1. Me and my brother got tickets for 2 nights of umphreys in New York City. About 30 minutes into it, we hated it, said screw this and went and saw TLG uptown. We ended up letting our umphreys tickets go to waste to see 2 nights TLG instead. Great fuckin band.

  2. ....woke up bouncing around the room

  3. That’s a “Hawaii’s Finest” sticker. It’s a pretty big clothing brand in Hawaii.

  4. Not worth the time and effort.

  5. Disagree. You can create an (inexpensive?) machine with existing technology that will scan and look for simple patterns and do it quicky. Some of the things go for 100s or 1000s of times their face value. The only question is how rare are these valuable notes and I don't know the answer to that.

  6. HW Rendezvous Rye is, in my opinion, much superior to the double rye. The best rye I've ever had was Lot 40 cask strength, but the regular Lot 40 is incredible as well.

  7. Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft

  8. My new line tonight as I stomp my way down the pit will be "no worries bro. When your 14 friends show up I'll be happy to move for them." Try and argue with that

  9. I got in line at 1pm yesterday. Plan to go a little earlier today. What time did you get there?

  10. You make a good point. But by the same token, if you get there at 1:00, you shouldn't save a spot for your six friends who are showing up at 6:15. Fuck them.

  11. In Mike's demo he did mention how it would have less punch, especially live and trying to "cut through" the sound of the others. And you can definitely hear that in the Seattle shows (I haven't listened to last night yet).

  12. He was definitely fiddling with his rack a lot more than I've ever seen him do, so perhaps you're right that he's just trying to dial things in. I was there last night and I was not very impressed.

  13. Did you get a DM from the mods saying "hey we disabled that function" too? Bc they sent me that and it's shit like this when its obviously solved and just sitting open where that function would be fucking handy.

  14. Nope. It's super lame that they removed this functionality.

  15. I had COVID for Purim. It sucked. I'm sorry.

  16. The problem is, even the good guys want to get laid.

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