1. Blackfishing is basically the modern day blackface. POC have made it clear that this is highly offensive and no one else gets to decide if it is or isn’t.

  2. Sorry I’m agreeing with your comment. Only POC get to decide what is offensive to POC and I think it’s wild people can downvote that

  3. It’s a systematic issue. Read my 3rd edit. Today the sidewalk. Tomorrow the office. More ways to make women small. Etc.

  4. Tbh it's not just males, it's also females. I'm a 4'11" Asian girl and I've had women crash into me because I refused to move to the side like I always do.

  5. I am almost done commenting because this post is becoming too much but I really wanted to reply to you before I stop.

  6. The Cauldron is an unofficial Harry Potter themed bar in south street seaport that offers robes and you make “potion” cocktails at your table

  7. Look up Nar-anon family groups. They are for family members of people struggling with all kinds of addiction. People think of them as groups for family members of hardened drug users but as you said in your own post, compulsions trade off

  8. I love sequins! What fabric did you use for the base and support?

  9. Duck cloth! I do sometimes add stabilizer for ones that I do a lot of passing through the same spots but didn’t have to for this one

  10. That turned out great, I hope I'm your sister!

  11. This is one of the more serious post I’ve seen on this sub. Cancel. Return. Do what you have to do and hustle to fix it NOW before it gets worse or someone finds out. Even if you pay it off, it can be seen as a misuse of company resources and can result in disciplinary action (firing?) once or twice is a believable mistake but more than that is a serious gamble.

  12. Ya I'm taking out a cc debt consolidation loan right now. I got one at 11% which isn't THAT bad. Paying it off asap

  13. That is a good start but I hope you know it is only the start if you don’t want to repeat this cycle. Once you see a card balance at $0 it is easy to justify things (no offense but especially if you’ve already justified using a corporate card…) I am not trying to be mean, dear Internet stranger, but I want you to take this very seriously and know that this is not the end of your problems.

  14. I always love what different people both make and think to make of beads. This is so amazing and truly unique!

  15. I think on this sub folks are quick to be pro-dog because we are all dog people. Now I’m not defending her actions but if you take a step back and think how you’d feel if you were pregnant and a puppy was jumping on you, I understand how someone who doesn’t like dogs would react to “protect their baby” instead of worry about the dog. (And I do put it in quotes because we all understand her fetus didn’t need protection from your little Maltese)

  16. I hope you’ll be filling in these ambiguous meals you mention with restaurants to check out. Too many good ones to risk eating somewhere mediocre out of convenience!

  17. Don’t fill all slots black!!! 😬 Even though you can, I don’t recommend it.

  18. Respectfully disagree. The value of a blacker black to a screen printer is far higher than the value of a printer. Printers are intentionally cheap because the business model is to make money on the exorbitantly priced and proprietary ink. And a printer takes up relatively little space compared to the rest of a screen print set up.

  19. A really nice coffee table or art book on a subject she likes. Write an inscription on the cover page with why you picked it for her. If she was in education she will appreciate a well made book and the thought

  20. I have also worked at a dog daycare. I only broke up one fight the entire time I worked there and no dogs got injured on my watch. Fights happened with new employees who weren’t adequately trained or were on their cell phones when they shouldn’t have been. I never saw any dogs that were visibly distressed or spent the whole time crying. At most a new dog would cry for 10 minutes. A lot of dogs slept all day. Many daycares do have cameras up now so it’s pretty easy to tell if your dog plays or not. I know mine don’t, so I don’t take them, but I have friends whose dogs definitely do play a lot.

  21. I was with the post up until the rover recommendation. I get that doggy day cares come with risks but in what world is it better to pick an independent contractor through an app that waives all liability if something goes wrong

  22. I think people who use the word stubborn forget it is different for dogs than the human version of stubborn. For bernedoodles, it is because they are very smart so they will learn associations from you when you don’t realize it and it is very difficult to unteach them behaviors you let them get away with early.

  23. Good advice for all puppies: Start strict and build good habits now—not later! After they are well behaved and a little older, you can start easing up. Bernedoodles are stubborn and very smart dogs so if you let them on the couch when they’re small, good luck telling them not to go up there when they’re big.

  24. I worked a job that hired 16yos but you legally have to be 18 to put things in a baler, and you have to be 21 to sell cigarettes or beer or wine. so I understand they wanna be sure,, but I dont get why entering your birthday doesn't answer that for them lol

  25. It’s because they can’t legally ask you your age. It can lead to age discrimination in other ways. So instead they can ask you to verify that you’re above the legal age

  26. kkus says:

    I have a conspiracy theory that dogs can somehow tell time. There’s no way Shadow has to go pee every morning exactly at six am on the dot.

  27. I don’t know how well studied it is, but there is evidence dogs use their sense of smell to tell time. ie when you leave for work your apartment smells like you but by the time you get home your smell has dissipated by about the same amount each day at the time you get home. I’m sure the morning has a specific smell trigger for dogs.

  28. I didn’t realize until reading this question how many bags like this I’ve owned and it really hasn’t been an issue for me unless I overstuff my bag. If it is stuffed it won’t closed or if it does it won’t stay closed once you start moving regardless of the magnet strength. Wearing them too loose or low or in a way that bumps it a lot will also help a full bag bump open.

  29. I don’t really have a current collection of them so much as it’s one of those styles I gravitate towards as I’ve upped my bag game over the years.

  30. This book is being manipulative while teaching supervisors how to be manipulative to the workers. Great management comes from the top, I see.

  31. This post gives me SO MUCH JOY. My boyfriend called Gino a never nude in episode 2 and it killed me. Too bad Gino doesn’t deserve am a take to play him cause Davis Cross would kill it.

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