1. I 100% believe Reality Steve on the basis that I think he definitely has someone (possibly high up or super involved) inside production feeding him information over the past few years. Yes he's got things wrong in the past but I think his sources have changed. He has learnt from his mistakes, and now triple checks with multiple different sources before realising information as opposed to just releasing whatever he is told first. The way he collects information has changed. He probably started out by just interviewing relatives of contestants, low level staff, or anyone who would talk to him to make a name for himself. Where as now, over the last few years it seems like he knows more detail about every episode. There must be someone from production giving him this to increase viewers as it benefits both him and the show.

  2. Richmond is about the only one that needs updating.

  3. Carlton salary cap issues & scandals are even older (20+ years) then Richmond under achieving. This definitely also needs updating. If anything I've been impressed with the quality of their talent they've been able to keep on their list given the salary cap.

  4. If we were to update this my first thought would be to somehow connect port and Collingwood over the prison bar Guernsey's.

  5. Real spoonbowl will be North vs GWS in round 13. GWS are in for a very rough couple of years with the loss of hopper, Taranto, hill and even Bruhn (to a much lesser extent). Ward and Davis are nearing retirement and most of their young talent is extremely raw. GWS to get the spoon after north beat them by 10.

  6. All 3 will be bottom 4 tbh and just for a laugh add bombers or giants as the other team to round it out

  7. I've got the giants finishing with the spoon and west coast shooting up to 9-16th with a much more healthy list this season. They are not a bottom 4 side when they can actually field a team (unlike last season). With Hawks and north making a clear bottom 3.

  8. Carlton for me. All the building blocks there and dynasty teams often tend to have an underwhelming or disappointing season prior to going bananas on the league. See geelong 2006, tigers 2016. Carltons loss to pies in r23 will be looked back on as a catalyst for carlton.

  9. Agree that Carlton have a good list with a lot of potential but they also always seem to have injuries to key players almost every season and their injury management is a bit of a concern. I saw a Carlton fan comment on this the other day with similar concerns. They also seem to often want to rush players back from injuries (Walsh already running laps when he just had surgery) as opposed to letting them heal properly and lowering the risk of another injury. Can't have a dynasty or win premierships if you can't get your best 22 on the field.

  10. Went to high school with Callan Ward (was a few years above me and at a different campus ) and just before he got drafted, the school has it's yearly muck up day for the graduating students. He showed up to my campus dressed in full blue body paint (like an avatar) while wearing a pink fairy costume and prancing around everywhere with a basket of rose petals. That image is something I will never forget and is still one of the first things I think of when someone mentions his name 😂

  11. As Richmond fan I almost don't think we should even be in this conversation. I understand why people include us because we are still a dynasty team but I think it's obvious that we are the weaker of the 3, in the same way Brisbane are obviously the strongest. Richmond were (and still are) a system based side with very little A grade talent across the board. We are good at taking B+C grade players and turning them into excellent role players to win premierships. Brisbane on other other hand had stars all over the field AND the system allowing them to dominate. Hawthorn are probably somewhere in between. More individual stars then richmond, less then Brisbane.

  12. No way the club doesn't help him get to 300 games, even if it means he is only playing from the bench. He is a 3x premiership captain, extremely well respected and a club hero for many Richmond fans. If he wants to get to 300 games then the club will surely help him do that, but I could also see him stepping aside once that happens to give younger players more opportunities. I expect him to be managed a lot throughout the season to ensure his body holds up to get to 300 before he retires this year.

  13. Damn I hope it's not serious and is back for the west coast because I was hoping to see Grundy, Gawn and NicNat all play in the same game in which I like to call "the battle of the Rucks". Very rare you get the 3 best positional players with a chance to all play in the same match.

  14. I really do my best to try and remove bias from every opinion and look at things statistically, factually and based on time era. So as a Richmond fan I feel strange asking this... Is Alex Rance the best defender of the modern era (since Scarlett)? Or is my bias (tigers supporter) stopping me from seeing someone better?

  15. Can't see any team moving more then 5 spots (up or down) but the teams that could move that much:

  16. Very well reasoned, if I was a betting man I’d consider putting a dollar or two on these outcomes.

  17. Vic teams will rise as well but I can't see any that can rise by as much. Carlton should make finals (rise 3) but can't see them finishing higher then 6th. Richmond should be back in the top 4, but like to build their season so shouldn't be higher then 3rd (rise 4) and North should start to get a couple of wins with Clarko and won't get the spoon (rise 2).

  18. Given GWS sacked their coach, then gave away two mids in their prime for picks, it's fair to say they're in rebuild mode. Having said that, Toby is so good that if he plays 20+ games, they'll prob avoid rock bottom

  19. They are my pick for the spoon Bobby hill is a big loss for them aswell. Unlikely Toby won't get suspended for something and they are still relying on their older guys like ward and Davis to not get injured and perform.

  20. The entire plot for the show is based on a 1 year time period. Emily is only supposed to be in Paris for 1 year. I assume that each season is about 3 months. So she's only been in Paris for 9 months which makes sense why Madeline was initially still pregnant.

  21. Emily in Paris is literally designed to play into and make fun of the "stereotypical American in Europe". It's not supposed to be a drama, more just play into every cliche possible (eg. Americans assuming they don't need to learn French to live there). Haven't watched this season yet, but interesting you compared it to the bachelor, considering that is also designed to be a cliche (man finds love it his life after daring multiple women for fairytale ending). This isn't specifically aimed at OP but I'm still surprised the amount of people who watch Emily in Paris and misunderstand the meaning of the show. The whole concept is a lighthearted joke, making fun of the average American tourist who move to Europe (normally france) and struggle adapting to the culture but fall in love with it anyway.

  22. I'm from Australia and have been living in Maastricht for past couple of years. Here are some tips from an Australian expat pov:

  23. The only thing all of these comparisons have in common in that everyone mostly agrees that Sydney have the hardest draw. I know Freo have double ups against the hawks as well but they still have to play a ton of this year's top 8 teams twice. I would argue they have the 2nd hardest draw and the rest is much more debatable.

  24. Hawks and WC, who probably shouldn't improve. Whereas other clubs have matchups against teams like port and Carlton, who could be anywhere.

  25. So the only clear thing is that the swans have the hardest draw?

  26. I'm probably going to get downvoted for this but I think people are sleeping on Richmond now that we have Hopper and Taranto. Before those trades I think it was fair to say that our window was closing and most of our older stars we last relied on to win our premierships were retired or close to it. We also haven't done great at finals since our last premiership in 2020. But we now have arguably our strongest midfield group in a very long time ( Prestia, Taranto, hopper). We also have some star kids in Sonsie and Cumberland and lynch nearly won the Coleman this year. Our window isn't as closed as most think it is.

  27. Some people are tipping Richmond for top 4 so I don't think anyone is sleeping on Richmond.

  28. I think that's the minority though, most expect us to make the 8 but not top 4 (to be fair I used to be one of those people before trade season). It's not that people think Richmond isn't a decent team, it's just that most would expect others to do better. I more think people are sleeping on the idea of Richmond making another grand final. Its been a couple of years since we were a genuine finals threat.

  29. GWS to get the spoon, if for no other reason then losing 1 more game then other bottom 4 sides (north, west coast and possibly Essendon or saints). North will start to be slightly more competitive now that their young kids have started to get some more playing experience and West coast hopefully won't be decimated by injuries + COVID like last year.

  30. Gold Coast play finals, if for no other reason than the law of averages.

  31. This is mine as well, but also because they have a fairly flattering fixture for a team that was already close to pushing for the 8 this past season.

  32. Gold Coast getting an easier fixture (when they nearly made finals) then bottom 4 GWS. There is no way the Suns don't make finals next season if they have a healthy list.

  33. would never work as a proper restaurant. could be a fun pop-up idea that travels through the country. but needs to have great food for dutchies as to put up with intrusive service employee's after the gimmick get's old.

  34. I'm not sure it would work well in the US because there culture is built around freedom of speech so most Americans would just argue back with them given its their patriotic right. It works in Australia because (as an Australian) we are taught that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all, and refer to those who say entitled things as being a "Karen". A Karen is a stereotype.

  35. I'm originally from Melbourne and have been there. While it was a fun novelty experience I wouldn't go back because the novelty where's off after a while. I also want to point out that the name Karen is also Australian slang/term that refers to a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The scope of normal in Australia is very different to what is normal here.  It's a bit of a running joke in Australia that whenever a woman acts this way Australian would say "Oh she's being such a Karen". This is why this sort of restaurant works in Australia, but wouldn't here as it's a different culture and it's more normal for Dutch to speak their minds. Also even then the restaurant itself is still not as popular as people think it is (300 total Google reviews for a restaurant in Carlton is extremely low)

  36. Richmond and Port have always had a fairly strong rivalry over recent years and outside of Adelaide I think it would be their best matchup and would draw a huge crowd. Tigers usually play them in Adelaide more times than not, anyway.

  37. Only team in the AFL era to win 100% of the grand finals they played in.

  38. While the afl announced round 1, I still maintain my match ups were better

  39. They looked good today. If they play Argentina I think it would be a toss up

  40. One man messi v an average Dutch team who also only really seemed to put effort into their matches for the first time today. Even my Dutch friends were cheering on Australia for no other reason, then Australia being the team they could beat. Argentina (or Messi) have a free ride to the final match. I'm more hopeful that England can beat France out of nowhere in a semi final, otherwise lock in France Vs Argentina final. Mbappe Vs Messi would be very interesting.

  41. A team that couldn’t beat Wales shouldn’t have progressed this far, small country

  42. As an Australian I concur with this logic and we should disqualify Argentina also immediately (especially within the next 2 hours)

  43. For those Australians that aren't aware, Albo said yesterday that he would seriously consider declaring a public holiday if we win the whole thing (probably because he doesn't think it will ever happen). Jokes on him when we manage to Bradbury our way to victory.

  44. Sunday's going to be insane. Either Australia scrapes through with a 1-0 win or Messi scores a world class goal and Australia advances 2-1 anyway.

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