I successfully had 4 brain tumors removed a few days ago

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  1. Fantastic! Have you noticed any changes after the tumors were removed? Mood, personality, energy, etc

  2. And also under-diagnosed disorders like ADHD. (Source: diagnosed at 40, and wow, everything makes so much more sense now 😭).

  3. I was diagnosed at 33 and once we got the medication figured out things have been so much better

  4. Same here. I was lucky and first med I tried worked like a charm. Not an exaggeration to say it seriously changed my life.

  5. Yeah! That realization that I struggled for decades of my life I and didn't have to was hard to get over, but better late than never

  6. Maybe there's a wall in the middle and it's a chimney for two fireplaces on separate rooms?

  7. The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

  8. We used to get eggs from the Amish when I lived in Pennsylvania and those eggs were always all different stages of incubated lol

  9. I’ll be the pervert here and go ahead and say it I’d taste smell and play with my pussy all fucking day. I’d be using anything that vibrates and probably huge cucumbers. I’d lick up every drop of my juice and if possible lesbian sex ofc. I can’t be the only one like this right?

  10. Thank you for your honesty. I'm like the diet version of your plan 😂

  11. Build your next computer so you get the satisfaction of tinkering. It won't work unless you get hands on inside it, and the itch is scratched when it's up and running

  12. Kid's just walking 12 miles home from his 7-7 shift at the cannery and sees a fucking moving picture

  13. Beautiful work! How did you choose to fill in the gaps on the slab?

  14. I’ve long wondered if empathy may have some sort of genetic component. I cannot wrap my head around conservatives. They would rather let people die because they can’t afford insulin of food than pay a few extra bucks in taxes, if it’s even about the money.

  15. I'm libertarian and my wife is more socialist-leaning. We both want the same things for our country, we just have different views on how that can be achieved.

  16. Not trying to shit on firemen because I'll never understand how difficult their job is, but the lack of urgency here seems like the second house catching fire could have been avoided

  17. There was a dude at my school like this and everyone called him "Cum Stain". Poor guy

  18. He's gonna tie you to the radiator and boom you in the mouth!

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