1. I have an M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14 I may be willing to trade. Shoot me a PM if you still have this

  2. Unfortunately, I sold it by now, thanks though for the offer (: much appreciated.

  3. sold gateron north pole linears to

  4. Purchased gateron north pole linears from

  5. Ah, that sucks :/ maybe they’re tired from all the school+work xD

  6. I recently left my girl of three years because she couldn't really do anything in home like bills or kids she was still nice and sweet though but I knew if I didn't do it then then it would hurt even more later when those things did happen. Though know I don't have much left because I don't want to hurt here more bye getting with someone else while she is still around.

  7. yeah it's best to just be honest with people...

  8. If it wasn’t silent I just laughed with a buddy. It’s a fart everyone does it.

  9. ooh that's true c: thanks for sharing

  10. We can form them here. The places that have unions had to fight for them, too.

  11. it gives a bad look to the employees who decide to go on strike... afterwards, their coworkers look at them a different way, and then they're more likely to be on the chopping block when time comes.

  12. If anybody looks bad in this situation. It's the strikebreakers. Your second statement is why we need stronger worker protections. That could be considered union busting. Which is illegal but not strongly enforced.

  13. I guess you're right. Good argument lol gg

  14. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I also can’t stand the thought of seeing him with someone else or hurting him. I felt so bad when I told him we needed a break at one point. I’ve never seen him so upset and the way he shut down… but I can’t keep living like this either, you know?

  15. yeah but a mean boyfriend doesn't seem to be right... i hope you guys talk it out when he gets mean!

  16. I would hope so too but he doesn’t really listen so I’m just gonna give him space and distance myself for right now. I feel like I can do that.

  17. the one where it took least amount of effort and i earned prolly $50 lol

  18. by not giving them the time of day!

  19. when there is force put against you, fighting back right away will only get you in worse trouble...

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