1. Is it just me or does that fellow have the boniest knees that I have ever seen? 🤔

  2. It is not just you. Grandpa was a noted beanpole his entire life. I don’t think he had a joint that wasn’t knobby.

  3. You know… I live in the middle of nowhere. Nearest sushi place is an 1 1/2 drive. I’d get desperate enough to buy it.

  4. She is dignity, she is grace, she say hello to the ground with her face 😂❤️

  5. She ran head first into the sliding glass door this evening. A foot to the left of where it was open. Thank god for their boulder skulls cause she has precious little inside of it.

  6. I laughed at this so hard I woke my own hippo up. I hope she’s alright, and yes, they are absolute weirdos 😂

  7. She’s fine. Thank goodness. I checked obsessively and then soothed with some liverwurst.

  8. She’s a beauty, but $10 for what part?

  9. $10 for the dog. My local shelter has doesn’t charge much when there’s over crowding. And we’re in central colorado in a area that was control burned a few years ago. That’s why it has such a unique look.

  10. Wow, that’s incredibly enlightened of that shelter!

  11. It’s definitely a possibility. Our city pool was built by the CCC and I know there were other active projects in the area.

  12. I am also wondering if there’s a little hound in her! She loves to flush out small animals from the woods and will do the point thing with her paw.

  13. Yeah. Most pits love the chase only. Never had met one that pointed. Did meet a cattle dog that pointed once thou.

  14. Is there any particular reason they decided to build this in what looked like (at the time) the middle of a swamp?

  15. All of DC was once a swamp. I would assume this was just the edge of it 1922.

  16. It was only the parts near the Potomac that were marshy. The rest of the District was fairly normal. There are even some hills in DC.

  17. Lol. I have never once worried about that. If I know were going to the groomers we go to the beach, I might let her roll in something gross etc. dogs are supposed to be dirty. A groomer can tell if a dog is well taken care of in other ways, well clipped nails, healthy fur (not necessarily clean), good weight, good muscles. They see much worse than a dog who had a fun day.

  18. At the end of the day we can’t save them all. We just can’t, and accidents happen, they just do. With dogs, with children, with life. But what matters was that in whatever time you had with that dog you did your best and it mattered. I promise it did.

  19. Pitty/Boxer mix, I would be surprised if she has a high content of anything else. An Embark test could tell you what kind and percentage

  20. I agree with the boxer. Boxer and American pitbulls share common ancestors so i could see the face staying pitty but getting that longer frankly gorgeous athletic build. Really a beautiful dog all around.

  21. she has gorgeous eyes. i got my first dog for $25… couple thousand dollars later we’re diagnosing a neurological issue. 🤪 gotta love em..

  22. Same $10 at the city pound. Anti anxiety meds, food allergies and many vet bills later…

  23. That was quick! Mine lays there and ignores me until I give "the ultimatum" -- go out or go to bed ( he has to go to bed / the crate when we all leave the house). Then he leisurely gets out of my bed to stroll to the door to go out.

  24. I've only been to LA once, but that state park was so beautiful it was seriously one of the highlights of the trip.

  25. It’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s one of the few non ocean natural bodies of water to swim in in SoCal too. I grew up there and it’s a cool spot. My best friend and I and all my cousins and a bunch of us we’re pretty freaked out when we found out how often we were there during the activity and how the sheriffs and LAPD pretty much covered it up.

  26. Oh he’s guilty alright but with those eyes good luck getting a conviction.

  27. No worries, always more driving, she comes to work with me all the time, tomorrow we’ll see how it does in snow over the pass to the lake to go skating and Monday we’re taking it for a spin in Moab to test it out off road. Plenty of time to let the wind flap the velvet tortilla chips she calls ears. (Also I’m a girl)

  28. They are pretty rare in the midwest! But I wanted to clarify what’s probably obvious to say that in some locations, labs are very common. In the Upstate New York town I grew up in (by a lake), there were tons of pure labs and lab/golden retriever mixes. Interestingly, my family adopted a “Golden Retriever (pure) x Black Lab (mix)” puppy that ended up being Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Newfoundland! Pretty unusual for the US as a whole, but not for that area.

  29. Makes sense. I was more referring to shelters labeling obvious pitbull mixes lab mixes to get them adopted.

  30. Yeah, I understand that they just want to get the dogs adopted out and not have them sit there forever.

  31. Also I just looked at your profile! You have a Carolina Dog! That’s so cool. I’ve read about them, such a unique breed. I’ve always wanted to meet one!

  32. In my town if you rip up old carpet in a lot of the Victorians you find radiator holes in the old wood floor covered with tin can lids.

  33. Agreed, I was referring to purely cosmetic surgical alteration. Happy tail can be insane. One of my greyhounds had a tiny cut on the end of his tail, our living room looked like a crime scene in Dexter.

  34. Omg. I know right?? That and ripped nails from my diggers. I come home and I’m about to dial 911 before the culprit in question comes bounding up wiggly like they didn’t just make it look like a slasher movie.

  35. That is starting to change, the AKC has dropped the requirement, and a majority of veterinarians will no longer perform the surgery or dock tails for that matter.

  36. Though I will say there is a medical reason for docking tails later in life. I know some vets recommended it if your dog breaks their tail. I had a couple fosters with happy tail and it was pretty awful. No matter how many corners I put pool noodles on they seemed to break them or get the ends of the tail bloody. Why some of my foster pitbulls had the issue and some didn’t I could never figure out.

  37. I hate to break it to you but Lena got there first. I propose a race next summer. How many 14ers can you get your pitbull to pee on?

  38. Oh a question i can answer! I was once a broke ski bum in Colorado. Electric blankets are where it’s at. Tips are better in New Orleans for the record.

  39. Desert hot springs is it that bad?😭 Ik ppl there

  40. oh boy yes the people I know are white trash but they are good people 😭🤣 but not white trash like maga type just they come from that kinda bloodline

  41. I really wish some of my family hadn’t gone that way. It makes me so sad. Alot of them are still awesome and kind but a few of them I just had to cut them out. But yeah. Nothing better then a story that starts with “this one time me and my cousins…”

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