1. I know right? he’s a very emotional stable individual….

  2. Session needs to be about 20 minutes old for crime scenes to start spawning I think. Only a problem for invite/friends lobbies.

  3. Been playing for more than 20 mins and no blue blip. Maybe there a glitch

  4. Shit I forgot to tell you that! My bad. So it does take 20 minutes in the same session to kick it off. Everyone said it needs to be a public lobby but I’ve found them in public and invite only.

  5. Okay thank you! This last time I played it didn’t spawn at all either maybe there is a glitch

  6. Martyrs (French, 2008) you think it’s one of those movies then it’s one of thooossseee movies e.e

  7. There's a small chance it's Peter Griffin Jr., the other dead griffin kid

  8. What season and episode is this discussed? 👀

  9. Walter, quiero comerme tu culote Walter. That was an actual quote from Metastasis

  10. I just remember cartoon noises coming from the tv lol

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