1. Nice, but I think it's supposed to be Afflicted Dire Darkblood (not Afflicted Dire Dragonblood).

  2. Can I just add, please also just do your own research on what JK Rowling actually said versus just going with the angry mob? Honestly, when I first heard the controversy, I thought she was some aggressive, trans-hating nut job. But I went and looked up all of her tweets and nothing seemed close to the amount of outrage and hate she was receiving. But again, do your own research and come up with your own judgements.

  3. God damn, we’re clearly playing different games. I feel like I’m playing at my peak when I’m able to average over 150dps, while your dps is literally 4x that in this run. Nice job!

  4. I’m surprised no one goes for the spiribird one. At level 4, it makes it much faster to get a full health bar by needing to collect less birds. And in anomaly quests, a large health bar lets you unga bunga a lot more since you can take a couple of hits and then rely on the anomaly blood rite to heal you back up instead of needing to quaff potions.

  5. It really doesn't sound like hacking. For some hunters, this can be their second or even third time through this content (if they played on Switch and then Steam). 5 minutes is decently fast, but definitely doable. If people are going to hack, they would give themselves crazy stats and 1 shot everything. Why would you spend the time to use hacks only to still take over 5 minutes to hunt a few early-game HR monsters.

  6. If you haven't yet, checkout Peppo's Longsword guide, he's one of the top longsword players and his guide is really good at teaching from basic to advanced play style:

  7. Use the gamecat armor set search, it will do searches which include qurio armor crafting and even shows how "grindy" it would be to get those augments:

  8. Thanks so much, this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

  9. Glad to help, it completely reinvigorated my interest in the game as it allowed me to create all sorts of interesting builds that were still feasible with a bit of grinding.

  10. Why not QS3, is it to extend the counter window on the sacred sheathe?

  11. Don't know since I am nowhere near that anomaly level BUT if you want to hunt other monsters at that level couldn't you just join a random hunt, at that level, gather materials and hope for a different investigation at the end as "reward"?

  12. Yeah, but I'm wondering if it's a higher chance to get an investigation for a particular monster if I do a hunt with the same one, or if it's just completely random.

  13. Ah the greatsword, the most satisfying and frustrating weapon in Monster Hunter. Here are my highlights across just three hunts. God knows why I still play this weapon.

  14. Nice, how many insta-blocks is that?

  15. Sunbreak runs great on Steam Deck, I doubt Iceborne would run quite as well.

  16. I have this same idea of using a lightweight rim on the R9. This NRG wheel looks promising but it'd be nice to know how much weight it saves compared to the Moza CS wheel. Also the NRG wheel diameter is 350mm while the CS is 330mm. The perfect scenario would be a lighter and smaller wheel to make the FFB "stronger".

  17. I actually bought the sim-racing NRG wheel to compare it against another "regular" NRG wheel and it felt significantly lighter. I wound up going with the "regular" NRG wheel since I was worried the sim-racing one was too light and might feel like a toy. I found that the Moza R9 has enough torque to handle the regular wheel fine.

  18. Great! Thanks for replying. What is the size of your regular NRG wheel?

  19. Pretty sure half the people in this sub would've RMA'd it

  20. Occam's Razor: Maybe the pizza guy just has atrocious punctuation skills, and the OP is in fact a dress?

  21. Get this stand and a T300:

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