AITA for reporting my professor

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AITA for not getting my son (16M) out of a repulsive punishment?

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  1. I was wondering the same thing. If the brother wants it, and it’ll give him a few months, I think OP should do it. If the brother is suffering, and doesn’t want to extend it, then don’t. But I don’t even get along with my siblings, and if I could expand their lives for a few months that they want, I’d absolutely do it

  2. Maybe if there is an afterlife it is whatever you want it to be, like a lucid dream.

  3. Honestly I hope that’s what the afterlife is, just kinda whatever each person thinks it’ll be and whatever will be their peace

  4. I had to do physical therapy because even fingering was painful for me. After a few months I dont really have any problems with it

  5. Hi! I have a kitten going through the same treatment. How long did she have to isolate for? We're almost finished with the medicine but unsure of when she will be able to come out

  6. Hi! I believe she had to isolate for 14 days with the medication, I’d call your vet to double check though because my memory could be deceiving me since it’s been a while

  7. I don’t go bald and I haven’t had any complaints. I trim by as a personal preference but going bald doesn’t work for me. If you don’t want to do it, don’t.

  8. If you want to share location with one another do it. If you don’t, then don’t. My first year of college, I had a roommate that we shared locations with each other because we were close friends and it was a bigger city than either of us had lived in, and earlier in the year we had a friend that went missing and was killed (not in that town but it still left us very anxious). So we shared it for us both to feel safer. I’ve had other roommates that I don’t share my location with because they sucked as roommates and I didn’t want them to use where I was against me. It’s up to the relationship you have with them and your own feelings on the subject, neither option is right or wrong.

  9. I don’t get it, how would requiring an appointment and prepared questions be lazy?

  10. Yeah, if anything it sounds like op is the one that’s too lazy to set up an appointment

  11. If someone honks at me for a right on red, I’m sitting through the light whether it’s clear or not. I was gonna go when there was a break, but now we’re sitting here

  12. Nta, I wouldn’t go to the wedding and I wouldn’t give her the cross stitch unless she paid

  13. If you get an animal to be an ESA you have a responsibility to train it. Saying dogs will be dogs when they are destructive is dangerous.

  14. ESAs are not necessarily trained. They don’t do tasks, otherwise it would be a service animal

  15. When I have to travel with my cats, I always have them in their own carriers and have the carriers buckled into the backseat

  16. Nta I was going outside by myself at a younger age. We also lived in the country and my mom taught me about the dangers of going near the road/ditches and I’d go out to play in the back of the house and the little wooded area on our property when I was like 7. I just had to listen if i was being called for, I couldn’t stay out too late, and had to stay way from the road/ditches

  17. When I was in high school, I shared post about a walkout to protest gun violence on Facebook for those that were interested and the school secretary (a family friend) told my principal about it. He then pulled me into the office and threatened to give me and everyone else that shared it/participated a week long out of school suspension

  18. Yeah, we only did it up through the 6th grade. Jr high and high school didn’t do it at my school. It’s actually how I remember which hand is my right hand when I forget because you put your right hand over your heart and say the pledge

  19. I always keep my cats in their carriers and put the seatbelt around the carrier to secure it

  20. I do that or move the car's seat to secure them against the back seat or dashboard. But I'm concerned about how they'll hit the carrier when they're thrown around inside it in a wreck.

  21. I’m worried about that too, but I imagine hitting the carrier is better than going through the window. I do notice that I’m a lot more of a careful/defensive driver when they’re in the car though so hopefully nothing will happen with them there

  22. It's not a joke or a matter of opinion, there are literal cases of kids under 10 being handcuffed and removed from school for sexual/inappropriate touch. Your mom needs to get her head out of her ass and take care of her son so he understands that this is a serious matter and learns to keep his hands to himself. She's doing him no favors and she's being a terrible mother, to both of you.

  23. I work at a youth shelter and we have 3 kids 10-13 right now that have been removed from their homes due to this kind of behavior towards other minor children. It’s very serious

  24. For molesting? Or for beating up other kids? Also bless you for working in a youth shelter that's not easy

  25. For molesting. We have several others that are there for violence, some for drugs, and we have one that was just straight up abandoned by their parent and we just can’t find a foster placement for them.

  26. How bad does it actually stink?

  27. As someone that grew up in rural iowa, pig manure is the worst smelling manure in my opinion. It goes pig, chicken, cow

  28. Forty years ago, we couldn't turn in handwritten assignments. Had to be typed.

  29. That’s true, but even if it doesn’t count as submitting an assignment, it is still letting op prove that she is trying while also asking for help from the school to get a computer since her parents will not provide her with what she needs to complete them

  30. OP posted above that mom's a teacher at the school she attends. That just makes it worse, no one will believer her over their coworker.... She'd have to go WAY above in the chain of command.

  31. In the comment that they brought up their mom being a teacher, op mentioned that if they tried bringing up the inequality people will think they’re trying to get out of work. So I would do this (the go fund me) as well as hand write any homework that could so they wouldn’t be able to use trying to get out of work as an excuse because you still would have done the work. Look up any sources on your phone and hand write everything.

  32. Was she walking there? I thought he said she put the little one in a stroller.

  33. I’m in Iowa, we did it from pre-k through 6th grade. 7th-12th we didn’t

  34. It’s not my retirement plan, but the second that I feel like I’m not putting out positive energy into the world or I feel that I am a burden I’m out. I have no plans to go to a nursing home, and I don’t want my family to feel as though they are burdened with me when I can no longer care for myself.

  35. I actually liked the mother, she just seemed to have problems that stemmed from her childhood that affected her parenting

  36. Yeah, that seems to be a common theme in quite a few of the recent Disney movies: generational trauma. it’s kind of nice to see them address it. Encanto addressed this and Luca did a bit too. Raya the Last Dragon addressed traditions and overcoming harmful ideals from your community

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