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The process of taking a painful L

  1. It sounds like you're just dehydrated lol. Drink some water, eat some food and sleep, you'll be fine

  2. Yep, I got mine in the mail as well along with the wrist band

  3. Trail mix is delicious, I tried a few different flavored mixes and it was great tasting each individual ingredient in it

  4. This doesn’t look like contam to me at all, if it is, it’s probably wet rot which smells terrible, if your jar smells like mycelium I’d go ahead and S2B still, and just monitor the tub closely. Good luck

  5. Is it okay if I give her cat treats as her food? Or should I just give her plain cat food, I’m so sorry I’m a student so I don’t have too much money on me…

  6. Cook some unseasoned eggs and/or chicken for her

  7. Who the hell has granite kitchen tables?

  8. Why no foil? I've heard it's fine if you only use it once

  9. It probably will be fine if you only use it once, but no point in trying when an apple is generally just as available.

  10. Melted chocolate doesn’t need to be that hot so it generally won’t affect potency if you don’t overheat your chocolate

  11. I've never combined the two, but one of my friends claims that weed kills your trip. So if you start panicking or don't like the effects, smoke a little and it should go away, or at least mellow you out

  12. Speaking from experience, I took a couple second hit of a cart while peaking on 2 and a half tabs, my tolerance with weed was also ridiculously high at this. The hit of this cart literally felt like DMT, the effects so quickly got more intense until I felt like I was in the same place I was while on DMT. Almost spiraled into a bad trip as well, so it’s definitely not any sort of trip killer.

  13. You probably had no more than a gram of protein, unless you're speaking to god right now

  14. Yes, if there is no mold growing on it

  15. Bro this is really fucking bad trich is just the new contamination that has joined the pool of nopes in this ...if you have been breathing this I hope your dont get sick .now please throw this away an pray its not growing all typs of molds in your home.

  16. Sorry, am I missing something? What else do you see that looks like contam?

  17. It's not trich. It looks like your misting your fruits. Everything is turning to mush.

  18. I just soaked the tub yesterday so there are a lot of old pins in there I never bothered picking. The green in the corner came up pretty easy on a swab

  19. I gave them a good soak right after this for the next flush

  20. Give them another day or two. Genetics play a big role in how big they'll get, expect the fruits from your next flushes to get bigger especially if this is your first flush.

  21. Was. You might have to nuke this one now

  22. I assume it’s your only option but just use the appropriate sub and keep your humidity sustained more becuase cubes are more forgiving and tolerant. If you’re growing Kings then you can keep the co2 higher if you want fat stems.

  23. Perfect, thanks for the advice! It's just what I available right now so I'd like to take a shot at it

  24. How big is that tub? Is that parchment paper your using on the sides? The look really good

  25. 6 qt sterilite tub, and its just a small white trash bag from the dollar store

  26. Thanks! Yes, these both came from MSS.

  27. Just let them be, it'll grow, I think introducing new culture would probably greatly increase risk for contam as well

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