2. Trust me the refs are not the reason ya'll lost this game. Might want to take a look at the dude asking for a super max with 8 turnovers.

  3. Helps when some of his TOS were because of ref calls/lack of a call. See his Offensive foul that was a touch foul and all his TOs that weren’t called that were touch fouls

  4. You are huffing some major copium. He played like absolute dogshit. Those weren't fouls. He was weak tonight. With Tatum being injured that was his chance to step up and show he can be the guy. He can't be the guy.

  5. Vegas is the luckiest team ever I swear!! CANT BE LUCKY FOREVER!!!

  6. 14 blocked shots isn't lucky. That's hustle.

  7. If Puli has been shit than I want Kai, Sterling, Gallagher, RLC, Wofana, Mudyrk, Ziyech, Mendy, and Koulibaly shit talked in the exact same way Puli is. Because all of those players, less Mendy, have seen the pitch far more than Puli over the last 5 months and not a single one of them has made any meaningful contribution to the team in that time.

  8. Lol seriously this is your main argument? Firstly kai is shit we all know that but he's not pulisic shit. Gallaghers underlying metrics are alright, we can sell him or keep him as a squad player (not u comparing a mf to a attacker), RLC is literally leaving lol, Fofana has been largely decent, even his underlying metrics insinuate this (comparing a defender to a attacker, logic where?🤣) , Ziyech is leaving, Mendy is leaving, KK is shit we all know that too but we didn't expect him to be this bad so it's basically an anomaly. Mudryk (first season is grace period for any signing, also barely played many mins prior to signing for us as they were in their off season, barely played this season as well, new language, environment etc) what does Pulisic have? New language, new environment, new country? Lol he's been here for ages.

  9. Do you really want to play the underlying metrics game?

  10. I cannot for the life of me understand how Havertz keeps getting playing time. He is WOEFUL. He does nothing to contribute to this team. When was his last goal scored? If you had to stop and think for that question it's because it was a penalty taken against Everton on March 18th. It's been over 2 full months since his last goal and he is still in the starting XI. Holy fuck.

  11. Who was the one who said that? I remember hearing that as well but can't remember where it came from.

  12. What a shootout. You know that sudden death situations are the worst for both sets of fans. The hope will be futile, but I really hope Dabo doesn't face a barrage of racist abuse online after this.

  13. What's so weird about their grounds?

  14. It's small, old as heck, and probably will have a hard time accommodating an EPL season.

  15. Imagine living in one of those homes that shares a wall with the stadium LOL. City comes to visit and Haaland scores 4 goals and all you feel is your floor shaking and dishes falling

  16. Bet they’re regretting wasting an invite on him now

  17. Who else would they have invited that would have gotten more views on the tournament? The answer is nobody. It's all about money and views. They are very happy they invited him.

  18. Haha don’t think they will be after that performance. They hoped for another miracle week, what they got was a reality check

  19. You clearly know nothing about marketing or impressions when it comes to social media or TV. They got exactly what they wanted. He's in dead last place, will never make the cut, and they are grinning ear to ear. How many people tuned in today just to watch him? How many people might have bought an ESPN+ package to watch his featured group. These are multi billion dollar companies making these decisions. Trust me, they know more than you when it comes to who to invite and who not to invite.

  20. He just caught a good side of variance and the long term winnings should be according to his hand equity. He needs to stay at the table to reduce variance and create more realistic P/L curve. Similar idea to running multiple times.

  21. I think I found the dumbest thing on Reddit for the day guys.

  22. PK Subban can fuck right off

  23. He ain't wrong though. They quit. The only 'tough' plays from this game so far have resulted in a game misconduct and a 4 minute double minor for cross checking and roughing.

  24. Not sure why people think the field is soft. Way more women pros are going to attend even though its below their buy in level because they want to support the event. Also because there are very few women in poker those that remain tend to self select for those who really like the game / take it seriously. I guarantee the average $500 women's event is leagues tougher than open field. Let's stop saying the fields are soft because it's not only untrue but also sexist.

  25. S4Y had women on their podcast after the hard rock incident. They all agreed that ladies events are tougher because there are not as many lady fish that go to the casino to play even if it’s an all ladies event.

  26. Who was complaining about the Canes getting all the puck luck this game earlier in the 2nd... The Canes have hit the post 3 times now and the Panthers goal is a deflection off a defenders stick...

  27. I really just want a striker at chelsea next year. I mean a real 9.

  28. https://www.espn.com/soccer/story/_/id/37698980/chelsea-make-80m-offer-juventus-striker-vlahovic-sources

  29. When was the last time Havertz did something to contribute to the game? I don't get it. He does nothing week in and week out.

  30. That will be increasing shortly...

  31. He is a pro. He just is a teaching pro not a PGA tour pro. He is allowed to accept money.

  32. Lost in the transfer portal era is the reality that transferring can be a major pain in the ass from an academic standpoint.

  33. This exact thing happened to Nojel Eastern when he wanted to go from Purdue to Michigan. UM is a great academic school. They don't just accept random credits.

  34. Which is dumb. Teammates fight all the time. Can’t tell you how many fights my college teams had

  35. Where one dude gets knocked out cold and the organization is more angry that the video leaked than at the dude who physically assaulted someone? JP feels like everyone jumped to save dray and sweep this under the rug. I would be pissed if I was Poole too. There is clearly a wrong actor here and they were not adequately dealt with

  36. Yeah it's kinda cool that it puts some pressure on you to not suck during the fight. I tried to avoid mechanics and killed it second time without any legendaries. It's very doable.

  37. The issue is beating her is 20% skill and 80% luck. I can’t control if my instance had a bunch of fresh 20s with blue gear on. I even saw a couple with grey gear on. Or 2 level 17s that strolled into the area. Skill isn’t the driving factor on whether people succeed or fail at this. It’s who’s on your team. I failed my first try and second try happened to get a ton of rogues and geared our sorcs. I had all rare and 4 leggos when I did it too. I can’t do it all myself.

  38. No but more importantly he won round two of the good good cup

  39. Where are people getting their info from? Aren't we still under a media NDA?

  40. Ziyech and Kova played because they're going to be sold.

  41. What about puli then? He hasn’t seen the pitch in a month and he’s clearly out too

  42. Challenge that! Wtf it was all ball!

  43. Dude did you watch the same replay we did? He raked his arm.

  44. Dude he literally wacked his arm lol

  45. For as dominant as tayson has been online he doesn’t have any lan placements like you said. That’s a large strike against him being the goat. I think Bugha should be 1 then Epik then tayson. You can’t be 1 without ever proving it on lan.

  46. I’m sure there will be like a 2 mil buyout or something

  47. 2 million is like 2 sessions at 500/1000. That’s only 2,000 BBs. That’s nothing. Especially if airball buys in with 500BBs like he did against Berkey.

  48. Right. So if Airball buys in with 500bbs and Gman buys in with 500bbs then you could see a 1,000bb pot in the first 5 minutes. It is not unimaginable that 2,000bbs could switch hands in like 3 hours. Gman wouldn't accept a 2 mil buyout. That's way too small. Maybe a 5 million buyout.

  49. Right because airball totally didn’t straight flush over royal him for like 100k earlier in the match. Berkey just had it every hand. What luck am I right?

  50. Yeh I thought I picked up on Chin suddenly being absent. I was feeling like he was uncomfortable with Berkey going hard on certain topics thst he didn't agree with - mainlybinitially the whole Robbie/Cheating drama..

  51. Where has Melissa been too? Haven’t seen her in forever on the pod. She even wasn’t there for the women in poker pod yesterday about the hard rock situation

  52. EG has been looking more and more impressive ever since they swapped in their open-tryouts-find and SEN hasn't really looked inspiring since the first week Marved came back. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see EG make a push for playoffs with the form they're in right now

  53. Who was their open tryouts add?

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