1. I put the syllabi to some political philosophy intro courses I took in undergrad

  2. The settler-native relationship is one of entire populations, not individuals or groups. The whole of the settler class imposes authority over the native class by nature of being a settler in an occupied land regardless of their personal involvement in force. The settler overfunds security in the occupied space to separate natives from settlers and imposes their will through militarization of the occupied space, using brute force above what might be considered "necessary".

  3. I thought at first that it was asking for a sex video, like asking someone to send him a video of them doing some sex act. But then I thought, why would he need the video if he's at the same club as this girl (I'll hold your bag, got your back till the end of the night)

  4. I never thought he would be in a club! Because my English is not good, many times I can only understand the lyrics literally (or rely on a translator to understand them). If it wasn't for your answer I wouldn't have thought the lyrics "you've got your friends on your left and your right" could be associated with a dance scene!!

  5. Yeah for sure! The atmosphere of the song and the upbeat disco/funk vibes makes me think of dance clubs because that's what most disco/funk songs were written for. The song is also exclusively happening at night (he says night in like, half the lines lol) so that combined with the line "I'll hold your bag, got your back till the end of the night" also made me think club. Like, where else do you go at night that you can't hold your own purse to do? Dance Club? (clearly thought about this for waaay too long lol)

  6. 100% agree, the first time I listened to Djo I was cheesed with it's resemblance to Currents. He was a part of Post Animal before his solo stuff and his work with them really gives Innerspeaker vibes.

  7. There's only two albums and Decide is really short (~30 mins) so you should just listen to both!

  8. Queer Twitter is all about taking the experiences of a vocal minority and projecting their feelings onto everyone, made worse because they're all interacting with each other and affirming each other's limited worldview.

  9. The distate for masculine preferences in wlw spaces is also confusing because it's like, why am I less valid for being attracted to masculinity on men but not on women?

  10. I think a better reimagining of the machine is to think of it as being laid down and hooked up to a 24/7 heroin IV. This provides the most amount of felt happiness possible and I think clarifies some of the confusion here.

  11. Math & physical sciences function by stacking ideas on top of one another, where a new idea will refer to an older idea but it either subsumes that idea into itself or corrects that idea. Although it may be helpful to know the history behind a certain concept it is not necessary to understand the concept itself.

  12. Definitely not cherry eyes, cherry eyes are the size/shape of beans and protrude from the eyes so this is just movement of the 3rd eyelid. Probably an eye infection, hopefully you're all set with treatment fro the vet!

  13. She's such a cutie! I hope she stays well 💙

  14. This is just me and my fiance lol I wish you luck!

  15. There is an ongoing debate in ancient philosophy circles on how and when we can and should separate Socrates from Plato which has to be interdisciplinary in method. We know historically that Socrates existed (i.e. he is not simply a mouthpiece for Plato), and that he was a vagrant philosophizing around Athens, but the man in the dialogues is fairly different than the Socrates in works by Plato's contemporaries. A side-by-side examination of Plato's Apology and Xenophon'sThe Apology of Socrates to the Jury exemplifies this; both depict Socrates’ last defense in the trial that led to his death but differ in their recounting of what Socrates says. Xenophon writes as a historian and so his account is regarded as more truthful and it lacks most of the philosophical points that are present in Plato’s retelling. In fact, the entirety of Xenophon’s Apology can fit with just a section of Socrates’ Speech in Plato’s.Chronologically, The Republic is one of Plato’s last works and reflects the shift from documenting Socratic dialogues to using this model to state his own theories. I doubt much, if any, of what Plato lays out in the work came from Socrates. Much of the encounters in The Republic are doubtful to have ever actually happened, according to the historical records which makes the Socratic basis of Plato’s Utopia very unlikely. To my knowledge, there is little known about what Socrates thought about political structure except that he was against basing things on religion.

  16. Annotation: Sorry for the terrible formatting of the above, Reddit does not like copy and paste.

  17. I can't believe it's been one when year for this big man!!

  18. I know me neither! 🥲 How’s our Miss Marggie doing?? 💕

  19. She's doing okay!! Mad that it's starting to get cold 😅

  20. Ye mine's thang be thanging frfr

  21. Fool would be a fun music video because in my dreams its based off

  22. I find that learning about the historical situation that brings a school of thought makes a big difference, and At The Existentialist Cafe by is an excellent read for background information on how the main players of existentialism came into themselves.

  23. It depends on the book and how much each chapter relies on the past, but something that I like to do is read the introduction-chapter 2 and then skip around the book to chapters that most interest me/are most important to what I'm studying. Hegel's Phenomenology touches upon so many different factors (politics, history, metaphysics, ethics, current events, etc) that not all the chapters need to be read in order for you to get what you want/need out of it.

  24. Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism by Frederic Jameson gives an incredibly in-depth historical/critical approach to post-modern movements throughout western culture. He considers all aspects of culture (video, audio, art, architecture, fiction, philosophy, etc) and it's dense but I find it generally understandable and a good retrospective.

  25. Hi, thank you so much for writing out such a detailed answer!

  26. Todd Gitlin's "Media Unlimited: How The torrent of Images And Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives" is a good read that dissects exactly that, might be of interest!

  27. Philosophy goes back to the beginning of civilization so like you said it is near impossible to read everything and is not important if you're reading one thinker. I'm not going to lie, reading through important works chronologically definitely enhanced my understanding of more contemporary stuff; but that also took the entirety of undergrad.

  28. Literal slander oh my god. Purin is tied for first with Cinnamaroll, btfo Keroppi. Puppy supremacy.

  29. What helped me finally grasp the entirety of Marx was reading him chronologically. Marx is, by the time of writing Capital, a scientific economic critic but he begins the road there from a more humanist approach and this is easier to grasp than much of Capital.

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