1. Wow this takes me back to a similar situation. I was changing my 9 month old child, she had already gone so I thought she was done. Nope, just the calm before the BOOM explosion of poop from my child that got all over everything in a 6 foot radius, including wall, ceiling, floor, me, and the poor dog who was just napping below. She giggled so loudly right after.

  2. In Home Econ back in the dark days of the 80s, we were specifically told never to leave a baby uncovered without a diaper/covering. If you're changing them, you, put another diaper (these were cloth diapers so were flat) loosely over them while you're getting wipes, etc., because they tend to go more during the process. Also baby boys pee up.

  3. I got colorectal cancer at 32, though probably got it in my late 20s. It spread, but thankfully I had some great doctors. Our generation is the first to be hit with higher numbers of bowel cancers at younger ages.

  4. Asking in good faith - how can trans people compete in competitive sport? Are they proposing a non gendered field of some sort?

  5. Lots of people can't do lots of things because of physical limitations. Very short or tall people can't work in aviation (pilots, flight attendants), very heavy or large people can't be firefighters or in the military.

  6. I remember a story about a person drawing dicks on the pavement, so it would get the attention of the city. It worked, but I don't know if it's repeatable.

  7. I don't know, the Venn diagram of "first time buyers with hefty deposits" and "people who can get their rich parents to stump up hefty deposits" seems like... If not a circle, then at least a sort of rugby ball.

  8. I'm one of those "first time buyers with hefty deposits" but with no parental support. Granted, I'm old, not 20-something. We've been holding off buying because prices keep going up and then really jumped during the pandemic. It's not as though we cant afford it, we don't want to get upside down. Now we're on the market for something, though will probably put forth cheeky offers to desperate sellers and try to knock more off the price.

  9. Same for me and my gf. A thing a lot of the people in their 30s on this sub don't consider is that a lot of us have LISAs too. I have 30k locked away in one that basically forces me to choose not using it and having a smaller deposit so getting rinsed on interest, using it and losing almost 6k, or buying somewhere for <450k which rarely gets you anything but a leasehold flat in Bristol. Finally seeing some stuff drop below 450k but most houses are >500k.

  10. Yeah, we have two HTBISAs, maxed out, but if we can get the bonus for it... doubtful since we'd have to get a new build and no fucking way am I putting down the asking of £599,000 (cap is £600k in London) for a shit one-bed in a "luxury" new build that probably has outrageous fees on top just to get an extra few grand from the government. Not worth it. But the interest rate was slightly better for what we could get 5+ years ago when interest rates were basically zero so we're still ahead.

  11. How can anyone not instantly see the problem? "Inability" is not the case.

  12. Often the reason is that those in charge think the qualified worker is too essential in their current job to move them.

  13. Which is when it's time to go to a competitor.

  14. Went through this last year. Manager left, the three of us on the team tucked in and developed the budget, scheduling, KPIs... the works for the upcoming year. Did all the financials, supplier comms, digital comms, increased our numbers...

  15. Being completely fine with a round of 4 pints costing 30 quid.

  16. If you think London is covered in dog shit, try visiting Paris. London is a spotless utopia in comparison.

  17. Why is London so attractive to people? I don't get it. It seemed like a shithole every time I've visited. I cannot imagine living there. Gross.

  18. Personally, me and my spouse work in London and we hate commuting because we want time to live, not to wait on/travel on crowded trains. We don't have jobs that can be done remotely. I suppose mine could, technically, but I LOVE where I work so I love being there and I hate working from home with a passion. So yeah, the housing sucks, but the pay is higher and there's stuff to do here. We lived in the West Midlands before and hated it so much.

  19. Is that because you didn't give the West Mids much of a chance?

  20. Lived there for three years in an idyllic village (near Rugby, actually). No jobs, no nightlife, Coventry is just depressing (points gun - always has been), and the people there were super shitty to us (not from around here? Where are you from? etc), have to drive everywhere, mostly just old people.

  21. Technically, I can afford the heating just fine, but I don't want to pay it so I keep it cold. The same way that technically I can afford to go eat a Michelin star restaurant, but I choose to cook at home because the other's not worth it to me. Heating isn't worth the cost so I keep pullovers on.

  22. Exactly. You could be sitting at your desk, just staring at the screen for 10 minutes, and no one would care. On the other it would be a huge deal to take a 10 minute walk to clear your head, thereby making you more productive when you get back to working

  23. Most of the time on my breaks, I'm thinking about work anyway, I just want to get up and walk around to do it. I probably waste more time at my desk, actually.

  24. Considering it's mostly controlled by billionaires, yes. Yes they are.

  25. Maybe? I’m a young Juvial tattooed man; I’m not someone that people usually feel embarrassed around; i ended up feeling embarrassed because I was the weirdo who was okay with it in the end 😂

  26. "I liked watching you sleep. You sleep like an angel..."

  27. I loved MTV's Liquid Television. Aeon Flux was such a trip.

  28. Maybe very local to my hometown, but there was a "Time and Temp" phone number that the local paper ran. You could call the number and it would tell you what time it was and the outdoor temperature. It was 841-1212, I think.

  29. US Millennial here, when Trump was elected I signed up with New Zealand immigration to try and gtfo. Never got anywhere, despite my masters degree.

  30. I'm a GenXer and I left the US in 2004 after Bush II's reaction to 9/11. I thought it was just too fascist for me. So I went back to school, got a second BA, got into a PhD program in Canada, spent 8 years there, then moved to Europe.

  31. Or get a bloody booster (for adults). Got my third shot in the US fifteen months ago. Still no way to get a fourth here in the UK because I’m not old enough. All these news articles about people not wanting to get boosters, yet they won’t open it up to those of us who do.

  32. Yep. Only for over 50s. I had three jabs and then finally got Covid last September. If I could have gotten another booster I would have. I did get the flu jab this year because screw being sick. If a poke in the arm prevents that, I'll take it.

  33. Dunno why you're getting down voted for your anecdotal experience. I'm English, never had a plumbed in fridge nor have I ever seen one.

  34. It's an American thing and this abomination 100% sits in a shitty McMansion probably in the Midwest somewhere.

  35. bro lmao so much hatred for a fridge with ice & water

  36. It's one of those things that makes no sense for the rest of the world at all. I don't hate them, but needing such a function in a fridge is a bit of a chocolate teapot.

  37. People making fun of Boomers not understanding computers seem to forget that Boomers invented computers.

  38. I beat mine in 2009. Welcome to the club! We like long-term members.

  39. When I was a kid oldies were all doo-wop and Motown. I bet our parents felt old when it turned in to Beatles and Zeppelin.

  40. And that was only 15-20 years old back then. If we'd listened to 40-year-old music in the 80s, we would have had to listen to big band war songs.

  41. Oh no! I started to watch 16 Candles the other day, got about 30 mins in and had to stop. Please don't tell me Breakfast Club is going to be the same!

  42. John Hughes movies are made for teenagers. This is very important to realise when trying to watch them as an adult.

  43. Gives me the wind something fierce.

  44. For real, I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how the Duke’s whole “cornering the Orange juice market” scheme was supposed to work.

  45. ELY5: It has to do with buying futures in the commodities market. By getting wind of what was in the report early, they could position themselves to profit without risk. Basically a form of insider trading, but for commodities instead of stocks.

  46. Not always, I live in a condo. Counter space is a luxury, and I have 24" appliances. I'd rather just throw the pizza in the oven (no need to wait for preheat) and save the counter space.

  47. People crazy about fad kitchen appliances generally have huge suburban kitchens. My London flat barely allows a toaster.

  48. If he's really 50+ years on you, he's got to be at least 75 or so(?) and he might be developing dementia, hence the weird accusation, temper, inability be reasoned with, etc. Probably best he's pushed into retirement if that is the case.

  49. I've never bought any worktop appliance except for a basic toaster. Never had a dishwasher either. Even lived without a microwave for years and only have one now because a former tenant abandoned it.

  50. I saw someone online say "If you can be CEO of 3 companies it must not be that hard."

  51. An actual CEO of an SME works their ass off generally. These Fortune 500 types don't. The company runs itself. They make strategic decisions, yes, but that shouldn't be work 1,000 years labour of the rest of their workers.

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