1. I’m not familiar with firearms, but a quick google gave the weight of a 81mm mortar round as 4.5kg with a muzzle velocity of 225m/s. A similar looking 81mm mortar had a weight of 35kg.

  2. It's not shooting straight up though

  3. I go back, I mean way back, to the early Sega days playing Mutant League Football. One of the teams was the

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutant_Football_League

  5. True Strike has a range of 30ft. For larger dragons you couldn't cast it at the head from the tail.

  6. Does people from border regions go and buy from other countries ? Would it be cheaper to do so ?

  7. I'm a few days in, and I found that just going on a walk at the worst of it helps. Keeps me busy, lets me think about whatever, and the context switch acts as something of a soft reset to the craving.

  8. The worst rules fuckery they did was keep J Craw tweets bookmarked

  9. Well you see, the word "target" may appear in 15 places, but it has 16 meanings so its ok.

  10. Cool. Do you also clip neat articles from the newspaper too?

  11. I took me way too long to get it. But I'm also someone who didn't grow up with this:

  12. Skwovet used Mud-Slap. It's super effective. Ekans has fainted.

  13. Because “Q” represents a different sound in English, French, ultimately Latin on one side and must always be followed by a “U” (except in loan words from Chinese, Arabic, etc) where it’s read as a simple “K” and Arabic on the other side where it’s very different from “K” and does not have a good approximation. So in rendering Qatar, it requires English speakers to give up on the habit, while still not approximating the endonym.

  14. Even then, Katar is a better estimation of the name than Quatar. Quatar is closer to Kuwait.

  15. I'm American and I'm convinced people say they love Nascar but just tailgate the races and get too drunk to know what's happening.

  16. Just make sure you don't blink

  17. There are actually humans with

  18. Also, zorses. Horses and zebras have wildly different counts, and yet we can get zorses.

  19. I've gotten over it by realizing I can land a job on short notice. (<2 months, short enough to fit into layoff windows). That happens by applying to places once in a while, both to keep sharp, and also to see the kind of compensation you could have elsewhere.

  20. The recently completed MYRIAD study, looking at the impact of mindfulness training in schools, found that the introduction mindfulness training into schools didn't generate discernable improvements in student mental health or sense of wellbeing. The content introduced to schools was based on mindfulness programmes that included meditation. While some students reviewed it favourably, there was significant negative feedback. Evidence suggested that most students didn't engage with the course and 80% failed to complete the assigned practices.

  21. 6th grade test question was something like "What's the name of the star nearest to us?"

  22. Ha, I had an exam where the question was "what's the maximum perimeter for a closed shape of area 20"

  23. NVM I see it now. Polygon with infinite sides

  24. Yep, very thin very long rectangle. The thinner it is, the longer it gets.

  25. Yeah, Exeggcute and possibly Exeggutor are the only safe options considering the others are all poison types.

  26. Yeah, a psychic type is for sure safer /s

  27. Ever had a crunchy cinnamon roll? Or worse, one with nuts? There are bad cinnamon rolls.

  28. It's easy to see the people who have done on their CV's too.

  29. "Did he just learn a very expensive lesson? Let us fire him!" ~ some bosses, apparently

  30. You believe they read 1370 comments a day, every day for a year while holding down a job? That’s almost a comment a minute, 24 hours a day for 365 days.

  31. Yeah had a big gym routine where weed was involved. I really struggle going when I’m trying to sober it. It depresses me. But I’m finding other ways to get exercise in

  32. I have this problem. Exercising is cripplingly boring if I'm not high, and neither podcasts nor watching stuff has helped

  33. But with the 9k a second you'll still be able to take advantage of compounding. After a year you'd have 283 billion, vs 990 billion from cash now and 10% returns compounded annually. After 5 years the 9k every second pulls ahead at 1.7 trillion vs 1.4 trillion. After 20 years it's 16 v 6 trillion. Obscene amounts of money either way though

  34. The average stock market return is 10% per year, for you to hit 31.4% with 900b on it you'd need to be either incredibly lucky or doing some shady business

  35. You have 900b, you didn't get to 900b without shady business

  36. Wait, I'm confused. Aren't Harry and Ginny's kids technically Potters and not Weasleys?

  37. Technically, but Harry married into the family, not Ginny. I don't think they hang with the Dursleys all that much.

  38. The beauty is the fact that each fraction always keep the same aspect ratio (1:√2). That doesn't happen with US Letter paper size for example. If you cut/fold a Letter paper in half, it now has a completely different aspect ratio.

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