1. I honestly have more fun playing quick play these days. Everytime I try comp it's just a mess, they really messed up bad.

  2. Same. I sometimes get paired with people that shouldn’t be playing comp at all; like they are just testing heroes.

  3. Review embargo until release, plus a huge marketing blitz made me think they were trying to trick a lot of people into pre ordering before the middling reviews hit. I was right

  4. FYI: They didn't send out lots of review codes, either outside of the big sites and a few smaller ones. That is always suspect when that happens.

  5. Legit question: how don't we have review compilation threads? This would stop having loads of news be submitted and would make for a one-stop shop reading. yes?

  6. Hahhahahaha! Oh, you're serious? I really doubt that since it'll affect Activision's earning potential. Like, imagine if people all saved up tokens? They'd unlock everything in the next BP super quick.

  7. I think majority of the blame here falls on IW. I mean, who on earth designed it so that there is NO counter for a UAV? Even Ghost is super limited now and doesn't activate until you hit "Ultimate Perk" mode (which is stupid).

  8. The Luca Bandera scope you get with it is nice. It really shines once you unlock the Buffalo barrel.

  9. What does it do? Helps it guarantee a one-hit kill? I usually aim for head/upper part and still get hit markers. So annoying.

  10. Like the MW19 version, it has relatively short damage range compared to the bolt-action marksman rifles. After that range it requires a headshot to 1SK.

  11. Damn! And given how IW is, I expect I can unlock this last, no?

  12. For some reason, the title update is now available for both last-gen and current-gen platforms, and The Last Chapter content too.

  13. Jeebus. And this is how we get patch notes? Via a reply from someone on Twitter and not even an actual tweet? WTF.

  14. Fake. Visual Concepts has not released any notes, and those look placeholder. Same stuff used by updatecrazy (a site that has been banned in multiple subreddits already).

  15. Yep. Smoke effects are way too overdone in this game.

  16. Well they do for me. I don’t see red markers at all 🤷‍♂️

  17. Yes, they do disappear unless the smoke is from say a mini explosion (bouncing betty, nade, etc). For streaks, they don't show up.

  18. I feel like it changes. Not sure what the change is dependant on, but I feel the same way with some of the Marksman Rifles. I have had it happen from one match to another. One hit kills almost exclusively, then nothing but hit markers the next game.

  19. Hmm. Maybe. I just know that anything torso and above should be one-hit kill, right? I've been trying to level up the Lockwood riffle and been a lot of hitmarkers. One game, I got 16 kills and probably 8 hit markers and it's just weird since if you spot one and it's not OHK, then you're dead since you need to rechamber.

  20. From watching breakdowns on guns, i think the highest damage (non headshot) body area is pretty small, it's like nipples & up. So if you're always aiming center mass, it's going to be pretty hit or miss for one shots because it's right on the line

  21. Oh? I've been waiting for Xclusive Ace to run his videos regarding marksmen rifles to know more about it.

  22. Anyone had a chance to read through the list and can provide recommendations based on my very specific taste?

  23. Highest streak was at 21 (says Stats page). I'm now doing camo challenges and using all the guns to level them up (Shipment can't come soon enough for this), so I doubt I'll be able to do it anytime soon.

  24. If I'm not mistaken, putting in Singapore or another Southeast Asia country should do the trick.

  25. Yep. Way too overpowered and using Battle Hardened doesn't help squat.

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