1. Of course Z and Haruki antics are just for comedic tone

  2. Isn't it obvious.. this is all Seven's doing! The only reason why he make Zero is to absorb his son popular energy for himself so he will be more popular than ever.. it looks like "Every year is Seven's anniversary" is still not enough to satisfy Dan Moroboshi's lust.😂

  3. Seven is way more popular even when zero still not exist yet

  4. Woah, Zero did not make it to top 5 even? Surprising

  5. Because if you read closely on the list, it's all ultra with series while those fandom golden child didn't have series

  6. How did you get your Sparklence to float in the air?

  7. No Titas made me so sad. It's almost impossible getting his figure for a price that isn't over the double of the original.

  8. But you can request for it if not on the list in the bottom

  9. Indonesian fans when they haven't brought up Nexus or Noa in literally every discussion about Ultraman for 1 second

  10. Tbh they really annoying with their obsession on Nexus/Noa

  11. Both of their actors are leaving the show for other project respectively and their character killed off and then on the next episode both Go and Jiro act like they never exist lol

  12. Yeah like I'm sure they have enough money, coming from Shin Ultraman

  13. And i'm pretty sure the money get split to Toho and Anno too

  14. Another thread with "let's compare old gen ultra relationship with new gen ultra standard"

  15. A shin Return of Ultraman would probably be just the return of our regular shin ultraman because in the original show Jack was originally never supposed to exist. The original ultraman was supposed to return but tsuburaya wanted to sell more toys so they made a new ultraman.

  16. Nope. It was TBS who wanted Return of Ultraman to be a new character.

  17. If the Ultraman fighting evolution 3 is canon,it is possible for him to type change from strong to miracle

  18. Every ultraman game isn't canon and banpresto only remove the limitation for fun gameplay purpose Dyna also can only change twice in the old PS1 game Ultraman Tiga and Dyna: new generations. Also in Ultra Replica toys you can only choose between strong or miracle then dyna after reverting to flash cannot change again into strong or miracle

  19. I feel like Mebius deserves a new gen because he did save Tsuburaya from being bankrupt and giving us New Generations. Zero maybe Tsuburaya golden boy but Mebius ran with Ultraman so Zero and new gen can walk.

  20. Where is the source mebius "saved" tsupro? Lol Neither Mebius or Zero are the one who saves Tsupro from bankcruptcy

  21. Imo we don't need another New Gen Ultra Reboot/Remake anymore but... New Gen Gaia just to complete New Gen TDG would be enough...

  22. Tiga Final Odyssey and Tiga Gaiden Revival of Ancient Giant did hinted Daigo can still after the event of Final Odyssey because Tsubasa recognized Sparklence in the past which would be impossible if Daigo lost the Sparklence again after the final battle against Camearra. It just real life issue where Nagano's agency not allowing him to appear or even use his footage which probably because of their strict rules for online distribution. He did comeback for SHF SS Tiga promotion back in march 2021 and do interview for Ultra Polling result in NHK last september. It just a**holes online community likes to exaggerrate the daigone joke from ultra chronicle z. There still possibility but very slim. And you're right Trigger and Decker are only for tribute and profit not to replace OG Tiga and Dyna.

  23. Somehow i think the reason Zero get so much push by tsuburaya are because he is the first ultra hero that was created aftee fields company and bandai took over tsuburaya production from TYO in 2009

  24. Yeah, Gaia's inclusion is more of a byproduct of coming right after Dyna.

  25. Gaia was originally planned to be set after Dyna(perhaps 100 years) but Konaka objected that idea and he wants Gaia to be set on it's own universe

  26. Ooo yeah there’s no Tiga just Gaia and Dyna thanks

  27. Tsupro originally wanted Tiga in there(along with Daigo) but they can't get Nagano so they subs him with Agul instead.

  28. I was kinda disappointed when In the trailer if ultra galaxy fight TDC I thought tiga, daina, and Gaia was going to appear and then they................ where illusions it was kinda nice though but kinda disappointing

  29. Somehow i think Sakamoto kinda disliked them. Well i hope they appeared in UGF4 if Sakamoto can lower his ego of wanting everything about Zero and Belial(and upcoming Regulos).

  30. They should just make a completely new series with a name like Blazer. It has nothing to do with Gaia.

  31. They'll probably still using the isekai plot element from the first leak about gazer being set in a world where ultraman is only tv programme and the ultra host was 'a tsutomu' like person. They just scrapped the tied with Gaia and changed it name ro Blazer.

  32. I have watch halfway of original 71 Kamen Rider Series

  33. Of course it’s a joke. It’s literally mcdonalds in japan. Who cares about that shit? Get your jack nuggets or what? lmao

  34. If the leak suggest was true then Gazer will just gonna be newgen Gaia in name only unlike Trigger and Decker which similar to Tiga and Dyna

  35. Every Ultraman figuarts actually had mispaint issue especially on the silver painting part. It just that become so obvious on Tiga due to the material.

  36. He also played a tpc scientist in Tiga. Also played a stage actor during one episode of Dyna

  37. Dyna can't use Miracle Type if he already used Strong Type and vice-versa.

  38. According to the Ultraman wiki:

  39. Don't trust wiki too much dude since it can be written by anyone and tend to have misleading information. He is not their manager. Giancarlo pasquini is a songwriter and composer and used to work together with Johnny's in the past. Johnny's work with many foreign songwriter and composer too for their artist songs

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