1. Yes but if you do like it and you get in to it all but the best free to play games you will hit paywall after paywall. And yea sure people can try it and drop it and will en masse. Theyw ill still get the player base that will crush them no single player and probably broken online. Depending on the game so why stick with it even if its free

  2. Surely there are a lot of f2p with paywalls, but there are also good f2p without paywalls.

  3. Yea there are a few with good payschemes but just the biggest ones generally most by far have horrible paywalls that get worse over time. And yea im not sure how a fighting game can be profitable without paywalling everything online modes like how magic does with drafts characters costumes there are alot of scummy ways they can paywall you.

  4. I have no idea what you are talking about, your points are completely irrelevant to fighting games as any fighting game monetized like you described would be dead on arrival.

  5. My perfect MMO, also a Riot MMO wishlist:

  6. Theres plenty of powers in the lore, theres no need to give the player rare powers.

  7. Definitely not as few as other fighting games, they are so rare they get mentioned in big announcements like we saw some at evo, like wtf?

  8. Good, picked up DBFZ the other day and that thing is just insane, way too fast, way too much sht happening.

  9. If you are waiting for innovation and awesome features riot is not what you should looking for

  10. people keep saying this and they must have actually been playing the games.

  11. I hope it will go the same way as League of Legends, Full PvP but i'm not holding my breath so i don't really care much about it.

  12. It wont be a PvP game in the sense of having forced open world PvP, but they will have instanced PvP for sure.

  13. Before Tera turned to shit I would grind 1 dungeon for hours and hours to buy skins.

  14. Copium isnt over, i have an infinite supply.

  15. Just assume nothing and the update we got was just to temper expectations. Theirs a lot of good news coming out of evo tho so that’s good. If we get nothing no big deal.

  16. temper expectation to drop a massive bomb right after

  17. The thing im most worried about is the world, I really hope they go for a true open world like for example BDO and even between "continents" sailing would be possible, but well, at the very least very big instances like WoW.

  18. Riots MMO will be f2p, 99% sure, its part of their identity, they dont lock people behind paywalls. They have said this countless times, including the people leading the MMO.

  19. There hasnt been any info on Project F, might aswell been scrapped, although theres still RnD job openings that would fit an ARPG.

  20. Dont think its scrapped, scope just grew. The person that presented the game got promoted, veteran LoL devs got moved to it and the last few weeks theres been a bunch of LoR team members that got moved to either the mmo or research and development.

  21. I dont think its scrapped either, nor do i think the scope grew, if by that you mean it got turned into the MMO.

  22. They literally said their would be no motion inputs (which also means there are likely to be other simplifications to lower the floor and possibly the celling) you haven't been following the game news.

  23. Im fully aware about what changes they are making, im saying those arent fundamental changes for what makes a fighting game a fighting game.

  24. I'm gonna just agree to disagree. Ninja Storm, Arms, Smash, and SFV are all pretty different types of games.

  25. Bro... where did I mention any of those games... Do I have to be overly specific here? Im talking about regular 2d fighters, or do I have further specify 2d tag fighters?

  26. Im pretty confident on a 2023 release, but we will have to see what they have to show on the 2nd update, personally I think they have way more to show us and they are saving it for later.

  27. keyboard are perfectly functional, personally I just find the placement/size of action keys on a keyboard for a fighting game really weird, so I rather use a controller, but im actually looking into getting a hitbox or mixbox, because keys are much better than dpads.

  28. Or maybe the problem is you having a strict definition of what an MMORPG should be?

  29. I want neco-arc with yuumi skin

  30. idk, is he supposed to just watch the vid and go "wow", "thats cool", "f2p? damn..." and "alright guys that was it, cya next video"

  31. I really want poppy to be real, id love to bonk people with a giant hammer.

  32. It depends on what you mean by mini-games. I feel like a lot of mini-games risk fragmenting the player-base even further.

  33. For sure, MMOs need way more than just fighting monsters and other players.

  34. No disappointment here, im going full copium, they did an "underwhelming" update to lower our expectations, so when they drop a massive announcement of epic proportions later this year the impact will be even bigger.

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