1. It was states rights plain and simple.

  2. Yes, had a raise 3d pro 2 plus. And it decided to literally blow itself up at the nozzle.

  3. It’s designed to be an in city, surface street only, commuter bike alternative to an ICE powered motorcycle

  4. When you dress it up like a sport bike, expect it to be compared to sport bikes.

  5. $8000, cant go highway speed. WTF?

  6. You probably could need wildfire’s damage. A 1 cost do nothing may actually work.

  7. So I think this begs the question: does anybody have any recommendations for a comparable alternative? I was just going to pull the trigger on the pod cover as a reward to myself for completing a goal, but this subscription bs is giving me pause...actually more than a pause, pretty much making me say ef it.

  8. I have the chilisleep cube, or whatever the base model is called.

  9. I was honestly expecting it to get removed so yay for the mods not being ridiculous like usual. Still surprised my comment above got removed but I guess that’s better than nothing.

  10. How has that word not been added to the filter?

  11. Yes, I also got banned from the discord for promoting union efforts.

  12. This guy is the Mengele of Mosquitoes

  13. One could argue that the earth is flat too. 🙄

  14. But the earth is flat. Just ask flat earth society. They have members all around the globe.

  15. Ahhh. Keurig cups that you don't fill yourself.

  16. This is true, I’ll throw in keurig self fill cups above nespresso but below a manual machine😂

  17. To be honest, if someone had no experience in coffee or pour overs, I would highly just recommend a Keurig with a self fill cups.

  18. The whole point is that aborted fetuses (assuming they’re early enough) never developed any sort of consciousness to exist as a “person” in the first place.

  19. I'm a pro-lifer. But I agree with your argument. I personally feel that if the fetus has consciousness then it should be protected.

  20. Buy a lightly used newer bike for your first one because your gonna ding it up and if your just starting out odds are you won't be keeping it long enough to really care

  21. 250 and 300 bikes should just be called starter bikes.

  22. Lmao exactly. You’re not going to just take 26,000 in liquid cash and hold it for 20 years to give to your kid wtf lol. So the real question here is 26,000 in stocks vs 26,000 in bitcoin 20 years later. Now the decisions a little harder huh op?😂

  23. "You never actually own a tulip bulb. You merely look after it for the next generation" Here are two choices for me, and every new parent out there: either put away $26,000 today, to give to my new born child 20 years later.

  24. The government is backed by the faith and credit of the US. Bitcoin is backed by inmutable code.

  25. Gold's value is backed by the people who find its qualities valuable.

  26. Gold has industrial use. Bitcoin does not.

  27. Everyone asks about insurance, but why the fuck do they charge thousands for turning on a machine? If anything that shouldn't be worth more than 50 bucks, without insurance

  28. Because it's not "just turning on machine" The capital outlay on these things is insane.

  29. That’s assuming everyone sells at that price. Also, as the available supply goes down the price goes up

  30. I’m fresh out the class, they said to go Dot. I’ll look into ece though

  31. Dot is the minimum requirement to be legal.

  32. I’m leaning towards the aprilia tuono 660, but will see what’s available and how I feel. Right now all I’ve ridden is a Honda rebel so maybe I’ll hate the sporty design (it’s technically a naked I know)

  33. Well, looks like they found a way to use all that unsold trump steak.

  34. “We corrected the error. It will work itself out”

  35. I will never set foot in Australia. Not because of the gun laws or anything, but because y’all have those bigass huntsman spiders and I am deathly arachnophobic

  36. Ironically Australia is the one country you would want 100 round or 50 round max deal with the drop bears and spiders and s***.

  37. During COVID I drank probably 10 double shots a day.

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