1. i was looking for this. i watched this with my family on a movie night and everyone but me thought that it made it sense it was platonic. to me it looked romantic literally from the start, and i was waiting for that kiss just for them to be called friends!! friends?!?$!9/9.&29:&&/

  2. im on EDGE, they didn't even acknowledge it on sso alert

  3. they always remove the custom option during double sc. so you can only buy 500 and up.

  4. Odd, I could've sworn I've bought lower amounts from the double sc offers in the past :x

  5. before custom was a thing, you could still buy like a 100 during double sc, but it's completely gone now :( np!

  6. ewmt says:

    Does anyone know if its fixed

  7. did you managed to get them? i still can't

  8. strange. i'll be mailing the team, also tweeted at both sso alerts and the official twitter

  9. yup no one got it. i hope they fix it before halloween horses leave, cause if they don’t that would be so unfair to people like you😔

  10. i’m convinced they replaced the old herd with a gen 3 one, am i dreaming?

  11. i thought i knew ins and outs of this game

  12. hell yeah, let me live my rich horse girl dream to it’s fullest

  13. really? i checked fort pinta yesterday and they weren’t there😳

  14. i was wondering this too. i was waiting for that outfit.

  15. Pepita was always my fave, but Laverna just might take the cake!

  16. i honestly don’t mind that the training system is so dull. i turn on autopilot and listen to podcasts.

  17. the silverglade manor. it’s in the heart of the map. not to mention the arena and the racetrack are within riding distance. it’s the best equestrian area if you ask me!

  18. remember when it was just a black void

  19. I was gonna skip on Laverna but ain’t no way I will now!!!!! SO PRETTY!!!

  20. it’s getting so annoying! i’ve only been riding like three breeds, cause i can’t fit my prettiest gear on any other horses!

  21. thats actually pretty funny🤣

  22. I’m actually so stoked for this set to be in game though, it looks absolutely dope, really hoping it’s for tokens but that’s unlikely

  23. right?? it’s something that actually looks like clothes i’d wear irl

  24. this might be my nostalgia speaking, but i prefer the old ones. i’m the type of person that loves old games, low poly, over the top textures, vibrant colors, i love it all. i also prefer realistic games over cartoony ones. it’s not that i hate the new style, i just do prefer the old one

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