1. Roman retaining over a guy who left wwe took potshots and when things didn't go well, returned back to wwe is not necessarily a bad call

  2. Penalties and free kicks meant something back then

  3. Both of them are doing all these things to get more viewers than the other, but all they have to do is create a banger anthem and they will automatically get more audience..

  4. Unfortunately those banger themes and pre matches died with Sony.

  5. But her theme slapped banged fucked and probably bladed too

  6. Red media and it's clowns are getting boring repetitive and unoriginal. Absolutely dumbasses

  7. I mean sellers do realise who is foreigner and who is Indian. Local language or Hindi to bolni hi padegi. Bhaiya bhi bolna padega

  8. Fair enough. Thanks. But this partial breast would have been similar toMahi Gill scene?

  9. Bcoz you come across as someone who will label everyone under same bracket. Anyways. Partial breast os exaggerated claim from cbfc

  10. Jadeja has been bashed in media lmao. Kuldeep i safe there.

  11. Just to give some more context, kuldeep and Brohit are extremely close. Kuldeep thinks of Rohit as his "bada bhai " and said this several times in his interviews. Why I'm saying this is because I would abuse my close friends very casually too - not to forget that kuldeep has actually fucked up here ( he ran to the boundary line immediately after asking to take the review ). No big deal here imo

  12. I mean you have one Bombay Maidan cricket guy there. These things are normal absolutely. It's typical maidan cricket language. Woh dost hi kya jo ek baar din mein tu chutya hai na sune.. Those getting angry are snow flakes.

  13. Now we have Rohit sharma pre 2013 where he gives it away but scores are 30s and 40s. Not sure how to react. We get to see 6s and 4s but not big scores

  14. Surely AAP will be decimated if he was made to escape by Punjab Pols. If AAP acted against national interestel and tipped Amritpal to run, Ed and alm will be behind Kejriwal

  15. Khalistanis propped up Aao jn Punjab. He stayed with Khalistanis in Punjab. So yes it's all AAPs doing.. Unless the mess is cleared they will have to bear the Brunt

  16. Not 21st technically better. Burnley are better than Spurs

  17. Amritpal was just pawn. There will be 100s others. Something more needs to be done. For starters, kick Simranjeet out from Parliament. Grab Appiyas by balls. Gungrooseth was propped by Khalistanis. He is a problem. Expose his corruption and keep him In check.

  18. People will be able to leave venue a bit early

  19. Imagine thinking businessman can set up big business without being friendly to politicians across party lines. Those abusing Ambani Adani where the ones who made them big in their initial years.

  20. Don't watch then. Wrestling is not for you kiddo. If you have problem with Women bleeding or MJf throwing alcohol on kid, you are just a hater. Don't watch aew it's the place where adults hang out. You watch WWE where a Blonde outsells creepy looking dolls or some Super cenas action figures re sold

  21. This match will be forgotten on fee hours when Cenas return videos will take over interner

  22. I fell in love with wrestling again last night.

  23. Boring and overrated. Same character and never ever changed one bit while a other peers showed layers of character work and changed over the years

  24. Superior kn what basis? Sending people to isis?

  25. No one is giving you anything separate. Gaand maarao tum log

  26. Ha ha this is wrong you say. I paid Haaland two pounds that wasn't axxounted in this graph so this write up is rejected and I will have a petition to ban reporting of wages in media

  27. You'll be the one responsible for us playing in the Championship next season. Thanks a lot dude

  28. I am responsible for Haaland joining us because those two pounds matter. Everybody likes a top up unaccounted tax free income from foreign country

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