girl gets stuck in a washer doing a dare

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  1. Not in front of his girl 😂😭😭😭

  2. I just bought two rabbits over the weekend. (Not adopt) and I love them and they’re in great shape and get along.

  3. Looks super cheap but it shows full titties so idk man

  4. That emilia is the most accurate to her face that I’ve ever seen in a figure. Go for her

  5. I have the one at the top left!!! The angel one!

  6. Have both of your parents rub her breasts so they get used to her. It worked when I introduced my parents to my girlfriend. Different situation, but I’m sure you’ll get the same results! Good luck

  7. Put a gore warning or something next time. I think I’m gonna be sick…

  8. I’m a total sucker for Asuka, but her face doesn’t feel like Asuka at all. That being said I’m pre ordering her

  9. Bunny burrow rabbit rescue? North texas rabbit sanctuary? Nothing wrong with a fully grown bun sometimes they need love the most!

  10. I looked there and wasn’t super hyped. Is it really so bad that I’d like to be picky about the kind I want if I’m gonna be taking care of it for the rest of its life? I’ve seen the shelter ones and I’m not trying to be mean, but they’re a bit scary to look at. Idk where I can get a young rabbit and preferably a lop. That’s kinda what I’m looking for.

  11. Hm. That doesn’t seem fair. Maybe think of it less like you’re getting a cute fuzzy animal to play with and more like you’re choosing to provide safety, comfort, care, and love to a deserving life. I would purposely choose the older and uglier buns because lots of people with your mindset exist and it makes me sad.

  12. Bro your rabbits are good looking. Easy for you to say

  13. The most retarded shit ever. I won’t ever respect anyone who buys into all this gay shit at any capacity fuck you

  14. That place was kinda wack. I’d say go to the basic tourist areas if you’re ever gonna go to Mexico. That place is literally a 3rd world country

  15. As soon as it says that mid game just leave honestly

  16. You really shouldn’t be so picky with pop ups man. They’re pop ups

  17. She’s less annoying than most female characters forced in nowadays. But yeah, she’s the least interesting out of all the characters and that’s why she only has two skins

  18. That was such a dorky ass thing to say

  19. As a firefighter I have actually had a call like this twice, same guy both times. The first time it was funny and everyone joked about it, we just disassembled the washer slightly. The second time he was found dead in there by his brother because he got stuck and no one was there to call 911 for him. He was dead for days before he was found, it was a top loader and he sat in there ass first and got stuck. He must’ve tried his hardest to get out because he was able to knock the washing machine over and was found with the washing machine on its side with him still stuck in it, and as you can imagine his body was all swelled up after a few days of sitting there and very purple.

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