1. Just.... I want cops to stop using the punisher skull... Skulls are cool but, what the absolute fuck?

  2. Cops are American citizens, with every right to freedom of expression that you have.

  3. How else do you expect infrastructure to happen lol. It doesn't just show up

  4. I belong to two lobbyists groups. One is a construction group, the other is a teacher’s union. I know exactly how the sausage is made.

  5. How else do you expect infrastructure to happen lol. It doesn't just show up

  6. Nothing in politics shows up without significant financial benefits for the politicians. That might be campaign financing, that might be lucrative government contracts but family or friends get the benefit of finding about first… government is a complicated business. But one million spent on lobbying typically pays back the lobbyists employers 10-100 times, or more. With that kind of return, companies that aren’t members of a similar industry group are just… uncompetitive.

  7. From what I've seen over there, the posts get very little engagement, especially relative to the number of members.

  8. I can’t get a mod to approve me, is it an unmoderated subreddit?

  9. Biden was windy with a lot of shouting. I have never seen him so high energy.

  10. I am for the repeal of the the 1934 firearms act, as well as every infringement after that. “Shall not be infringed” is pretty clear.

  11. Your other post about the SOTU is the second newest post (besides this).

  12. The address is over. People had a chance to see/hear it. How political minded people react is more interesting to me than what politicians say. Is it not interesting to you?

  13. Afghanistan hands down was the worst. It doesn't matter if you wanted to remain in Afghanistan or if you wanted withdrawal, the move was terribly executed. Politically, I think he knew it was going to suck, so he did it early on in his administration so it would be forgotten by voters three years later.

  14. As a veteran, Afghanistan was a painful sight. Handing it back to the Taliban was a painful lost war. Wow, 20 years.

  15. Maybe it should be her turn. She is going to have to work hard for my vote.

  16. Those look like 9” vinyl from before the asbestos ban (can’t confirm without being there, the video on my cell isn’t clear enough). If they are, I would break the lease before I spent the money for the abatement. If this is ceramic (and you like the color) a professional tile company can clean using “tile cleaning crystals” and make them look nearly new. You could DIY and maybe get similar results. There are a few good instructional videos, but the hard thing is mostly waiting (for the chemicals to work) and elbow grease. The pros have all the great tools, and would be done in a day or two.

  17. Whatever you call it, the left hatred Trump so much that they were willing to sacrifice the future of millions of poor a minority children and sometimes even their own children, just to spite him.

  18. I haven’t heard anything recently, I agree he has a sense of humor. I don’t know that a man’s mind survives (can go back to what it was before) the experience of being president.

  19. My objection is to the blindness to the disabled. As long as van lift accessible handicap parking is available in front of every entrance… as well as plenty of parking for those people doing business in the city, walkable cities are fine. Probably more of a greenwashing dream that’s needed to die for while in most cities, Architecture professors still salivate over these types of designs to every class. This is typical “those that can’t do, teach” behavior. Their “art” destroyed by the practicality of human freedom and the joy of driving. This frustrates me, as well, as “walkable cities” achieve many goals that are green that are compatible with drivers if only a few concessions are made. As long as you ignore the fact that bad weather exists, the needs of every person access is essential to every building (Every Building!), and that your artful design is far more meaningless than the average train-car tagger’s masterpiece. You get rid of Engineers, Architects, and government’s idea of knowing better than the individual knows, and the walkable city is just an oddity, reserved for European towns that never changed or some college campuses that probably shouldn’t have. Put in someone that “has a vision of a walkable city” and the smug attitude of 5 years of liberal arts education… and you have a recipe for half-assed, mismanaged, short-lived eyesores. And usually you can drive or park on them until they are removed. But other than that they are cool. I haven’t really thought about them.

  20. In my former home, a potion of a historic street “1st Avenue S” had it’s train rails removed and beautiful sidewalks installed, plants that could survive without sprinklers were installed. The original tracks were below street level (as they were there first and the city was built around them). So, nice place to walk, bike, etc. Right? It’s a ditch. The plants are dead, and when it rains it fills up with trash that no one picks up, and it’s apparently a great place to throw your fentanyl needles. I let my kid play there. I moved.

  21. Spotify and all the video streaming services pretty much

  22. Which streaming services? Which ones are best? Which ones would you trade for a better one? Do you have cable or satellite too?

  23. A job, my guy. Youre getting a ton of traditional leaning answers in here, (cooking and cleaning in place of her doing it) whether that was intended or not. And if we're going that route, take the bills off her hands.

  24. Yeah everyone is saying a job, they don’t know about my health problems and the savings I have. Nor do they know the awesome benefits to my son having a former professor as a tutor. That’s fine. I probably just shouldn’t have mentioned being unemployed, I suppose it’s self pity. Working does bring more meaning to my (and her) life.

  25. In the pages and front cover of the best-selling children's book series.

  26. I'm English, so apart from consent, which is 16, everything else is 18, and I agree with it.

  27. Age of consent is 16 (in my state), you can also get a driver’s permit at 15, license at 16. No contracts until 19 (except military enlistment), can vote, enlist, become drafted, buy a rifle or shotgun, become a policeman or politician at 18. Can’t buy beer, tobacco or a handgun until 21. You can possess a handgun under certain legal circumstances with parental permission (or in the line of military or government duty). Beginning this year concealed weapons permits are no longer required for legal owners 21 or above. So assume everyone has a firearm including criminal children (who disobey laws).

  28. Mid-twenties you become an adult-brained person. I was ranting about very adult decisions being made much earlier. Weirdly I was agreeing with you, just forgot to say it during my speech.

  29. I am sorry to hear that. My condolences. Did she have her teeth when she passed?

  30. I have been around a bunch of deaths in recent years. My father is still here, and had his prostate (cancer) removed in December. I have been there for other family members at the end. I hope you have found relief from the hurt. Are you taking care of yourself?

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