1. Trauma can be healed and treated only when it's not suppressed by addictions and bad habits

  2. This reply was so perfectly put it brought tears to my eyes. I feel inner peace and restfulness, mixed with emotions of wisdom and compassion. I thank you for finally giving me some kind of hope in this fucked up nation, and jumuaa mubaraka to u too.

  3. If u have telegram check its size, that mf downloads every video, image or file that's sent to u, even in groupchats.

  4. I lost passion for it kinda but its @edon_gfx

  5. One thing i haven't seen many printing buisnesses do is print other areas of the tshirt like the sleeves or the neck. I think if u style it well it would look really special and perhaps do good in sells. Goodluck!

  6. Paragliding in seraidi and go for a quad ride with Capfun club, visit El Montazah hotel in seraidi they have an incredible view there too

  7. Seraidi is incredible i love it idk about paragliding as unfortunately im leaving soon but 100% im coming back.

  8. It’s not safe. It may look like it but that’s where the danger is. You get robbed before you realize it , so keep your bag close to you, and make sure to always hold your phone tightly. Have fun 💘

  9. Backwards logic, if they hear that if they suicide they will go to hell they will feel more worthless, they will feel no one cares about them, and that will make the situation worse not better, and even if they don't suicide they will try self harm, which is a rabbit hole no one should go down.

  10. Suicide rate is highest amongst people with no religious affiliation. Contradicting the argument ur making.

  11. Have a problem of waking up everyday pls find a solution

  12. I meant waking up alive but that's a good problem as well

  13. Wallah worst advice ever don't listen to him x)

  14. Lowkey if i were you i'd open like a fiver account and just start doing people's homeworks and assignments for a couple of dollars. You still gotta find something you'll enjoy doing tho.

  15. Nah this one is crazy 😭

  16. The online aspect is very hard. We had an idea once to make an application for bac students to study online, with very known and high profile teachers in the area, but it was quickly shutdown. There are many reasons, first an algerian parent would never trust some online people to tutor and teach their children especially for an important exam like bac. Also i spoke to a jury in some startup competition and they claim all online teaching startups and buisnesses are rare to succeed. But i have friends that started working with some schools that do "les cours" at a young age, you just have to display you abilities and knowledge. I think you have a better chance for a school like these ones rather starting an online buisness.

  17. Yo I think if u reply within 24 hours u might have a chance of her paying you back

  18. Which section ? Against arabs? or against berber?

  19. Made a project using django and now im learning Pentesting.. kinda all over the place 😬

  20. Oh my bad when i say you or use this term i don't necessarily speak about u or anything its just a manner of talking for me.

  21. dw i know all about ابن كثير قرطبي طبري سعدي بغوي جلاليين

  22. Of course it is, i would assume that you didn't look deep into one side so that's good, and seeing that none of these people had answers for you i guess it's fair to say i won't either.

  23. Commerce is the best way to get rich here.

  24. It's actually easier here! Ppl aren't that open or willing to put on the necessary work, I agree there isn't lots of opportunities , but once you have the right idea you can build it , the supervision here is very low

  25. Exactly, and if you actually have a really good product and do the right marketing people will bite into it like crazy. Many people i know started from nothing and now they run like a whole clothing line.

  26. It is a tough spot to be in and it must be hard. Have you noticed if she had lost the passion for her usual activities? Like does she seem more depressed in general?

  27. No not really.. she just seems not that into me anymore. I mean she still wants to spend time with me, but she doesn’t seem like she cares if what she says hurt me.. and when i try bringing it up, she gets mad at me for being upset haha

  28. At this point might as well end it. As hurtful as its gonna be but both of u are wasting ur time. She doesn't have to be the one you're still young and will have many more chances and experiences in the future

  29. It's your body, you should never feel pressured to do anything.

  30. I was talking to a butcher the other day about these prices, he says the lack of chickens and farm animals is what's causing it. It might also be the same reason for the high prices of sheep before Eid.

  31. Hello there. I am a junior web developer and have worked on a couple of projects. I'd love to know more about this website of yours. Let me know if you wanna see my work or anything.

  32. That looks really good! Keep us updated bro :)

  33. All of Beerbongs n bentleys but especially Paranoid and Stay they were too good man.

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