1. In S1, Dan and Serena were clearly the perfect couple. Over time, their relationship drastically faded apart. In my opinion, Serena should've ended up marrying Nate.

  2. Just curious as to why? She never cared for Nate the way he cared for her. The last half of their relationship was all lies and keeping stuff from him. I didn’t blame him when he got sick of her telling him to wait a little longer and she’d open up to him.

  3. Yup and it didn’t surprise me at all🙃although, she may not have known she was pregnant when she was sick. Could’ve just thought it was typical nausea.

  4. I don’t think we should police people’s affective expressions (and definitely not Black women’s affective expressions). We know enough now to know that doing that can feed back into patterns of ableism, racism, and sexism.

  5. Outing a 14 year old's pregnancy, or anyone's for that matter, is horrendous.

  6. Not when the person outing it was the one cheated on by them🗣️

  7. It's a terrible thing to do. Being cheated on doesn't justify that.

  8. You won’t change my mind🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. The first time I watched I thought Holly J and Katie would definitely end up being revealed as gay. Also Maya would make sense to me. Tbh anyone on this show could come out and I wouldn’t be too surprised 😁

  10. I lowkey wanted Holly J to be bi so we could see Folly J

  11. There is a cultural and historical tradition in the U.S. of private gun ownership, for self-defense, defense against government overreach, and sports such as hunting.

  12. I’m bi and Blair Waldorf is a smokeshow and ive always thought so🥵😌

  13. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🔥 especially when she does iconic stuff but Blake😍😍 would make potatoe sacks look hot

  14. Blake is not my type at all😬not to say she isn’t beautiful. But I definitely don’t have the hots for her.

  15. I agree to disagree with your disagreement.

  16. Wait she see’s William too? I’m on my first rewatch since watching the show years ago so don’t remember that ahah

  17. William was just using her to get in Lily’s good graces remember. He didn’t really want to be with Ivy.

  18. Why can't it be high school baby daddies too? Craig, Eli, KC, all technically impregnated women.

  19. Because there are already plenty of posts about those characters.

  20. Uhhh what? I had a stroke reading this.

  21. Beyoncé, Rihanna for her Super Bowl performance AND being pregnant🙄like no celebrity’s been pregnant before. Taylor Swift is amazing. It’s her hardcore fans that are annoying AF.

  22. Just plain scary that so many people are envious of a situation where a piece of shit takes advantage of a vulnerable virgin who is feeling left out with her friends, takes her virginity, gets her pregnant, and then INSULTS HER the next time he sees her to the point where she doesn't even want to tell him she is pregnant. And before anyone says that she didn't care because she said it was just a casual thing...if she didn't care, she wouldn't have asked him if she meant anything to him. People having one night stands don't give a shit if they mean anything to the other person since the other person doesn't mean anything to them.

  23. The choice to take her virginity was just as much her idea as his. Why are we lambasting Miles only?

  24. Honestly, maya and miles’ relationship was quite cute and heartwarming before they started fighting all the time. I remember them cuddling on the couch and miles telling her he loves her

  25. Thanks to Zig and Maya not being able to keep her nose out of his business. That pissed me off.

  26. I’m 23 first time watching the show on my own without older family members. I’m like almost finished with season 6. I don’t hate Darcy but I don’t like her either she makes really stupid decisions and is really judgmental.. also sidenote I was planning on watching one more season. Is the show worth it after season 7 ?

  27. Seasons 10, 11, and 12 are arguably some of the best seasons in a teen drama IMO. Especially 10. You won’t be disappointed to continue.

  28. Idk but it isn’t “Okay Karen” or “Okay Boomer” like people like to say these days.

  29. I wouldn't even consider it a relationship, he was just taking advantage of her since majority of the girls in his year knew he was on bs and wanted nothing to do with him. In that regard, it felt realistic, there's always that one creepy senior preying on freshman girls.

  30. It doesn’t excuse his actions because he was older, but she pursued him🙃

  31. I don’t remember how Juliet and Vanessa got together to start conspiring against Serena… but I remember Vanessa recruiting Jenny into their trio.

  32. The fact that Serena gets away with everything. Juliet had already been blackmailing her since the start of the season. Vanessa got in on it when Dan flocked to Serena once again.

  33. I think the implication is that she has ‘superior breeding’ because her family is white which is definitely racist

  34. That’s only your opinion though. There was no factual evidence behind that. Breeding and wealth is elitist.

  35. There is no proof of it being so. The word “wealth” is directly related to money, so we know she’s being elitist and classist. There is no proof whatsoever of her being racist to Vanessa at all. People THINK she means something that wasn’t explicitly said, but that doesn’t make it so.

  36. My main complaint was that it didn’t feel like a fictional sitcom anymore. The whole point is that it ISN’T real life. And the fact that it isn’t the only show that participated in it was doubly annoying. I watch TV shows to escape real life and the miserable news, not to get more of the same. The fact that c0v!d affected filming was crappy in and of itself because so much of that was completely unnecessary and we’re learning that now.

  37. holly j and fiona will always have my heart, i also really liked marco and paige, the early seasons foursome of emma manny jt and toby, and becky and imogen

  38. Folly J was my low key ship but they kept Holly J straight. Broke my heart a little bit😰

  39. I didn’t care for Season 8 very much. John C McGinley was was great, but we can do without the whole movement taking over our entertainment✋🏻

  40. Modern America is quite literally built on the shoulders of racism. They stole land from the Indigenous people who lived there for millenia, and then they used enslaved Africans to do their labour that made the money to build the cities. When they couldn't legally enslave them, they created laws that systemically prevented them from gaining wealth, property and opportunity.

  41. If you think people alive today that have nothing but love for all people regardless of face, should shoulder responsibility of their ancestors who are long dead, you need your head checked. We’re not trying to “wipe our hands” of anything. We’re just trying to live our lives in peace like everyone else. Damnit.

  42. Best introduction could be lots of characters... Probably Eli though. Also would say Peter, because 'IM GOING TO BE FAMOUS'.

  43. Honestly that whole “I’m going to be famous” line is overrated and it was annoying🥴

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