1. So get me straight…Nehemiah followed Joey and then unfollowed him within an hour? Lol

  2. Not her best angle (it happens) but happy birthday to her! 🫶

  3. Justin wasn’t really f2 lol I think Greg leaving had everything to do with that. Dotun would be odd because he had so many dates with charity. Justin didn’t even get an overnight. It was an odd situation where there was truly nothing between the lead and f2.

  4. Talking about from first promo to entire season. Regardless Justin was F2 by default just like a lot of people who think Hannah Ann was F1 by default. If you think about it Aven was F2 by default and so was Jason A. F2 is not really a prime spot to be in.

  5. Love them all! I thought Andi mentioned a 4th bachelor girl coming. Can anyone remember?

  6. Kelly from Juan’s season. But she didn’t hang out with them.

  7. I hope this time if a contestant says they are LGBTQ, the producers actually accept that and make them feel safe and recognized in front of millions of viewers! Give us an LGBTQ lead! This is already the third lead who is LGBTQ missed opportunity who came from the franchise and have said they had to hide it from producers because they will get in trouble or they won’t become lead, etc.

  8. They have a diverse lead now. I have doubts they will do two in a row

  9. I think it’s more of the fact that we only have 1 man of color as lead. But who knows. They were able to easily pick Clayton before show even aired, but can’t seem to pick either Xavier, Warwick, John B, etc before show airs. They are in complete control in making these decisions, they just have to do it and make it happen.

  10. The Clayton and Katie choices were bullshit, but they made it to episode 6. Warwick and John didn't go further than episode 3 and they've never reached that far back for a white lead either. With all the hype that Joey has already before the season has even started airing, I feel like he's an easy Bachelor pick for them if he's not F1.

  11. 0.2% nurses accounts for Filipinos lol. We gave it a statistic.

  12. Totally off topic from this pic; but I just know Madi is shaking in her little Jordan’s seeing her ex in the finals and she’s stuck at home with Grant

  13. I understand how Amanda and Andi are friends, but I didn't realize that Tayshia and HA even knew Andi. I wonder how that came about?

  14. As an avid follower of both, it’s connection with the franchise. Hannah Ann and Andi literally call each other long lost sisters and they used to hang out a lot when HA was single. Tayshia and Andi have hung out on social events and always cheer each other up on SM; though it seems like Andi has a close relationship with HA more.

  15. Charity is the 1 person who voted Aaron B iykyk 💀

  16. That second vote just now is prob Aaron C cheering him on 💀

  17. Joey posted on his grid and Jason liked it immediately. I wonder if when the season starts airing, Jason and Kaitlyn might drop hints. I know, I know - it’s a reach and RS probably will come through mid-season and not wait till HT week.

  18. Haha eventually Kaitlyn and Jason will have to talk about how they know Joey and how he is as a person because we all know he makes it very far.

  19. I’m surprised he’s not getting as much traction from fans. I think he’s one of the best looking ones and most level headed based on his bio, LinkedIn, and social media.

  20. Oh yes that’s impressive he was able to get time off during residency!

  21. A lot of the men look really good in action 👍

  22. This was a couple of years ago now, but Blake expressed interest in Kristina before Katie’s season. No idea if she’s going to Paradise this year, but Jordan V and Logan (🤮) both follow her. I think she’d be really cute with Jordan V, personally, but maybe she’s on Blake’s “list.”

  23. Is Kristina really gonna go on for a third time? Her character arc return wasn’t favorable on BiP 6. But I can see why he would go for Kristina; she really looks like Katie but less nerdy.

  24. Like I said, I have no idea if she’s going. If I had to guess right now, I’d say no.

  25. “Is Kristina really gonna go on for a third time?” is a general rhetoric question. I wasn’t expecting a yes or no answer.

  26. When did Hannah Ann and Andi become friends?

  27. When Hannah Ann lived in LA, they became sisters and ran a lot together.

  28. It’s good for short term weight loss but it can lead to anorexia/bulimia/purging/binge-eating unhealthy habits which can disrupt your mental health state as well as electrolytes and it might encourage your body to store more fat in response to starvation. Very important that this is if you are in process of losing weight but you should be able to get back on a regular eating schedule once you you’re done with this weight loss regimen instead of eating one big meal a day. I’ll do intermittent fasting for maybe two weeks tops if I’m desperate to lose some weight but I make sure I’ll be able to go back on regular meal/snack schedule. And if I want to maintain that weight, I just balance out my proportion throughout the day and count my calories.

  29. I need Kylee and Aven to happened, they been liking each other pictures 👀

  30. So we got former F1’s and former leads joining this season? It’s going to be poppin

  31. If speculation is true and Pilot Pete and Davina have gone on dates, and he's going on paradise, she'll probably be there too.

  32. I forgot to mention Davia! They will so bring in Davia if Pilot Pete does indeed follow through to go to Paradise! I’m here for the hot mess!

  33. Rachel needs to not have Gabby be there….or else they will end up being co-dependent with each other again. We need to know Rachel without Gabby by her side all the time!

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