1. That looks really good! Keep us updated bro :)

  2. All of Beerbongs n bentleys but especially Paranoid and Stay they were too good man.

  3. I often use this comment/question method. I either comment about an event that's happening or compliment what they're wearing and then ask a question about the event or the person, if they're new around, where they're from.. and then the conversation starts. But the thing is u gotta put urself out there, talk to more people and experience awkward and cringe situations and learn how to get out of those. And finally just be yourself.

  4. Yes but u cannot spend the money

  5. What if you "pay with paypal" on websites?

  6. No you can't. U can transfer or receive money from people but whenever u try to pay for something it asks u to add a credit card.

  7. Never forget ur religion man if you are consistent with it you will find that every other aspect of ur life is well organised. Also working out is very essential.

  8. 28f, everyone I’ve dated was a friend of a friend and we met while out in group settings. None of them lasted long. My standards are kinda high too. I hate the idea of settling. Flings are ok but if you looking for long term, just flings is boring and a waste of mental energy. I’m just making polite conversation, I’m curious, what’s your top 5 on your list? Mine are: no smokers, no gamers, no gamblers, treat people just doing their job with respect, and must live/want child free lifestyle.

  9. Tbh i don't have a list, I'm just looking for someone that got their shit together and got principles, and obviously someone i can laugh and vibe with. And as u said flings isn't my thing i know im young but i don't wanna waste my time doing that.

  10. I didn't date until I was 23. I had high standards, too. Now, that's not to say I didn't try to date, I just knew to pull the plug as early as possible. I got rejected twice (both wound up being blessings in the long run) and I politely declined dates often. I just knew what wouldn't work. Time is an investment.

  11. Well said man. Wish u and ur wife a happy life.

  12. Go to discord servers and speak english in voice chats it really helps

  13. could've been better if u said NonceStar123 but still nice meme

  14. that's not african but Nice ! great meme

  15. I'm north african and it's Not north african it's just arabic lol

  16. Never met her and unlikely to ever meet her? Why?

  17. yeh it's just bc she's waaayy too far away from me and i'm only a student so .. yeah

  18. What’s the point of it?

  19. yea that's what i'm wondering as well like is it really worth it to commit

  20. aight at least they're communicating and telling us about updates , waiting a couple of hours won't hurt would it

  21. height is a social construct

  22. it's just for comparing purposes

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  25. Jheeeeezz what a goal that was

  26. Dude this is Ricardo we're talking about

  27. Understandable have a great day

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