1. Yeah maybe you're right, I was hoping for people flying through windshields and driving off bridges here. Not things I literally see dozens of times a day.

  2. Nah, it's mostly people with their foot out the window, a dog in the bed of a pickup, people that hit a rock in a parking lot, or people with a bunch of junk bungeed to their car/truck.

  3. Apparently they haven't really used bombers yet, they have

  4. According to the last line of the article, there is no evidence, yet, that a cat was even involved

  5. I didn't even mean lack of context in a bad way, just that there is clearly so much missing info.

  6. Yeah, I just don't think much info has been released yet.

  7. Paid back my student loans, should I ask the govt to pay me back?

  8. No, you should be glad that you were able to pay them off

  9. Statically anyone with a degree could eventually pay off their loans, so it's odd that the only qualifier here is "well I have it now."

  10. Not sure how this relates to my comment.

  11. All these folks putting gas in containers besides gas cans…how do they plan on getting the gas back out later?

  12. As big as Harvard's endowment is, remember there's always a bigger fish.

  13. Sounds like they didn't file the proper paper work with the insurance company though. Even if the insurer knew about the litigation, it doesn't mean they knew that Harvard planned on having them foot the bill. I'm assuming Harvard probably has multiple insurers for their litigation costs.

  14. Even more than that. An insurer who pays litigation costs typically has an opportunity to choose the lawyer and make decisions about defending/settling the claim. In other words: “if we’re going to be on the hook, we’re running this case the way we want to. If we want to settle, we get to settle.” If you don’t put your insurer on notice, you deprive them of that contractual right.

  15. Great point, it's similar to what's happening with Amber Heard right now. AH's lawyer is currently getting sued by AH's other insurance company for not allowing their lawyers to participate in the trial.

  16. I mean, there's also rope and what looks to be a ratchet strap.

  17. I don't get your snotty comment, point of a protest is to attract public interest and focus towards the purpose of the protest. Seems like he accomplished that

  18. When you got a job to do, you gotta to do it well. This half-assed attempt to protest makes it seem like they barely even believe in their own message.

  19. If you believe your hype so much why not self immolate and prove it.

  20. A Jewett Six was a type of car built in the 1920's, so perhaps something off one of those.

  21. This seems a bit ridiculous, Australia could have had zero emissions ever and those indigenous groups would still be suffering from the effects of climate change. It's a global issue, so how can one government be found responsible, especially when their country isn't a top GHG emitter

  22. Isn't this kinda the case in most wars, given that men typically do most of the fighting?

  23. How is it that her response, or lack of response to the collapse of the metro line and the death of 26 people didn't kill her political career... Not only is she un charismatic, she is corrupt, negligent and unfit for office. The current Mexican president is pushing her as his successor just to have a puppet he can control

  24. I thought being corrupt and negligent were the main prerequisites for being the president in Mexico (and some other nearby places as well)

  25. Given the discipline issues seen already from the regular troops, hard to imagine how these conscripts can form any kind of disciplined, motivated, skilled force.

  26. They are not going to be there for anything disciplined, motivated, or skilled. They are going to be there to deplete the munitions of the Ukraine. The Ukraine will be shooting them from one side and the Russian military will be shooting them from the other side should they decide they don't want to be canon fodder.

  27. Um, sir. A million conscripts isn't exactly a lot these days. Ukraine has already killed or wounded almost 50,000 in six months.

  28. At that rate, it's just a quick 10 more years and they'll be through 1 million.

  29. very true, but McConnell did say America “paid for the sin of slavery” by electing Obama, which is pretty close to saying there isn’t racism anymore

  30. No, that's pretty close to saying there isn't systemic racism anymore

  31. I could be misinterpreting it, I don’t think McConnell was saying systemic racism existed in the US until 2008 when Obama was elected. It comes off more as a “we can’t be racist, we have a black friend/president” type ordeal

  32. Seems more like "our country as a whole can't be racist" rather than what the original comment stated "there simply is no racism in America."

  33. How is this a speechless way of hitting a car, seems like the most logical way a car could be hit when pulling out of a parking space.

  34. Looks like 3/4 of a travel version of a French press coffee maker, missing the innards: you have a container to keep ground coffee in, a cup and the carafe, but not the plunger.

  35. Isn't the thick green lid that is nearly the depth of the container for the coffee grounds also the plunger?

  36. Why do some articles flagged as analysis/opinion have closed comment sections and others still have open comments?

  37. Saves money to buy house. Housing prices skyrocket. Keeps saving money. Inflation cause value of money to decrease. I can't save any faster!

  38. Home prices are increasing too, despite the decrease in sales

  39. Aren’t those numbers just as private as the registration number? Shouldn’t they all be censored out?

  40. They are all publicly displayed, so there is no legal expectation of privacy. It would be courteous to censor them though and reddit might have rules against posting identifying information, not too sure.

  41. Sorry, when did I get too close to the vehicle I intended to overtake? Do you mean that bit where the vehicle I intended to overtake pulled out in front of me to block me?

  42. What makes you think I didn't know how many cars were in front of me? I could see clearly what was in front of me in the bend before the straight, and I'd been following this line of traffic for about 5 miles at this point, so I knew very well what its makeup was.

  43. Why did you imply that you weren't planning on passing multiple cars?

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