

  11. This is why it sucks when people call people child abusers for doing it. I wish I could take it back I was only 20 all I knew was that everyone had it done. My sons father was uncut and even said he thought we should do it and in the US it’s so normal that I thought it was the right thing to do. It’s a hard topic in the US because so many men are circumcised and it’s so normal that how are young mothers supposed to know? I def wish I could take it back though.

  12. I didn’t think surgeons run those tests. Aren’t there people whose specific job is to run those tests?

  13. Yes the vast majority of what they do in these shows is not realistic. Surgeons don’t do X-rays, run tests etc. They do surgery!

  14. As an old I can confirm their performative efforts have always left me cold.

  15. I didn’t say everyone knew…I said that she knew. she was sleeping with him? How would she have not heard about him discussing Mein Kampf?

  16. Idk I’ve dated some real asshole bigots that I didn’t realize were racist/homophobic for awhile.

  17. So many Robin Williams flicks are real tear jerkers. Jack, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, to name a few. The man was so talented and could really provoke so many emotions in his work. I really miss his stuff.

  18. Bicentennial Man is so underrated (from my perspective at least). It’s such a good movie, I cry every single time I watch it.

  19. I've seen so many people say it's a bad movie, and I don't really get it.

  20. It’s one of my favorite movies of his. I think it’s great!

  21. I think it depends. I’ve had plenty of drunk sex and been very happy about it. I’ve had drunk sex and regretted it but didn’t call it rape and it wasn’t. I was raped while passed out because I was so drunk. All of those things happened while intoxicated and only one is rape. These things aren’t black and white.

  22. I saw this when I was like 13ish. This was a time where the internet wasn’t huge yet and I didn’t really know much about child sexual abuse and it was kind of a foreign concept to me at the time. The movie impacted me greatly to this day, I could never look at Kevin Bacon the same and can’t watch anything with him in it. Just really fucked with me.

  23. Honestly the thing I hate most about this is I personally HATE talking on the phone, and I absolutely hate facetiming!!!

  24. This is me! I won’t FaceTime people because I’m so awkward. I’ll send snap videos/pics but actually talking on the phone for FaceTime anyway is exhausting to me let alone somewhere I’ve never actually met.

  25. On a side note, Bartise’s friends were…weird lol. Almost like they were work acquaintances, but not really friends? My husband and I kept saying it seemed like the producers hired a few random people off the street to be in his wedding. They were a strange group

  26. My theory is that he probably looked like them at one point started working out and taking care of himself and got cocky cause he got muscles.

  27. marvel movies! i saw the first few in theatres because they were new and i was a teenager, but lost interest as time went on. now there’s so much content, getting into it would be overwhelming, and none of it stands on its own. i understand that’s how a franchise works, but it’s so frustrating that nothing ever ENDS. it’s always a setup for the next thing. i watched wandavision since i love elizabeth olsen and LOVED it, and had friends fill in my mcu knowledge gaps. then the whole final episode was just setup for doctor strange or whatever. and now there’s an agatha show too? ugh.

  28. I’m a HUGE Marvel fan but man the content is getting so out of hand I can’t keep up. Before End Game it was all just movies that came out every couple years really. Now they’ve added tv shows, shorts, 2-3 movies a year it’s hard to keep up. I also think because they keep pumping content out so quickly that the content isn’t as up to par as it has been in the past. The only ones I liked were wandavision, Loki and moon knight.

  29. This is my main issue with Marvel these days! If you miss one of anything you won’t know what’s going on or who people are. At first the connected universe was fun, but now it’s daunting. It makes me miss contained movie universes.

  30. Yes exactly it’s so daunting. It was so much easier before, even when the spider man movies came out. Now it’s just way too much way too quick!

  31. I mean maybe it’s because they don’t choose to show this so I could be completely off base but they don’t seem like they have any real conversations of substance or actually talk about anything deep/important.

  32. Yes! Everything they talk about is so bland and surface level. They’re like robots

  33. Yeah exactly. I’m like how can 2 people be so in love when they just don’t talk about anything lol

  34. I was Team Zanab hardcore until the wedding and reunion. It’s like she has some personal vendetta against him. I’m a lot like her when it comes to being self conscious, especially as a POC & pushing people away but man she was just constantly angry. I think she has a lot of deep rooted self hate issues and she needs help for that. She’s a beautiful woman, she just needs to see that.

  35. I feel like her reactions to Cole are the culmination of years of not knowing who she is. Her parents died and she was raised by white people. The people of her ethnicity she did know maybe shinned her or accused her of “acting white.” She grew up around and is obviously attracted to white men, but they maybe shunned her for not being pretty by traditional white standards. So she’s always had issues with her looks and weight. Then she gets matched up with what to me is the epitome of white frat boy on a tv show and he shuns her for the prototypical white sorority girl. It was the culmination of a life of unacceptance. Not cute enough. Not white enough. Not skinny enough. Not Pakistani enough. It was all just too much for her to deal with and Cole, being super white frat boy, is the manifestation and representation of all of that anger and resentment, hence the anger and vitriol. Obviously I’m no professional and this could be totally off base, but I’m trying to, like you, find a reason for all the anger.

  36. I’m a biracial black woman who was raised in a white family, in a white school, in a white state. So I get all of that. Like 100% really I do so yes it does make sense and couple with just poor self esteem I think you hit the nail on the head. That, however, doesn’t excuse her behavior it just gives a reason. Was it heightened because of Coles comments? Definitely. But I don’t date because I know I have a lot of issues exactly like Zanab that I need to work through before I can find myself happy in a relationship. I think she needs to do the same.

  37. David Parker Ray. The toybox killer. That one fucked me up. I heard toybox killer and toolbox killers right around the same time and they both really fucked me up. The intensity of their torture. One of the worst for me for some reason was what David Parker Ray did to his victims with the dogs. If you know you know. It's super fucked up. 😭 to imagine what these poor girls went through is impossible.

  38. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is one case I can never seem to get through. Idk all the details because I just can’t seem to finish anything about it. Usually things bother me but I can read/listen. This one I just can’t.

  39. Overall? I thought he did fine considering all the bad reviews about his acting ability. I was expecting amateur hour but he never took me out of the film

  40. This is how I felt too. Was his performance Oscar worthy? Of course not. Was it believable? Sure. Didn’t take me out of the movie.

  41. The movie would have been better if it wasnt a matrix virtual reality setup.

  42. I’m a little late but I thought it was brainwashing the whole time and that the drugs they offered her were to keep her brainwashed (I didn’t realize the husbands were in on it). And I thought the town was real just like on the outskirts/middle of the desert away from civilization.

  43. I was at first tbh I genuinely don’t like her, plus her racist past still bothers me. However I think having seen how she coaches and seen the show I honestly don’t mind her as a coach anymore.

  44. Unless someone’s using their faith to harm people that let them believe in whatever they want 🤷🏽‍♀️

  45. Respectfully, I think saying things like “he can save us. Save you. If you believe…” Is pushing it.

  46. I mean pushing it on other people isn’t a good thing to do for sure but I feel like the op was just stating their love of god which is fine but Reddit hates anything religious I guess.

  47. Yes when they visit his family he brings it up to them.

  48. The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman (Sally Lockhart series) might fit for this - I can't remember exactly how girly-girl she is, but I don't think she's a not-like-other-girls protagonist. It's set in Victorian Britain too, which is fun.

  49. Yeah that trope really bothers me. I mean obviously you don’t have to be girly but they often have the main protagonist almost subtly brag about it and that’s when it bothers me. Just like when girly characters brag about being girly. In a world where we are supposed to be lifting each-other it seems people writing woman didn’t get the memo.

  50. Even though all of these points I hate tremendously my biggest problem is that book 3 established time travel extremely clearly. It’s just thrown out the window in cursed child and that alone pisses me off. Like you said it just broke every rule. So annoying

  51. That's the part that got me. Time traveling in the books is a closed loop! Anything you go back in time to do has already happened in the main timeline. Really there's only supposed to be one timeline in the hp series that can't be changed so the fact that Harry's kids go back and mess with shit would have meant that in the main series books those changes should have already happened as the main plot line and everything would have been messed up.

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