1. Well, the white crystals appear to be quartz, but you probably knew that already. As far as the blue material, I'm not sure. Do you have a hardness reading on the blue stuff?

  2. My parents were totally chill about it, and for the most part, thought it was ridiculous. However, many of my friends and fellow players were not so lucky. One friend's mom would frequently 'raid' his room, just like a prison sweep, making him stand outside of it and watch as she searched it for 'contraband'. This included all fantasy game paraphernalia. In fact, aside from The Bible and clothes, I am not even sure what else he was allowed to possess. The rub is, much to his mothers chagrin, he loved to play D&D. His family was also very wealthy, so he would order the books and have them sent to my house. He would photocopy them at the library, where I'd meet him, and read the photocopied material until his mom found and destroyed it, which would always eventually happen. Then he would have me meet him, like some kind of drug dealer, to get more copies. Strange how the Satanic Panic affected some people back then. His mom also flipped out when they brought Monty Python's The Life of Brian to our movie theatre. Thank God, his dad was cooler, and let him go see it with me. Anyway, have not seen my friend forever. I wonder how he turned out? lol

  3. Outer layer resembles fusion crust of meteorite. Sometimes a meteorite will fuse it's own "hotch-hiker" friend to it's backside during flight. Sort of a free ride for then but after landing and crust cools the hiker becomes one with its meteorite. But hitch-hiking meteorites are always like 5-10% size of main mass.

  4. or it could be concrete bunny ears from a garden decoration. But, hitch-hiking meteorite was defiantly a unique, and farthest reaching, guess I have seen. lol

  5. About 25 complete sets of three darts, and about 5 sets of pairs (good ones,too, and although I can never use them for much more than opening mail or picking my teeth, for some reason I just can't bear to let them go. LOL). I think I may even have one old wood (shaft?) and turkey feather jobber around here, also (but, only one).

  6. "in the wire go higher" is a house rule, but officially it's a zero

  7. So, if using the house rule, 'in the wire, go higher', if his dart were just a millimeter up, would it be considered a single bull (25)? Just curious.

  8. I knew someone once who used to take peanuts, shell them, and then take the 'skins' around the peanut itself, save a bunch, and roll them up in a paper and smoke it for a very mellow, low key sativa-like high. Also, there are things like JWH-18, and a bunch of others that were popular a few years ago, but are hard to come by now.

  9. Yay! I am excited to hear this. Wish it was all of EON, but this is good enough! Thank you Maiah!

  10. You smoke DMT and it lasts for 10 minutes. You smoke a joint and you're stoned for an hour+. I think we all know what the real hardcore substance is here

  11. It is not exactly all about the duration though. Never smoked a joint and had snakes come down from the ceiling and go through my head, with my eyes open, or talked to some kind of insectoid queen with telepathy as she showed me her emerald city, or....well, you get the picture. lol

  12. Of the 30+ trips I've had on salvia 1, maybe 2 were not absolutely terrifying. SMALL doses with intention and some meditation prior are the way to go. I've also heard chewing it is a gentler experience.

  13. You nailed it. That is Salvia, for sure. It is like DMT's mean little brother. lol

  14. Everyone is giving great advice but thought I'd throw in my two cents, as it gives me a chance to use my quantified experience on the subject. LOL

  15. And, failing all that, getting the largest jigsaw puzzle you can find (say, 200k pieces, minimum), darkening the room and then doing it by a single candlelight, while calling up close, but estranged family members, and ex partners to discuss emotionally charged and turbulent subject matter, is also quite fun, and challenging, although it may be hard to get the jigsaw pieces off your frying pans, in the morning. You've been warned! lol

  16. I second this and would add that watermelon tastes like magic lol

  17. So, my obvious question would then be, "But, what does magic taste like?" then I'm like, "Duh! Watermelon, of course!" Trying not to be too aware of the thing that is larger than the thing that is very likely larger than it, that is possibly behind it, is key! LOL What do all these seemingly random letters mean? It is like they are trying to communicate something to me, but what?

  18. If I remember correctly, it may also be a sign, in females, of higher functioning Autism, like Aspergers. It often goes undiagnosed, so you may wish to be screened for that, if you have not already. I think most people, when alone, talk to themselves, at times, just to hear a voice and not feel so alone. A very natural and reasonable reaction, if you think about it. Hope this helps.

  19. I remember when Mayor Vera Katz went on TV and asked anyone who could help come down to the waterfront. Hundreds of people showed up and in the next 24 hours, filled sand bags and constructed a plywood barrier along the waterfront. I remember being tired and sore but that feeling of strangers coming together for a greater good was truly amazing.

  20. I remember helping out, too. My work let us off to go assist. It was also the first time I remember learning what a 'bio-bag' was. They were those bags that look like they are full of pine-cones that you would stick on top of drain grates on the street so they wouldn't plug up.. Not sure why I remember that little detail, but I do. Hard to fathom that it was almost thirty years ago. Time flies!

  21. What is a theoretical calculation? A calculation that could theoretically be performed but which we cannot compute? That certainly would not prove anything.

  22. Wouldn't that be a positive thing, also? Since the AI did not evolve in the same way a biological lifeform does, might it not recognize violence as an end to a means? Who is to say it would even recognize us, as if it were living in another dimension? I doubt highly it would be as competetive as humans have come to be. Who is to say that if it is not given initial data to learn from (and here is where a problem could lie. Humans giving AI bad human morals) that the AI would do anything, at all? Would it not need a purpose to motivate? And if so, where does that purpose rise from? The machine may simply sit and do absolutely nothing.

  23. Interesting idea. Worth a try I suppose. As long as it doesn't harm or burn anything, besides possibly doing nothing, what harm can it cause? If you try it, please tell of your experience, either good or bad.

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