1. Mfs be like "Gf made me dinner" my brother in christ you are dating Maccas

  2. Hey there [my buddy my pal] that's not how you spel Deltarune first off you need to [insert] the capital letter at the beginning. Second of, Deltarune is one very [specil word] that means it's spelled together. Just [beware] of this, since if you don't you might never be a [big shot] and become like that damned [clown around town]

  3. Actually deltarune is spelled all lowercase, unlike UNDERTALE which is written in all caps

  4. The fact that this didn't set off my uncanny valley reponse immediately is more scary than actual uncanny valley stuff

  5. If you lucked out something lucky has happened to you, if you are out of luck then something unlucky has happened to you (often after something lucky has happened)

  6. "You just don't get it mom, this half eaten apple makes me immortal"

  7. They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so eating half an infinite apple every turn must keep you alive forever

  8. My rule is if the spider stays in the corner of the room and doesn't bother me, I don't bother it. They eat all the mosquitos and other bugs in the house. However, if the spider is on me/my clothes/my bed etc., he fucked up.

  9. Some guy pulled up behind me while I was waiting to turn at a roundabout, and he was unhappy with the 5 seconds he had waited for me to turn and screamed out his window “LEARN TO F*CKING DRIVE”. I had L plates on the car. 🫠

  10. Wait you have a child tier but the knight is in B???

  11. Hisuian forms aren't officially added into the mainline games yet, so they aren't allowed in most formats on Showdown. You can challenge a friend to a custom battle and use it, though.

  12. Can someone explain 096? Idk ny SCPs and frankly idfk how everyone remembers what is what

  13. From memory SCP 096 is a large white humanoid entity that hates people seeing its face. If you do see it’s face, even in a photograph, it will hunt you down relentlessly and kill you. There is no stopping it once it has been triggered and it will never stop hunting you until you die.

  14. From the beginning I think they should have been the same type, however it is too late now to change that so I don't mind.

  15. What probably happened in the game: they all lived happily ever after

  16. Funny thing is that, monsters dont have any anatomy or anything to be dissected

  17. Socksfor1. I remember watching his hardcore 100 days with too many mods series and terraria content back in the day and really enjoying it but then he just became insufferable and clickbaity. This comment actually inspired me to go look at his channel and he recently uploaded a video saying he’s taking a break because he’s realised that his content kinda sucks, and I hope that when he comes back I might be able to enjoy his stuff again.

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