Do we need vitamins?

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  1. The fastest way for you to get back would be to fly into the US on your British passport, then cross the Canadian border by foot or in a private vehicle (taxi, for example, but not bus). You will be able to present your expired PR card and other identification at the border at which point they will be able to confirm your PR status in Canada.

  2. Thanks that's what I'm thinking. I'll have my expired card, my Canadian drivers license, health card, a copy of my previous COPR and printed emails or my citizenship application and domestic university fees

  3. 🙄 yeah there's a staffing shortage because no one's showing up sure, its not because of stagnant wages and poor working conditions

  4. You're forgetting about his diet of entirely beef. Veganism doesn't appeal to me much, but man, I'd definitely give it a try over that...

  5. Not just beef but steak. He doesn't even eat the organ meats or bone broth that contain a lot of vitamins that his diet is lacking.

  6. Dude Taints not being ironic or poking fun at himself, his audience are the worst 12 year olds that uniromically loves this shit, BGL being one of them

  7. You know Shob doesn't even eat cooked liver

  8. I don't care about all the woke social crap I just want to be able to afford everything my family needs and have an opportunity at getting ahead in life. It seems like PP is the only one taking those concerns seriously.

  9. Damn most doctors just need a thank you

  10. I don't like Russia as much as the next guy but it doesn't really make sense for Russia to blow it.

  11. People are way to trusting of the Americans and the CIA.

  12. Do you think he only bought a small magnificent piece of poplar because larger sizes made him look even more comically tiny than normal?

  13. He probably bought it because it was cheap, you know how these people are

  14. Joe would watch this with a straight face and go "that's preposterous mon, vitamins are crucial to health, ONNIT has dozens of double blind placebo tests to prove it. Also Penis in your mouth for health? I mean it could work, Jamie check what vitamins and minerals are in jizz. Hmmmm I guess it depends on how healthy the guy is, does he eat healthy food like grass fed beef?"

  15. This is why we need women in the workforce

  16. So they can get fucked by Tyrone at the office instead of in your bed?

  17. But then she makes enough money to buy you a switch

  18. Actually in many cultures black cats are considered lucky. We’re just living amongst stupid people.

  19. My Iranian landlord said they're symbols of good luck in his home country

  20. Maybe he needs to have an educational episode about context, humor, satire, and irony. These woke sheep don’t seem to have had any real education in their lives .

  21. That's a good idea, not understanding humor or satire is an area Joe has expertise in

  22. Yikes. I hope you’re a bot or at the very least getting paid for these propaganda zingers.

  23. You're Rogan impersonation is pretty good, it's called a joke

  24. Imagine those hands cradling your balls

  25. You know I have never heard Joe say the phrase "I denounce radical Islam", just thought I'd point that out

  26. People are calling him “Jihadi Joe” for his abject refusal to denounce.

  27. If only we had a bigger country 🤔

  28. While I understand these parents should do a better job educating their kids on responsible (or not at all) use of these platforms, I will say any pressure on the absolute moral scum who run these companies is fine by me

  29. A person's brain isn't fully formed until 25. It's hard for kids to logically understand how they are being manipulated and exploited by these social media companies. Also these companies have hired psychologists and marketing experts to make their products as addicting as possible and are working 24/7 to get your kids hooked. Some parents are working long hours and don't have the time to deal with this

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