1. Dominoes selling that za????😳😳😳🫢🫢🫠🫠🤔🤔🤔

  2. What the fuck do either of these guys know about punk. They’re egotistical smart asses that say the most retarded shit thinking it’s genius

  3. NO STYLIST the album and this track are instant classics in my humble onion

  4. yo everyone with a chip on their shoulder in here saying "we been knew this" did you REALLY BEEN KNEW THIS

  5. YEat soft confirmed: this is what we now know

  6. Ken Carson is dog water, replace him with Carti 🙏🏾

  7. What a throwback. I remember Nova and Pewdiepie being “rivals” on YT around when Happy Wheels was the big YT Meta. What a crazy ass time

  8. I'll never get over nova voicing the pogo guy

  9. I like the typeface and feel like merman is a fresh concept for an album cover but it was just done in such a tacky way.

  10. I wasn’t crazy about the album either but no stylist being the worst track is crazy. It’s the only song from the album that’s been in my rotation since listening.

  11. wow d lonely d rider over here you shouldn’t be listening to ANY of his trash music, didn’t you see the score?

  12. I just don’t understand why he put nostylist as his least favorite track

  13. Well I’m glad somebody agrees with me, I’ve seen people praising this a ton and it makes me feel like I stepped into another dimension or something lol. All the Opium artists are so ass

  14. Internet guy learns what music opinions are, pt. 230,482

  15. Oh I didn’t realize I was acting like he didn’t brand himself with her name 🙃

  16. I think getting a branding of a woman’s name you barely know and eating poop to look younger are leagues more immature than photoshopping jokes on a newspaper for instagram

  17. petes goals are always to value sex over meaningful relationships so this was expected

  18. featuring the island boys NBA Youngboy and Kodak Black

  19. It was funny the first time kinda gets old after the jokes been told 500 times

  20. just act like it’s the first time again then

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