1. my uncle always said i sounded like a boy when we were calling when i was little, no wonder i got happy, the signs were there

  2. I was so easily fooled by society.. if I was told I sound like a girl as a little kid I would have been offended.. the repression really went that deep

  3. I saw that after,but that won't stop me from saying sorry for that person (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)

  4. This is a complicated issue, but I support you 100% no matter what

  5. Adult cartoons always portray bottom surgery as this horribly painful process. But the reality is, the only pain that'd come from it is soreness and dailation (the latter of which is only 15 minutes a day and will stop hurting after a few months)

  6. Make yourself prettier, wear makeup and wash your hair correctly, it helps.

  7. tip if you’re in the US, make sure you go to the ss office before the dmv, I made that mistake and wasted 3 hours to be told I needed to get my ss # updated first

  8. I wish there was a way to reverse voice change. but unfortunately I have to settle for voice acting

  9. You can get wet... you smell much more cis when you do...

  10. If you’re lonely, the loneliness gonna hit 50x more. Be prepped

  11. What if I am not really lonely but feel that way anyways? I have lots of supportive friends and a significant other

  12. I don't dislike cars. I do find it odd that car people see extravagant designs and call one weird and the other glorious. I can't tell the difference between artful car and funny car

  13. I'm the person she's referring too, you didn't pressure me, Amy. The thought of being a woman does make me giddy, having a curvy body to go with it. But I've never had issue with being a guy, and it feels like transitioning and being a woman's gonna mess with me whenever I look back at fond memories back when I was a guy. Some say I might be genderfluid, but the idea of me constantly switching genders doesn't sit with me.

  14. if it makes you feel any better, I suppose it would be valid to say you "used to be a guy" it's not a perfect way to process these feelings, but it's how I do. Trans stuff didn't really matter to me until I reached a point of questioning. I used to think I was a boy when I was a kid, and I even used to be offended by words like "cute". People change their minds, and sometimes those changes last forever. You're not changing your past, only your future.

  15. your memories and interests are always a part of you, and whether you choose to embrace it or to move in a new direction, is all a matter of your will

  16. well, I'm not going to kill myself. You can't manipulate people if they don't trust you to begin with. Besides, this is the most unoriginal threat ever, be more creative.

  17. you... Remember acid trips? Did it make you hallucinate yourself as the opposite gender? How did it tell you you were trans

  18. The way I describe acid trips is that it allows you to look at your own brain. It was the most out of body experience I've ever had and it made me realize how much I despised my own body and that I needed to transition!

  19. I need to look at my own brain. I can't understand the source of many of my mental problems (motivation related)

  20. It's chill I know I'm trans, I'm not even an egg, this entire meme is fabricated

  21. Can I get the ovaries and gentials installed without the uterus please???

  22. Fun fact: going on horemones is proven to reduce anxiety and depression syptoms in trans people who want it

  23. Alrerous attraction, when you feel semi romantic and semi platonic towards very close friends

  24. Billy Zack andrew Gus Frank Greg jay Rey and Colin are all good ones

  25. If you're looking for something spicy, try my deadname "Damieon"

  26. What helps me is having attention to other parts of my body. Even something as simple as groping the thigh or sliding a hand on your torso.

  27. I really hope I don't lose my libido.. idk if you get to choose your blocker, but I would wanna go on something that isn't Spiro, I've seen a friend get good results with cyproterone

  28. If you feel concerned about that, you should 100% bring that up to your doctor when you're getting the medicine. I forgot to mention this, but spiro makes my libido more situational and less passive. I hope you get the one that's right for you!

  29. I mean, I personally force myself to be horny even when my body didn't call for it... I have a psychological libido almost as much as I do a hormonal one... Is that something thatd not be effected?

  30. I actually have found the ingredients.. but I have 2 problems.. I don't know how to synthesize the chemicals or what the correct portions are. you just need the horemone "estrogen" and something that surpresses your testosterone, (there's many chemicals that do that, such as "cyproterone" or "spirolactone". If you take either of those in combination with the correct amount of estrogen every day, you will turn into a girl.. mostly (the shape of genitals will stay the same)

  31. Okay I searched around Reddit and found the recipe for estrogen

  32. Not only were the transformations always forced onto the characters I identified with, but those characters also ALWAYS ended up learning to accept their "new" identity, and living much happier lives.

  33. I always found transformation stuff good because I was fantasizing about how it must feel to be female.

  34. okay cause the the way you said it made it seem like, oh lord

  35. Yeah I forgot the name is a bit misleading. My Little Pony has a dragon in the main cast in some versions of the show. It has a lot of fantasy creatures in it, they lean hard into Greek mythology quite a lot. By the end of the previous run of the show almost more main characters were creatures other than ponies.

  36. No I know about spike I just, never saw the egg so I didn't consider it. and I accidentally misinterpreted your original comment as the horses laying the eggs and was extremely confused.

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