1. Ben 10 vs green lantern, next Time they should really have better research because Ben should've gone back in time .

  2. Bro not tryna be rude but no one asked for your nerd emoji

  3. “Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black is a good episode”

  4. I'm sure that’s made by GameToons, the guy who is ruining games we like

  5. Why does she find tan-skinned, skinny dark-haired blue shirts attractive?

  6. Any battle that involves a Dragon Ball character.

  7. Finally, now the kids in a Africa won’t starve

  8. Depends on the animation. 2003 with pupils though looks cursed

  9. Trunks wins in every Vs Show, heck, even in one he won against The Flash (there was no research, no need to botch ya DC fanboys)

  10. I don't know who ikaris is. But Superman at higher tiers would stomp omniman without TOO much effort. Omniman would stomp homelander without fail. The strength capabilities between the three on top of the speed capabilities isn't even close between the three of them. Superman can lift over a few quintillion tons. Omniman doesn't even come close to that. Homelanders strength as far as I know is debatable. Best feat I can think of is throwing a jet, he was also incapable of breaking soldier boys shield and thats just supposedly made out of an inch of regular metal. Superman's speed is virtually unlimited. He can keep breaking feats because that's how he is built. Omniman is getting closer by the day to his prime. The older a viltrumite gets the stronger they get. He can fly far faster than light. Homelander on the otherhand is just a few times faster than an F16. He can break the sound barrier, but he doesn't clock anywhere near light speed.

  11. Ikaris is a Marvel Comics character from the series Eternals

  12. Spiderman would allow himself to get hit by Stormfront, but he isn’t holding back, so he easily wins

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