1. Isn’t his power literally to be able to transform into anything lmao

  2. The term makes it Too wide a genre to accuratelypin down as a single or even a few sounds. Rock includes everything from oasis to soundgarden and sabbath.

  3. So... Genuinely curious, why is "rock" too broad, but "pop" is not? Both have many, many sub genres, so I'm just curious on your decision there.

  4. I'm not familiar with any form of pop, I'm just not a fan personally

  5. Ah, okay, that makes sense. Well, pop can be everything from J-pop to bubblegum pop to pop rock and SO many other subgenres! May be why there was a negative reaction to the exclusion of rock

  6. Idk about this idea. I paid for bitizenship and God mode. Bitizenship was supposed to make it where we got everything else in future updates for free and then they came out with God mode that was also paid. I guess you could argue that God mode is not new "content," per say, but I still feel like bitizenship was false advertisement already, so I definitely would not buy anymore content. If they hadn't already promised bitizens would get the new content with each update, then, maybe,... but it would need to be some pretty good updates to pay for each one.

  7. So,... Idk if anyone else will agree, or even know who he is, but I think Hank Hill from King of the Hill is ace. I don't think he's the best representation we could hope for, but, yeah. He is never interested in anything sexual except for his wife and even then it's extremely rare. He's actually quite repulsed from sex. He doesn't realize it in the show and would never admit it, but imo he's definitely ace.

  8. Genuine question: how can you date and be aromantic? At that point aren’t you just.. friends?

  9. Well, I'm cupioromantic. I want a romantic relationship, but have no romantic attraction toward anyone. I would still be in a "dating" type relationship given the opportunity (given it was with the right person). So, maybe something like that?

  10. Try adding propranolol. I’m taking it for headaches and anxiety. If you decide you don’t want to be on Paxil any longer you could try Luvox or bupropion those are pretty good ones also.

  11. Oh, ok, thank you! I will talk to my Dr about adding it. Hopefully it helps.

  12. I can’t even explain it I just felt off and high lol

  13. This explains a lot... I just started paxil as well and I took Advil for a headache cause it was all I had and I felt SO weird the rest of the day!

  14. I love seeing this! I just saw a bunch of pittie hate on other subs today and it made me so sad. It's good to know reddit doesn't reflect what the rest of the world thinks about them.

  15. Except there's historical evidence she & JFK were having an affair, so dunno how accurate that rumor is :/

  16. There are also a lot of people that say she was bi/pan. I've heard there is even a recorded session with her therapist saying she had slept with the likes of Joan Crawford, but I don't know how true that is. Personally, I don't think she was ace, but like you said in your other comment, she's not hear to say, so I don't think we will ever know for sure.

  17. I'm not going to harass her spirit with questions about her sex life. She got enough of that when she was alive...

  18. Oh, yeah, I agree. She had to put up with so much! I love her and meant no disrespect by it. She is one of my favorite people throughout history and was way more than just a sex symbol like they tried to make her.

  19. I'm just learning about the whole alterous attraction thing, but I think I've felt it my whole life. From what I've read, alterous attraction is a feeling that is somewhere in the realm of platonic and romantic feelings, but can't adequately be defined as strictly one or the other. I'm not 100% on this and I have seen some definitions for alterous say it can be completely different from platonic or romantic attraction for some people.

  20. I get the idea behind that thinking; you're opening yourself up more, so more possibility of some form of "attack," I guess? But, you also then have the knowledge to protect yourself, so I don't see why there would be fear about having the knowledge. Also, from my personal experiences, most spiritual being don't want to hurt us. If they want anything at all to do with us, it's either to help us, or get a message across.

  21. Aquariums are fairly popular date activities, at least in cities that have good ones. That's probably why they made that (faulty) leap of logic.

  22. I'm not sure going to an aquarium would be the perfect mood setter, but okay lol

  23. I dunno, I'm ace and biromantic, and I've taken dates to zoos and and aquariums before. I wouldn't say it's intended as a mood setter (at least it wasn't in my experience), it was just a fun way to spend time with someone I enjoyed seeing. You walk around, see pretty animals you don't normally see, talk and joke with each other, maybe buy a stuffed dolphin or something for them at the gift shop... it's a relaxing, low-pressure, generally affordable way to do something fun with a potential partner.

  24. I was joking about the mood setting thing haha But, yeah, I can see the appeal, especially for a first date situation.

  25. It still does not fit all asexuals. Asexuality, I'm general, is about not experiencing sexual attraction to others. Some aces still do want a sexual relationship. I think what everyone is getting at is that this definition will still perpetuate the idea that all aces are sex repulsed, which is not true.

  26. The second is how it read to me. Like, you can have neither if you are asexual. And I'm afraid a lot of others will read it that way as well. I feel like it needs to be written more clearly so there is no confusion. There's just so many misconceptions around asexuality, we don't need anything to confuse people more lol

  27. Because sex drive and sexual attraction are different. Sex drive is just the urge that has nothing to do with seeing someone as sexually attractive, may be at a random time even, and sexual attraction is the desire for sex when you see someone who is sexually attractive to you. The attraction is what makes it different. Being Asexual is just the lack of sexual ATTRACTION, we can still have a sex drive.

  28. On the Norse bit, the main mythologies we have from them were written after Christianity was taking hold, so maybe not exactly what the original practitioners were doing, but it was/is definitely paganism. The modern definition of paganism is having religious beliefs that are not one of the main religions practiced in the world, i.e. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

  29. Theoretically, it should be fine, possibly change the water's pH some, but I wouldn't want to chance it either way. I do know vinegar is an awesome cleanser, I just wouldn't want to use it with my fish in the tank.

  30. It would be fine to clean the lid and lights then? My light don’t touch the water btw

  31. I would do a vinegar/water mixture and make sure you rinse it really well. As long as the vinegar doesn't get into the water, it shouldn't affect anything.

  32. Personally, I don't see any mythology as a documentary, meaning, I take them as a story and not a literal event that happened. So, yes, a myth may say a deity died but, it may not be a literal death. Like Baldur (sticking with Norse mythology), he was "killed," but his soul was still in existence down in Hel. So, even in some of the myths themselves, death is not an end like we see it as humans. (Something similar to Jesus rising from the dead for Christians.)

  33. A lot of people do start with a single species - bettas or goldfish - and they treat that single species like crap.

  34. I totally agree with you, but I think if pets stores/fish stores wouldn't sell Bettas and goldfish as "plug and play" fish, there wouldn't be as much mistreatment of them. And what I mean by "plug and play" fish is, they are sold as if you can just put them in anything (especially Bettas!) the same day you get them right after setting up the tank and everything will be fine.

  35. That’s sounds so cruel lmao more like move into a house from an apartment

  36. What freaking petco sold this?! I’ve only ever seen them and my specialty LFS.

  37. Saw them at a Petco near where I live. There were quite a few of them, too. As someone else said, they were in with the koi.

  38. Idk why others didn't like her, but, personally, I thought she played a dirty game more than the others. She tried to make people doubt themselves to make her time easier. I especially noticed this in AS2 (I didn't really mind her in S4, she just kind of had a bad attitude). She told multiple other people that this or that wouldn't be a good idea trying to sabotage them. I actually wonder how different Roxxxy's run on AS2 would have been if PhiPhi didn't make her so insecure about her Sophia Vergara for snatch game.

  39. Having a "normal" life. Having romantic relationships, friendships, etc. and being happy in general. Usually, it is everyday things that I day dream about and I have (probably not for the better lol) learned to incorporate my day dreams into my everyday life, so I use what is going on around me as... "inspiration," if you can call it that lol

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