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  1. I think afraid from the neighbourhood: " When i wake Up, Im afraid, Somebody Else might Take my place"

  2. Thanks but we thought this when we talked to our dad and this was the worst Thing we've ever done. Our mother ist sadly someone who caused the Trauma an she is mote ore less a narcisst so we think she would denie it to... Bit thanks

  3. If you don't want to talk to your mother I can't change that. I would recommend you at least try to make her open for the topic of DiD but if you don't want to, that's your thing. Good Luck on your further Journey!

  4. You are more than enough. You are survivors. You are strong!

  5. My dad First was Like: oh well, its Just a phase and now we are Not broken in his opinion. We try Not to get in to Trouble with him bc of the littles but its very annoying.

  6. I wish all parents could be as supportive as mine have been for me lately. My heart goes out to all those who don't have any family support ❤️

  7. Its so good to hear that it's not just us doing this. Thank you, and all the best for you. :)

  8. There is an app, not exactly what you described, but maybe that helps you.... it's called SYMPLY PLURAL.

  9. can you maybe think of a question that you both answer differently? and he knows how which of you would answer?

  10. You can usually tell who's out by just how we act though. Our personalities and tone of our voices are different. My alter is very monotone while I'm not. He's also the one that got us diagnosed with ASPD I'm not. So we act completely different

  11. i'd specifically search for therapists that mention it on their websites, or who are trained in therapies that i know are good for did. also in my first session with a therapist i'd mention my issues and ask them if they've treated anyone with did in the past, if they feel confident in their ability to support someone with did, and may ask them some more specific questions related to my presentation and treatment goals

  12. thank you very much, that was also our approach until now unfortunately there is only one therapist in our area who can do that. But I think we will go there. Us makes such a thing simply great fear ... :) and I do not want to do anything wrong.

  13. I Wish they would Understand that our Traumas we're hell, and that the illness isnt better

  14. Oh I see so it's sorta like a different brain depending on who you are at that moment? That sounds mad exhausting like you said.

  15. it's like we're not completely separate from each other... but it can feel like we each have our own corner of the brain, so we don't hear us all the time (fortunately)

  16. Damn that sounds pretty sad. I'm sorry for what your going through and I hope your bf helps you out as much as he can.

  17. thanks but I don't know any other way. and yes my boyfriend is a huge help and the best person i can imagine. he is my superhero with my assistance dog. Have a nice evening

  18. Sometimes I don't even notice that we've switched... no wonder that everyone has prejudices against systems .... thank you Hollywood

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