Debunking the vegan myth: The case for a plant-forward omnivorous whole-foods diet — veganism is without evolutionary precedent in Homo sapiens species. A strict vegan diet causes deficiencies in vitamins B12, B2, D, niacin, iron, iodine, zinc, high-quality proteins, omega-3, and calcium.

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  1. You would probably get quite a bit faster, but my guess (total guess) is that it's mostly the clapped out old components on this cheap hardtail mtb that are slowing you down. Plus the fattish treaded tyres. I think most of the gain from buying a slightly better bike is drive train components machined to higher tolerances, so everything just runs smoother. That and keeping the drive train clean will do wonders.

  2. This subreddit doesn’t allow pictures so it’s a bit hard to show that looks like it but I’m not sure it’s the thing used in binomial theorem

  3. Ah, you mean "2 choose 5". It's a combinatorics thing. I'm quite rusty on that so I won't attempt an explanation, because I'd probably get it wrong. But you should be able to Google info about it now that you know "choose" is the relevant word.

  4. We need to end the fetishization of one liners...

  5. Yeah in real code, but they're good fun. I once wrote the Kronecker product in a single line using list comprehensions. Pointless and unreadable, but amusing. I put it on Rosetta code, if anyone is interested.

  6. It's funny, I use several languages including Python and it's only right this second that I realized the order is even different. I guess the syntax just makes it obvious and I never thought about it.

  7. I usually intend to take a break on very long rides, but by the time I've wolfed down a mars bar or whatever and had a drink of water, I generally realize the rest isn't needed and just get on with it. In a five-hour ride on Saturday I took I think three or four little breaks, but in each case I was stopped probably less than a minute. I guess it depends on your effort level. On long rides like that I don't work anywhere near threshold.

  8. All I can really say to that is, unfortunately, "get used to it". People invading the space that is supposed to be reserved for you, and then getting pissy that you don't use it, is pretty much what being a cyclist is all about it.

  9. Shooting day for night is common, but whatever they did here made me think something was wrong with my TV. It was only after I noticed that they added stars to the sky that I realized that it was supposed to look this way.

  10. I experienced something similar, but let's be fair here, they literally showed the sun setting and only then did it get dark. It shouldn't take much to connect the dots between those two events.

  11. Nah I’m with you bud, LG C1 OLED and couldn’t see shit to the point I thought I’d busted my settings or something

  12. I honestly thought my monitor was broken for a while.

  13. What was your longest ride before this?

  14. You could perhaps, as politely as possible, let them know that if they can't provide proper racks, or you can't keep it inside, you will have to find a new gym. Explain to them why this kind of rack is 98% useless.

  15. The only reason I can think this might be an issue is if the sla counts the weekend. Which is a different much bigger issue.

  16. Well if the SLA counts the weekend then they should have weekend staffing to cover it, and I still don't see the issue.

  17. I'm not sure I understand the frustration. It goes in the queue with the appropriate priority and I get to it when I get to it.

  18. then you gotta see that "bike messenger" movie where he's also the antagonist (to joseph gordon levitt's protagonist)

  19. Yeah I've seen it, went on a JGL binge a few years ago. Actually now that you mention it, that might have been the first thing I saw him in. Hard to forget Shannon's unfortunate ending haha.

  20. Bet he is, most viewers are just hung up on calling every character Sauron in disguise except for Durin, Elrond and Galadriel.

  21. Ive just done it had it 3 weeks. I was going to get the full amount i was entitled to which was £2.5k. But with a young family and cost of living crisis in the end my voucher amount was £1278 over 18 months is £40-£43 a month i also got 12% of the voucher amount to spend in halfords on accessories. Honestly i dont see why you would spend another £800 more for a big brand name bike unless money is no object.

  22. Not sure where you're getting £800 from? Anyway, I have the budget I have but that certainly doesn't mean money is no object. I could buy the bike myself outright but it would be silly not to save a big wedge if I can.

  23. Ask your employer to look at Green Commute Initiative.

  24. I have looked that the GCI and it does look better, but the particular bike I'm after is seemingly only carried by Halford's and Tredz (and Boardman retailers but there are none near me).

  25. Garbage Collector *is* a reference counter.

  26. I don't write much C# so don't know the details very well, but if the garbage collector is a reference counter, and it's possible for it to fail to clean up a reference, clearly the garbage collector isn't fit for purpose.

  27. Current one trying to find is some nuget package dll we’re using has memecache. And that’s growing. And we don’t know which dll. And everything is dependency injected as singletons. Except for something somewhere we cannot find is spinning up a new instance of something that uses cache.

  28. Yeah, in third party stuff it can be a nightmare, especially if it's closed source. We got about three months into using someone else's DDS implementation before we discovered it had a memory leak. The software we were writing had a requirement for six months continuous operation, so even the smallest memory leak is a disaster. Caused us a big problem, which could have been so easily avoided.

  29. I just bought a Boardman SLR 8.8 a few months ago, very happy with it. How are you liking the 8.9?

  30. I think its a good bike. Ive only been on a short 4 mile ride to get use to cliping in and out of the pedals. Im hoping i wont forget to clip out of the shoes though, im a lorry driver and have to read traffic and watch my trailer swing constantly so that helps me remember i have something to do when im on the road.

  31. One day, you'll bonk; cycling term if you're not familiar: a state of such total exhaustion and fatigue that your brain is basically offline. And then none of the driving training will help.

  32. I mean they are being a little bit over the top, but driving on the wrong side of the road is a pretty fucking big mistake to be so blasé about.

  33. Recently I've been seeing a subreddit that is specifically dedicated to hating Megan Merkle. There are a lot of people in this country that need to get a fucking grip.

  34. I happened across that recently. What a disgusting pile of vaguely-human-shaped shite. I hate this world. How do these cancerous puss piles even find each other?

  35. Is it me or is she actually doing the opposite of what most people and experts are calling for?

  36. Welcome to Tory politics. She is an extreme example, I guess, but really differs only by degree.

  37. Idk I know many, many office workers, and they split pretty evenly into a) know how to program and b) call someone to fix their computer when chrome crashes one time.

  38. No one here is being elitist. OP is trying to walk before they can run. They need to take a step back and learn the basics or it is going to be an extremely painful journey. I wish them all the luck in the world, but they aren't ready yet.

  39. Ok but the average office worker opens word and saves his file there, or is working on the cloud - the average office worker does not often right-click file explorer in order to create a new empty .docx. the average office worker probably doesn't know what a file even is and how it works, they just open then up on word and do their job as usual.

  40. Wait, you mean actually stopping ON the roundabout? Is anyone really that stupid? I really do despair sometimes!

  41. I'm finding it very difficult because it's hard to buy anything that you can trust to be waterproof without spending lots of money. I'm finding trousers especially problematic because I still have a pretty wide waste but very short legs.

  42. The manufacturer might say it's single use, but I've removed quick links dozens of times with no issue. You'll know when it's time for a new one because you'll feel it failing to engage properly.

  43. That's very interesting and all but I'd prefer to be happy 100% of the time, or as close to it as I can get, thanks very much.

  44. You'll regret asking this. Good luck getting any two people to agree on the difference, or even a coherent definition of either one. Been there, done that, banned from

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